Report: Steve Smith not at Panthers workout


At noon today, we know where Giants receiver Steve Smith will be.  He’ll be visiting via phone with PFT Live.

We also know where Panthers receiver Steve Smith won’t be.  He won’t be working out with his teammates in North Carolina.

Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer reports that Smith wasn’t present for the player-organized workout, which attracted (per one player) more than 50 members of the team.

Smith reportedly wants out of Carolina, and we’d previously heard that, when the players were lining up teammates to show up for the workouts, they didn’t even bother to ask Smith to attend.

15 responses to “Report: Steve Smith not at Panthers workout

  1. Frankly, I would have been much more shocked if he had shown up. All his comments recently tell me he wants out.

  2. Smith is the smartest Panther out there. I wouldn’t attend one workout either if I wasn’t going to be protected in case of injury. The players are stupid to organize workouts in the absence of a CBA.

  3. Good. Now no one has to have their jaw wired shut for six weeks. Maybe he has a big game in his flag football league. The selfish bum.

  4. It is risky enough to attend workouts, then you add the risk of a broken nose as well. I understand why he wasn’t called.

  5. Why would he work out with teammates he has no intention of playing with this season?

  6. @realitypolice

    Because there is no guarantee that he will be traded and he is under contract for 2 years. However, it is optional. The key to the statement is that he was not invited.

    I have seen him practice at OTAs and watched him. Of course, his teammates respect him, but they don’t talk to him. Kasay and Smith are tight, but Smith is pretty much avoided by the others. He walks in alone, stretches and chats beside Kasay every time, and leaves alone. The fact that he was not asked speaks volumes about his teammates’ desires more than his.

  7. These workouts aren’t heavy. They’re not going to do something strenuous enough to tear or break something. You’re talking going thru the motions and conditioning, but together as a team. This doesn’t mean Smith isn’t working out on his own, but a good point is he wasn’t asked. He might not get traded, then what? Peppers wanted out for three years.

  8. Every real Panther fan knows that Smitty does not like to practice and definately does not like to play pre-season games. And when you say “somebody” said, or “we heard”, or “sources tell us”, that means nothing and it means you know nothing. Just like this story is nothing. When and if the season starts then Smitty will be there.

  9. Steve is a selfish, smug, moron whose only concern is himself. He’s the type of guy who thinks that the entire universe should revolve around him and he should be thrown to on every single play.

    So he’s a typical wide receiver.

  10. I am a die hard panthers fan, if they didnt want to invite Steve smith its there fault. They are nothing without him, he has proven why he is the best all by himself. Every scout thought smith would only be a returner, well he turned out to be the best WR in the game so SUCK IT!!

  11. zukini89,

    I am a Panther fan as well. Have been a Panther fan from day 1. I thought Steve Smith would be more then a returner in the NFL before he became more then a returner.

    He’s no Jerry Rice, the best WR ever. Arguably the best player ever. Just wanted to get that out of the way.

    Besides that Steve Smith had how many drops this year? Has never done anything without Jake Delhomme throwing to him. I know you want to die laughing after reading that but look it up. The numbers don’t lie.

    Don’t get me wrong. Steve Smith is great. Amazing WR who has an outstanding highlight reel. Heck of a stiff arm. The time spent as a returner really helped his ability to make the most out of every catch. But I’m not blinded by love of the Panthers or my admiration for what Steve Smith has done for this team. There is only one Jerry Rice, the best WR to step on the field.

  12. I know he has more then a stiff arm. I just loved seeing little Steve Smith ( compared to other players in the NFL) tell people to get the f off with a stiff arm.

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