Bucs owners realize NFL is competing with HDTV

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At at time when NFL owners are considering allowing some teams to cover up seats in order to reduce the number of tickets that need to be sold in order to guarantee a blackout, one of the teams currently having the hardest time selling tickets is acknowledging that it’s not just about the economy, but that it’s also about the improvements in home viewing technologies.

Bucs co-chairman Bryan Glazer, in a rare radio interview with Steve Duemig of WDAE, explained that the challenge comes from persuading the people to leave the comfort of their man caves.

“We have to make the in-game experience more fun than the home experience,” Glazer said, via JoeBucsFan.com.  “At home, you are just steps from the refrigerator.  In-stadium, there is no way to match that experience.  But it is a challenge.  It’s a challenge for all teams, not just football.”

So how will the NFL meet that challenge, short of physically shrinking the size of the stadiums?

“We are talking about some things that I can’t mention now but we know it’s a challenge,” Glazer said.  “People can stay home, they can go to the beach, they can go to the movies.  We have to get people to come to the game.  A game situation has to be fun.  This is a good market.  Look at the Lightning and what they have done.  The Rays too.  This may be the most exciting 12 months for Tampa Bay sports.  Fans will enjoy themselves at games and have a good time.”

We’d love to know what the NFL plans to do, other than covering seats with tent and awning materials.  Whatever the ideas, the league needs to give the paying customers something more than the ability to witness the game in person.  Because paying for the privilege to witness the game in person, with food and drink at a premium, gradually has become far less attractive for many people than watching the game(s) at home, where there’s no line for the icebox or the pissbowl.

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  1. I know a solution. No more gimmicks. No more kick for a car, mascot races, etc. No one cares or likes those things. It doesn’t add anything to the game. It’s a distraction. No more on-screen games. It just costs money. It only raises the price of a ticket.

    That’s why the in-home experience is better. No BS to put up with. People went to sporting events in the 1920s without it. Less gimmicks, more money in your pockets, and in the players’. Win-win.

  2. Not to mention putting up with some of the jerk-off fans who hold their liquor like a seive and/or just want to fight. The game is getting to be international – fan bases are growing FAR beyond “old-school” geographies. If I go to Philly with a Cowboys shirt/jacket (or NY or DC for that matter)…as we used to say in the nautical service “stand by for heavy rolls”…plus the coverage can be pretty good (when you don’t have to put up with Buck, Collinsworth, Gumbel, Dierdorf or many others)…hey – wait a minute…THAT’S what the league can do. Start an advertising campaign focusing on what a bunch of zipper-heads they have for TV announcers. That’ll work…yeah…then they’ll get even more obnoxious tools and…crud – I’ll just keep that to myself…

  3. Are the Glazers serious?
    How about not spending at the cap floor for starters.

    The Lightning and Rays actually put a decent product on the field and make the playoffs. Gee, wonder why they get better attendance.
    The Bucs couldn’t even beat a team over .500 last year.

  4. The Glazers need to quit comparing the “at home experience” and cough up some more money to make the “stadium experience” worthwhile.

  5. They could consider lowering ticket prices. Or maybe abandoning Ticketmaster and their “service fees”. Or maybe lowering food prices so I don’t have to spend another $20 just to have a hotdog and a beer.

    As a non-season-ticket-holding Packer fan, I can only get tickets from brokers who for some reason are allowed to essentially scalp tickets. I’d prefer not to pay upwards of $150 for nosebleed endzone seats when I can watch the game on a 50″ HDTV. The in-game experience is better, but it’s hard to justify thousands of dollars for 8 games.

  6. The obnoxiously drunk fan who screams out the F-Word every other Sentence doesn’t help keep tails In the seats. Going to NFL games really isn’t all that appealing when u have a family.

  7. Try lowering the prices…oh yeah that won’t work. It takes money out of the owners pockets…..tickets, beer, food and snacks are rediculus!

  8. I love that they are doing everything possible to come up with ideas to add some perceived value to the game-day experience at the stadium, but refuse to admit that simply cutting Joe Fan a break on his/her bottom line (tickets, parking, food/drink, souvenirs are all WAY more expensive than everywhere else in the city in most cases) would be the simplest and most effective way to get butts in the seats.

  9. Win football games.

    Develop players into stars.

    Spend money at get off the cap floor.

    Then and only then they will come.

  10. I’m one of the at-home people. I’ve been to a few games but I’ve decided I’d much rather be at home. Why? Well, besides the cheaper drinks and food, and the easier access to the can, there’s:

    – not spending ANY time in traffic.
    – or parking.
    – paying for parking
    – dealing with drunks
    — dealing with belligerent drunks
    – standing in line for anything
    – swapping to other games
    – checking fantasy leagues
    – FREE, as far as it is included in the cable I’d be paying for anyway

    I know I’m missing “the stadium experience”, and I do miss it to a degree. But it isn’t worth it.

  11. Everyone has talked about lowering ticket prices already. Obviously this would be great, but as others have stated it probably won’t happen. Unfortunately the owners either don’t realize or don’t care that by pricing out actual, passionate fans, their teams performance and “home field” advantage inevitably suffers to some degree. I’m sure it’s safe to say they just don’t care.

    As the type of fan who ends up going to games, usually for free, when friends with hand me down tickets randomly invite me, I am more inclined to focus on things like concession prices. Since the stuff they sell is really the lowest possible quality, the mark-ups are insane and downright unconscionable. The profit margin on a $6 hot dog has got to be huge. And $9 for the worst tasting beer available for human consumption? John Q. NFL Fan seems to actually enjoy the swill that is Miller/Coors/Bud but I can buy 12 of those beers at a store for the same price, even though the only time I personally buy them are as back up booze if I’m throwing a party.

