Herzlich describes himself as “Cam Newton of free agency”


Boston College linebacker Mark Herzlich, the cancer survivor who was invited to the NFL draft but not selected, is continuing to do what he’s always done: Keeping a positive attitude.

Herzlich said he’s accepted his status as an undrafted free agent who just has to sit tight and wait to see whether he’ll get a contract offer when the lockout ends and players can start signing with teams.

“I’m kind of in the same spot I was predraft right now,” Herzlich said on NFL Network, via USA Today. “I’m waiting for my own draft, which is free agency. They took 250 guys already, so I think my stock is rising. . . . I’ll be the Cam Newton of free agency, who knows?”

Herzlich is among the players working out at the IMG facilities in Bradenton, Florida with rookie quarterback Christian Ponder and some other Vikings players.

“I don’t know exactly where I’m going. I’m doing the same stuff that all the other guys are doing really,” Herzlich said.

Where ever Herzlich ends up, it sounds like he’s going to be ready to go. And some NFL team is going to get itself a good player and a good man.

52 responses to “Herzlich describes himself as “Cam Newton of free agency”

  1. The Packers still need some help at OLB opposite Clay Matthews.

    Green Bay would welcome you with open arms, sir.

  2. If he can somehow return to his 2008 A.C.C. Defensive Player of the Year level of play, it will be an absolute steal for someone.

    And LOL @ “…so I think my stock is rising.”
    Tremendous attitude.

  3. I would love to see the Giants give Herzlich a shot. I was surprised he went undrafted, but I was even more shocked Coughlin and Jerry Reese didn’t pull the trigger in the 5th or 6th on a fellow BC guy who could fill one of our biggest needs at LB.

    He’s everything you could possibly want in an NFL linebacker and a person. I hope we look into him as soon as the opportunity rises.

    IF that ever happens… (groans)

  4. Herzlich would be like Newton. Except Mark is honest, funny, down to earth, hard working, and doesn’t use performance enhancing drugs.

  5. Well hopefully the Vikings he is working out with throw in a good word to management when the lockout is over and we sign him. Could use some LB depth with leber most likely gone.

  6. I like how when he calls himself the Newton of free agency, he’s “being positive”, but anyone else would be considered an arrogant dbag.

  7. @gregjennings85

    Isn’t Herzlich an ILB? How exactly would that work out playing opposite Matthews?

  8. I still can not believe that Mark was not drafted. Before his cancer he was considered by many to be a 1st or 2nd round pick. He has a great personality and IMO is still one heck of a football player. Whichever team he goes to, they are going to get a steal.

  9. And, good for you Mark. Keep the positive attitude going. Any team will be lucky to have such a positive outlook in the locker room. Keep up the good work, and one team will get a great steal when they snag you.

  10. Still upset the Pats didn’t draft this guy with their last pick rather than some unknown career college special teamer. Hopefully they remedy that once free agency starts.

  11. I love this kid, he always has a positive attitude and just loves the game. The Eagles could use another LB, but as a fan I will route for him on any team he plays for. It would be a much better league if there were more like him!

    Keep working hard Mark you will get your shot and there are a lot of Vet’s playing XBOX this offseason, I hope you come in and get a job on a great team!

  12. Dear Mark –

    When debating on which team to sign with next season, remember these things…

    1) Go to a team with a need at 4-3 LB that will allow you the opportunity to actually PLAY YOUR position early on and develop

    2) Go to a team with a great D-Line in front of you to help make the transition easier

    3) Welcome to Detroit

  13. @ddjesus

    C’mon, guy. If you stay positive during difficult, unenviable circumstances, then you will never be considered arrogant, no matter you’re race.

    Yes, I know that’s why you’re whining. Racism is everywhere, right?

  14. BernardPollardIsAnAss:


    Isn’t Herzlich an ILB? How exactly would that work out playing opposite Matthews?”


    I’ll go ahead and assume you were kidding.

