Polian has “little or no worry” about Peyton’s neck


Colts quarterback Peyton Manning is recovering from his second neck surgery in two years, but everyone in Indianapolis is insisting that everything’s fine.

Colts president Bill Polian told Peter King of Sports Illustrated that he has no reason to think Manning will be affected at all by the latest surgery.

“We’ve got little or no worry,” said Polian. “This was just a minor procedure to relieve a little pressure on the nerve [in Manning’s neck]. I told them [Colts officials] to call me if there were any further problems, and no one’s called.”

Nonetheless, the surgery is a reminder that the 35-year-old Manning is at an age when professional athletes’ bodies are beginning to break down. As King notes, it won’t be long before Polian’s son, Colts G.M. Chris Polian, will need to find the team’s next franchise quarterback. Even if there’s nothing to worry about right now.