NFLPA* “not sure” whether supplemental draft can happen yet


It’s possible that the supplemental draft will be the next legal battleground between the NFLPA* and NFL.   For now, the former player’s union has more important things to worry about.   (Like Friday’s appeal hearing.)

NFLPA* spokesman George Atallah was a surprise guest on PFT Live Wednesday, and indicated that the NFLPA* wasn’t sure whether a possible supplemental draft should be allowed or not.

“I’m not sure, we’re still looking into those issues ” Atallah said. “We’re in a situation now where we want to get this lockout resolved. It’s unfortunate that we have to debate and discuss whether something like the supplemental draft can happen.”

Atallah said they’ll let us know when they have the issue resolved, but the NFLPA* has bigger fish to fry.  In the segment, Atallah also talked at length about the NFLPA* run Rookie Symposium-like event called the “Business of Football.”

It’s a great idea.  We agree with Atallah that “it’s the right thing to do.”

The full segment is below.  For the rest of Wednesday’s show, including the Giants’ Steve Smith’s interview, head to the PFT Live homepage.  You can also download the show  at iTunes.

16 responses to “NFLPA* “not sure” whether supplemental draft can happen yet

  1. NFL should hold the supplemental…..make the players show their cards as to whether or not they are going to attack the draft as their lawsuit states they are.
    Furthermore, since most teams never draft anyone anyhow, it really doesn’t matter.

  2. If they’re not sure take the NFL to court. Shut it down and let the courts decide. Don’t give one inch on anything. Labor peace for 17 years….this fight needed to happen. DeMaurice Smith is the right man for this time.

  3. Mayber Uncle Fester should ask Chester Pitts if it’s ok for the NFL to hold a supplemental draft. He’s ever so wise on just about everything. So adroit. So knowlegeable. So all-knowing. He is a guard after all, and he stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

    Or maybe ask Adrian Peterson. Nah, on second thought, he’d just think it was another slave auction.

  4. Well, at least there’s college football.

    NCAA Football: Where we only have lockouts when Terrell Pryor loses the keys to his new Nissan!

  5. hells bells u cant go ask the idiot savant unemployed lawyer in charge of the union* about it?

    the LEAGUE can handle it.

    there is no union. they decertified. twas a sham, but they decertified. lock them out of the supplemental draft too.

    if yer out, dudes, yer out. union*, u outed yerselves.

    u just cant come back in whenever u feel like it.

  6. Is this the same George* Atallah* who was formerly Assistant* Executive* Director* For* External* Affairs* of the NFLPA*?

  7. I find it irritating that the NFLPA has no problem saying that the league shouldn’t be focused on anything other than solving the lockout… Yet the NFLPA has yet to officially counter any of the owners offers to date and they themselves are planning events like the “Business of Football” while preparing for a legal battle with the NFL instead of actually focusing on coming to an agreement to end the lockout.

  8. I don’t give a rat’s patootie about the supplemental draft. It’s one of the most useless things they do each year as it is.

    But if they can hold the regular draft, I don’t see why they couldn’t hold a supplemental draft.

  9. sac i agree. the union* has merely postured for media and court points.

    empty suits…

  10. ICDogg says: Jun 1, 2011 10:19 PM

    I don’t give a rat’s patootie about the supplemental draft. It’s one of the most useless things they do each year as it is.

    But if they can hold the regular draft, I don’t see why they couldn’t hold a supplemental draft.

    Because the regular draft was built into the last CBA

  11. The Supplemental Draft will now be know as the Terrelle Pryor Career Fair.

  12. OK Let me get this straight the NFLPA has decertified, there is no union . However their SPOKESMAN is arguing that a supplemental draft is illegal. How is it that an organization that no longer in existence have any sway regarding what happens in the NFL ? And why do they have a SPOKESMAN ?

  13. Here is an informal poll. Is poster duanethomas an actual player? This guy is so pro union and blind to the bigger picture that I believe he is.

    Thumbs up for yes and down for no.

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