Bears, Eagles, Jets join opposition to NFLCA brief

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If the NFL Coaches Association wishes to engage in activities that reflect the wishes of its membership, the NFL Coaches Association should perhaps change its name.  Perhaps to something like “Not the NFL Coaches Association.”

With coaches from seven different teams already expressing disagreement with the NFLCA’s “friend of the court” brief supporting the players’ effort to lift the lockout, three more have joined the anti-NFLCA fray.

“The Chicago Bears coaching staff was not made aware of the brief filed with the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals by the National Football League Coaches Association,” Bears coaches said in a statement Thursday, per Larry Mayer of the team’s official website.

Ditto for the Eagles.

“The Philadelphia Eagles coaching staff was not aware that a brief was being filed by the NFL Coaches Association in the 8th Circuit Court against the NFL Owners last week,” said Eagles coach Andy Reid in a statement.  “We were surprised by the filing and do not support it in any way.”

Finally, Jets coach Rex Ryan has said that his team’s staff did not know about the NFLCA brief, per Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal.

We promised earlier today that we’d delve into the subject more deeply later in the day.  Since the day isn’t over yet, we’ve still got time to make good on our promise.  Or to not make good on our promise.

16 responses to “Bears, Eagles, Jets join opposition to NFLCA brief

  1. So will the court just throw out the briefing? I don’t know anything about this stuff. Or would all these coaches against it, file a brief of their own?

  2. I’m laughing my keister off about this topic. This has to be among the most entertaining storylines coming out of this otherwise depressing labor dispute. Is anyone aware of a head coach or assistant coach on record in support of the NFLCA’s amicus brief?

  3. Wow!!! Pretty soon there will be no teams that free agents will want to sign with. You know if ,according to PFT logic, that any coaching staff that doesn’t support the brief filed .Like the Redskins coaching staff decided not to support the brief filed and it was stated by PFT that Free agent players may think twice before signing with a coaching staff that would not support a brief that clearly was on the side of the players.

  4. Oh you sheep are all too blind. The owners are compelling their coaching staffs to speak out against the brief. Do you people seriously think any of these coaches give a rats’ ass??? Use your heads you dolts!

  5. @ justanotherdummy
    no one getting fired, can’t fire someone employed by another entity…just sayin…NFLCA officials are on the NFLPA* payroll per their respective web sites. Just google the NFLCA contact peoples (from their website) and read about them on wikipedia, linkedln, etc.

  6. @ jakek2

    Jake, for hecks sake, how would you like some entity which you do not belong to pretending to represent you? Say like the Teamsters union or the US Chamber of Commerce inferring that you, by name or occupation, were taking an action in favor of their viewpoint?

  7. If the coaches support it, i guarantee they won’t have their contracts renewed. They can go back to making $50k coaching high school.

    smart move is to deny deny deny.

  8. willycents –

    apples and oranges. The coaches belong to the NFLCA. I’m not a Teamster or drive a truck for that matter. If you are going to make an argument, make some sense.

    But to address the point you are trying to make, unions/trade associations conduct business all the time without consulting with each of their members. Since the brief is only an amicus brief, it has absolutely ZERO direct implication on the coaches (i.e. the court cannot sua sponte fine the coaches or rule against them somehow). That’s why the NFLCA filed it without consulting the coaches.

    jroneputt – see above paragraph to answer your question.

  9. Jake, please give us a location where we can peruse the membership list of the NFLCA. I, for one, have been unable to find one. Taking an employment position(unless unionized) does not automatically place you in a trade organization. normally, you have to apply for membership.

  10. Head coaches and their assistants are members of management, that’s one of the reasons they’re still getting paid during this labor fiasco. No player is dumb enough to think they are like another player, just like no player would be dumb enough to share something with an assistant that he wouldn’t share with the head coach. I remember back in Andy Reid’s first season, 1999, they got crushed by Carolina, something like 36-0. They had a mediocre DT named Bill Johnson, who the next day, while then special teams coach John Harbaugh was reviewing all of the mistakes in the meeting thought it would be funny to quip” What difference does it make? We lost 36-0! ” Johnson was waived before the day was out and never played in the NFL again. My point is, it was presumptuous for whatever loose grouping of coaches this NFLCA is to think that most coaches wouldn’t side with management, or at least publicly pretend to do so, and no player expects them to do anything differently.

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