    Mark Herzlich is an OLB.


    You sure got a lot of thumbs up from casual NFL fans that are apparently unaware of Herlzlich’s actual position.

  15. suhani:

    This isn’t the Big East.

    Herlzlich is 6’4″, 260lbs. He has only 2 real positions he can play in the NFL: OLB in a 3-4, or DE in a 4-3.

    He cannot play OLB in a scheme like the Lions’. He is too slow (4.79 40 yard dash) and too big.

  16. The Cam Newton of free agency, hmm… so he’ll be completely overrated and most likely a bust?

  17. It’s unfortunate what has happened to him. Every once and awhile there is a guy that falls out of the draft because of medical flags but gets a shot. It looks like 32 teams had enough concerns that they didn’t want to invest a pick on him. I think someone will give him a shot and will be willing to be patient with him.

  18. I hope the Bears take this Great kid. We could use a LB. He has Character and heart and you can’t teach that

    And if things take a turn for the worse they can do a remake of Brian’s Song could be Mark’s Melody or something.

  19. PEOPLE! It’s “every once IN awhile.” Dammit, that grammatical mistake always kills me.

  20. @ddjesus.

    I guess you have no clue what he is talking about. By saying he is maybe Cam Newton, Hes saying, maybe he will be the first player signed that is undrafted. Get it first? Ok, now that is out of the way.

    The difference between him and Cam Newton, is Newton comes off as an ass. You don’t see this fellow talking about being an entertainer, or an Icon, when you look at this guy, he seems to be the kind of guy, that looks at football as a way to help him and his family live better lives. He seems like the guy that realizes hes not the best, but will put forth all the effort he has to, just to succeed. To get his shot.

    If he gets his shot, lets have a bet, and see who pisses their NFL Career away, by doing something stupid first. Herzlich or Newton?

  21. Tell this guy to try out for the Redskins. From what I understand about this guy, he comes from a 3-4 d and would fit right in and Danny Boy would afford him.

  22. gregjennings85 –

    wow way to blast your ignorance in a public forum hahaha

    first off…way to spell

    second…herzlich played OLB in a 4-3 front in college and projects as an ILB in a 3-4 front because of his limited speed off the edge to be an effective pass rusher

    third…herzlich is 6’4 244 (where did you get 260??) and if you think 40 times have any true meaning at a position like true LB (4-3 scheme) you’re truly misinformed

    fourth…herzlich is strong in pass coverage and run support which is scheme specific to the Lions. Schwartz scheme requires pressure from the front 4 so they don’t have to blitz or rush the LB’s.

    luckily for you the people running your team’s franchise aren’t as inept as yourself

  23. Hey Herz, Don’t dismiss the Browns- 4-3 defense and a great chance to play early and often. Plus a team on the rise. Your working class attitude would fit right in. Dog pound would love you!

  24. if you think herzlich is going to be a 3-4 rush OLB don’t hold your breath. his skillset is specific to a traditional 4-3 OLB (which is his natural position) and he projects to play inside if he were in a 3-4

  25. Newsflash Mark, you didn’t get drafted because your speed did not return when you healed. It may never return.
    I’d guess some teams will want to sign you hoping it will come back. You’ll get some invites, but I wouldn’t count on 20 teams knocking at your door.

  26. @gregjennings85

    Sorry, what I meant to ask was, isn’t he projected as an ILB in the NFL in the 3-4? I understand that to be the case from what I have heard on the guy, particulalry on Boston sports radio. Naturally, Boston folks would like to give this guy a chance as an under-dog, but everything I have heard says he’s an ILB in the NFL and that is not what they need right now.

