Tom Brady to gather teammates for workouts, starting Wednesday

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In recent years, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been spending less offseason time in New England, and more in Los Angeles.  This week, he’s back in the Boston area, and he reportedly will be gathering some teammates for lockout workouts, starting today.

Mike Reiss of reports that, with Brady in town for events related to his Best Buddies International charity (he’s hosting a football game at Harvard on Friday night and riding in the Audi Best Buddies Challenge on Saturday), he will gather as many teammates as possible to work out with him, specifically the various shapes and sizes of pass-catchers.

Though Brady has assumed a fairly low profile during the lockout (except when making an appearance for one of his sponsors, like UnderArmour), his name has been mentioned many times, given that his name is the first name that has been applied to the antitrust lawsuit that was filed by 10 players on March 11.

The value of these lockout workouts remains unknown.  Some teams have engaged in organized sessions with a significant turnout of players.  Others haven’t done much.  If there’s a season, it’ll make for an interesting comparison.

If there’s a season.

26 responses to “Tom Brady to gather teammates for workouts, starting Wednesday

  1. Tom, how about gathering up your legal team and have them work out a solution with the NFL????

  2. Just cruzin the Americas, picking up pay checks. Too bad the minimum wage guys can’t say the same. Nice that Brady will mingle with the less fortunate teammates for a couple hours….then back to LA to watch the illegals build his 50,000 sq ft mansion.

  3. A memo is out to players informing them that “non”union dues will be increased in order to pay for more lawyers. In the mean time, owners just using workout bonus savings to pay their bills. You see how it works, the players are paying for both sides of litigation. What a bunch of fools

  4. C’mon Tommy, time to put down the supermodel and pick up the football. That a’boy, I knew you could do it.

    It’s time for TB to get serious about football again and earn that front row parking space at the stadium like he did in the past.

  5. @redrew.

    What team do you work for?

    What didn’t you plan, or you’re owner never told you about the planned layoffs.

    What memo? You’re making up scenarios in your head now.

    Wish you would have went to college now, don’t you.

    Brady is doing charity work not picking up Checks, get a grip you’re starting to crack.

  6. I would think that there is going to be a season if Tom Brady is going to work out with some of his teammates. Drew Brees and Peyton Manning have as well worked out with teammates. I think that’s a possitive sign. I am not at all a Patriots fan and when Brady is on the field I don’t much care for him but it’s a shame that he undergoes so much scrutiny for wanting to spend time with his wife in Los Angeles or vacation with her or whatever. The guy deserves a Congressional Medal of Honor for marrying someone that is not only gorgeous but makes more money than him.

  7. The bottom half of each NFL roster needs to WAKE UP and take charge. Brady, Brees, Manning , and their agents are taking care of THEIR business, not the journeymen. Workout bonuses are gone. Next will be game checks. Rookies will come in cheap and suck up the final roster spots leaving you journeymen to thumb up to Canada

  8. With all the travelling Tom sometimes just borrows clothing and accessories from his neighbour on the Riviera, Monsieur Depp.

  9. did he have his attorney there as well telling all of them “we are willing to take this anti trust lawsuit all the way to the supreme court” even if it takes two years. Followed up by , I realize that most of your carreers are over in 3 years, so most of you will still make money at least one year! Go Pats, Go Tom Brady GO LEGAL!

  10. joetoronto says: Jun 1, 2011 12:04 PM

    Richard Seymour, the leader the Pats are missing.
    Seymour was a whiner and complainer in NE and he’s doing fine in Oak. He wouldn’t be leading bubkes if he were still a Patriot. He needed a change of scenery just like Moss did. I am sure you can appreciate that. 🙂

    As a Pats fan I am resigned to the fact that Brady’s days of earning the parking space are over. That’s what being a baby daddy to a child whose mother moved from the east coast where she was born and raised to the west coast for no apparent reason other than spite. I am glad he spends time with his son on the WC because being a good dad is ultimately more important than spending more time with his teammates in the offseason but I wish that he as a leader would be able to be in Foxboro setting the example because it’s hard to expect things of your teammates if you aren’t doing it yourself.

  11. Is Brady going to convene player “workouts” at the local water park? I can just see them going down the slide in 2’s and 3’s, rubbing suntan lotion on each other’s backs, and giggling like school girls as they scream “WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!” down the slide.

  12. JoeToronto,

    Seymour has been missing that past three seasons including his last in a Patriots uniform.

  13. It’s no wonder he’s late, he’s always busy hugging goats, dancing awkwardly in parades, or squealing like a limp-wristed little girl while riding down water slides.

  14. That’s a hat that says:

    “I already know I’m goin’ to the Hall,
    so I can taunt y’all with goofy wardrobe

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