Jim Schwartz sees Mikel Leshoure as a closer

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When Jim Schwartz was the defensive coordinator in Tennessee, he saw how LenDale White was often used effectively in tandem with Chris Johnson.

Johnson was the lead back and would play most of the game. If the team had a lead in the fourth quarter, White would often finish off the game to save Johnson wear and tear.  It sounds like he has the same idea when it comes to Jahvid Best and this year’s second round pick Mikel Leshoure.

“Jahvid Best, when healthy, proved that he can be an explosive playmaker,” Schwartz said on the radio Tuesday via the Detroit News. “But he isn’t built to be a short-yardage back when there’s three minutes left in the game and you’re protecting a seven-point lead, but Leshoure is.”

So Best’s job is to make big plays, and Leshoure’s job is to close.  (He gets coffee.)  Best, like Matthew Stafford, needs to show he can stay healthy for a full season after turf toe slowed him down throughout 2010.

If both Best and Stafford are healthy, the Lions offense could be scary.

18 responses to “Jim Schwartz sees Mikel Leshoure as a closer

  1. biggerballz says:
    Jun 1, 2011 8:43 AM
    so don’t draft either in fantasy?

    Best got me 3 victories last season before his turf toe injury. The guy’s a beast if he can stay healthy and can take it to the house on any given play

  2. He will close 0 games because the owners and the players are have decided to ruin the nfl.


    At least my Lions will have an equal amount of wins and losses for once 0-0.

  3. I always hated how Thanksgiving meant watching the Lions be inept against any other team. There could be some actual football (assuming there’s actually some football) over turkey this year.

  4. Smart. Best was just sick in the first half of the season. Splitting the load is definitely going to help the offense and piss off fantasy owners everywhere.

  5. i like the lions players but its kind of aggravating to hear how “good they’re gunna be”. Everybody seems to be drinking the Kool aid. Hows about they show they can win before we praise them so much.

  6. LW and CJ weren’t used as an effective tandem. Anyone that actually watched the Titans that year knows LW was given garbage carries and easy TDs. Most of them were through massive holes.

  7. Kind of like the tandem of Thurman Thomas and Kenneth Davis was for Buffalo. When we were protecting a lead or even getting blown out(which wasn’t often) Davis would come in and bowl his way through, looking like a pinball in a pinball machine for those short yardage situations. It was heaven to see Kenneth Davis reach the open field though, with his massive highstep, it was great, so much enthusiasm and pride in his runs. He was pretty much Thurman Thomas’s asthma puffer…

    Go Bills!!!

  8. @coachknights

    Prior to 2009.

    They are pretty damn good now though. I thought they had one of the best drafts of 2011. Suh and Fairley are pretty scary on defense too.

  9. @lionsnationdotcom
    agreed, but he gets injured and now they have this TD vulture. I would stay away from both and go after a guy like shonn greene or the eagles back.

  10. The thing about the Lions is the last two years they have had several close losses. A play here and a play there and they lose out on a lot of the talent they have. Now you add the fact that their best qb Stafford, their best RB Best, their best S Delmas, and their best LB Levy all played the better part or almost all of the year hurt, or out of the game, and they still got better every week to the point of beating the Superbowl champs, and a four game win streak, well that’s just scary for other teams.

    Yep I am a Lions fan but I am also a football fan, and being a Lions fan has not blinded me to the truth. The Lions have a lot of talent, and it looks as though they have a coach to piece it together. They will be a force if we play this year

  11. IF this IF that, we will see how it plays out. Does is seem as if the lions are making strides in the right direction?Sure but its too early to get excited if you”re a detroit fan the lions still seem to be the third best team in their division

  12. Be nice to see Best and LeShoure in the backfield at the same time…opposing defenses wont know if its going to be a power run, run outside w/Best, a screen, or you could send both guys out on routes, they both have excellent hands and open field ability… How does anyone defend that with Megatron/Young/Pettigrew treatening deep? That’s a wicked matchup nightmare.

  13. There are a lot of “ifs” but the talent on offense and the d-line is as good as any in the league. And as far as winning goes, yes I do agree that they must price they can do it over the whole season but the fact they started winning at the end of last year is a positive sign. And please, I cannot wait until the Bears fall on their faces this year…they are so overrated! Second place and a wild card for the Leos in 2011.

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