  27. This guy was going to get drafted if cancer hadnt cost him a full college season. He came back and made it through his final season but admittedly he wasnt back to his full potential yet. I think anyone that signs him will get a kid with a great attitude, and potential steal. Why wouldnt some team take the chance. I dont see anything wrong with his comment, it was a little twisted by the headline writer is all.
    I would like to see him get a chance and think the BC connection to the Giants or Pats makes the most sense

  28. If he’s smart he will sign with the Lions.

    He’ll get plenty of playing time on a ascending defense, playing behind what could be one of the best d lines in the league.

    He’ll play in a great division.

    The Lions will pay him bigger and faster than other teams.

  29. OK MODERATOR, you have to let this one go:

    People that are trolling round these sites looking to say they are all smart and better at English than everyone else, needs to get a life. It is a PRO FOOTBALL BLOG SITE, not a post modern English Gramatics site. Get a life guys/girls. We don’t care. We went to school, and we don’t come here to get more english lessons from you.

  30. ball20hawk says:
    Jun 1, 2011 1:24 PM
    Str82dvd — this is a football blog not a spelling bee, HOP OFF!!!!


  31. I think Mark has a better chance to succeed in the NFL than Cam Newton.

  32. ‘suhani’ is right. I did a little more research, he is projected inside in a 3-4, and not outside. Apparently, despite his size, he is an awful pass rusher, with limited hand use.

    I assumed at his height that he would be an OLB in a 3-4 for the last few years, I even read something about him being a true OLB in a 3-4.

    His last two 40’s were in the 4.9 range, but that being said, Desmond Bishop (ILB in a 3-4) dropped to the 6th round with a similar time, and he is still very much effective.


    On a side note, what was wrong with my spelling?

  33. sherzlich:

    ACC, of course.

    Can you answer the question: What team would he fit in best with?

  34. No Mark, don’t denigrate yourself! You have a brain, you have MORE than football, your not a thief, and you didn’t cheat! you are a CLASS ACT!

  35. @gregjennings85

    Congratulations! I am pretty sure you just unwittingly put yourself squarely into the much dreaded and maligned “casual football fans” club. Well done. You might want to shelve that insult for a while. It does not seem to be working all that well for you. I love how ass-hats on this site throw that around like they are somehow superior fans. Too funny.

  36. And…I still have no idea what was wrong with my spelling. (Even though people here seem to come down harder on the spelling gurus) I re-read my posts, and can’t figure out what I spelled wrong.

  37. str82dvd says:
    Jun 1, 2011 11:43 AM
    Herzlich to Buffalo!!

    Yes, Gailey could work miracles with this kid.
    I would welcome you to the B-lo!

  38. gregjennings85 –

    i guess i will have to spell this one out for you as well lol


    if you’re going to insult someone and attempt to boast your superior knowledge you should at least try to get the ‘name’ of the person you’re calling out correct…it just makes you seem even more condescending

    with that aside, back to football discussion…

    IMO herzlich is probably best suited at his natural position especially given his circumstances…it’s one thing to attempt transitioning scheme/position but while he’s still in the process of getting back to where he was pre-cancer.

    seems wise he’d try a 4-3 team with solid D-Line play and decent opportunity to get reps (ie Detroit). not saying i think he will come to detroit but i can’t really think of a better position to put himself in.

  39. @suhnami:

    The Lions are not the only 4-3 team in the league that have a decent front four. Tampa Bay will have a great front four, and most likely, going to lose Rudd if there is a FA.

    Carolina’s DL is not terrible. They could use LB depth.

    Eagles, Vikings, Jacksonville, Oakland, Denver, Cleveland, NO, Houston, Cincinnati etc.

    All these teams run a 4-3 base front, and could utilize him as a situational player, and even have him line up on the defensive end on some plays. Use him as a “joker” type player. Let him get his legs back under him, and let him run around as a ST player.

    He will get signed, but definitely not by a 3-4 team.

  40. suhani:

    Wow. I spelled your ridiculously stupid name wrong?

    YEAH – I’m going to go ahead and file that under WEAK.

    Thumbs up if you think SUHANI (suhani) is a douche.

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