    The only solace I take comes from a recent trip to Yankee Stadium (I’m not a baseball fan at all, more hand me down tickets). The beers were $12! I have no idea why Yankee fans put up with that.

  12. All of the price-gouging by professional sports teams is starting to come to roost….. and let throw my hat in as someone who doesn’t feel the least bit sorry for them.

    You guys have been overcharging for decades and priced out the normal fan. Now you’re worried because you can’t fill a stadium with people who are willing to pay those prices.

    Any college student who has taken Econ 101 will tell you that it’s a simple matter of supply and demand. There just isn’t a supply of 60,000 people who buy into the economics of the gameday experience.

    Maybe the owners and players will finally get a little dose of reality. Welcome to the real world.

  13. When I have to choose between taking my family of four to a NFL game or two days admission to Disneyland, I’ll watch games at home. As a lot of you have written, beers, hot dogs, sodas, etc. all way too expensive. Tickets way too much. Parking $28.00…………Come on man! You can buy a nice big TV for what it would cost to take your family to four games.
    They have billion dollar TV contracts, they can afford to lower ticket prices, concession prices and parking prices. Have better security and get rid of the troublemakers inside the stadiums. Those kinds of changes would make “The Experience” much more appealing.

  14. I love the “stadium experience” and agree its very expensive in every way, but the real negative for me are that the ad breaks are so much more annoying. At home you just click to the other game thats on. At the game you are forced to see nothing, or bad gimmicks. With all the ad breaks, the game slows down.

  15. Hell, I don’t even have to leave the couch suckas! I keep an ice chest with beer in it next to my couch and just have to lean over and piss in a Gatorade bottle… beat THAT, Qualcomm!!!!

  16. Mark my words as the owners, league and players start losing revenue at the stadium. Gone will be the days of free games and the $300.00 NFL package allowing you to watch every game. The NFL is going to go after its last untapped revenues source. Pay Per View. Be prepared to pay $30 to $50 for every game.

  17. Airline method, the more desperate you are to fill seats, the cheaper it becomes the closer to the time of the game. Even if you’re selling tickets for half price you might fill in 20k seats that wouldn’t have been filled otherwise. That’s another 1m ish per game. Go for volume on concessions, most people that I know don’t buy anything at the stadium, or stick to a single beer or water or so.

    The Lions ended up doing something where you could get a seat and all you can eat dogs, chips, soda, etc starting at 45 bucks and working up. The biggest downside is you still have to watch the Lions (kidding kidding). You have to offer more incentive than just “being there” which can be more stressful due to money, congestion, etc.

  18. How about the NFL handles the loser fans who take it personally when I go to a game because I’m a fan of the visiting team but just so happen to live in that city. Let alone be able to take my kids without having some drunk a-hole behind me cursing up a storm as a way to vent out his own personal frustrations.

    Ask Jerrah how those $60 pizzas are going. Why go to a stadium when I can get a 6 pack of beer and a large pizza for just over $20?

  19. You can keep your “stadium experience.” Since when does the league care about how much “fun” fans have. It’s all about the $$$ and that’s about it.

  20. Put together a winning team and people will come to see it play. Simple as that.

    All that BS about the stadium experience vs the home experience is just what owners say when they don’t want to admit to the fact that it’s their leadership of the organization that has led to a decline in attendance.

  21. I live in Washington and used to have season tickets. It felt like a curse every Sunday going to a game. Not only did the team stink, but it was an 8 hour ordeal. Traffic, Parking is a pain in the ass, Ticket prices are expensive, Drunk Fans (I would never bring my kid to a game), Always Fights, The team loses, and then walking a mile to the car after the game, sitting in hours of traffic heading home…Why? when I can just stay home he has a point.

  22. The beer in my fridge costs me 55 cents. The beer at the stadium costs $10. That’s probably a good place to start if you want to fix this issue.

    Its actually pretty amazing that anyone would go to a game these days. It is so much better at home! It wouldn’t surprise me if, in the future, tickets are nearly free just to get people to fill the seats.

  23. Not to mention it’s usually hotter than the hinges of hell in that stadium.

  24. allow smoking in an open air stadium or have a smoking areas in the stadium. and cut prices by half.

  25. I consider myself lucky that I don’t live in a market that has an NFL team. I purchase the Sunday Ticket and I’m never blacked out of any game.

    I have better seating than a stadium, the stadium would have to put in recliners to match my seating comfort.

    I can pause a game to go to the bathroom, the stadium would have to put a pee trough behind each row of seats to match the ease of which I relieve myself.

    I have a good looking women bring me drinks and munchies, I don’t have over-pay, tip and there’s no one to spill a beer on me. The stadium simply can’t match that experience.

    At the end of the game, I watch another game, no crowds, no traffic. Sorry stadium, you’re left out again.

    Then GOD smiled down upon the Sunday Ticket subscribers and said, “Let there be the Red Zone Channel”, and he saw it was good.

    I pay $300 a season, if you live in an NFL market city, you pay that for one game or more. I feel for you poor SOB’s that live in a market city…

    So the answer, move, spend your cash on good leather seating, buy a 58″ or larger HDTV, marry a good woman and take care of her during the week and she’ll take care of you on Sunday’s.

  26. the $30 for parking alone – keeps me away. the tax payers paid for that stadium and the Glazers pocket the cash and DO NOT spend it on the team

  27. The issue is all about money, but it goes well beyond ticket prices. As a seasons ticket holder lower prices would be nice but I know that’s not going to happen. Whats ruining the stadium experience for me is A)too many TV timeouts and B)WAY too much in stadium advertising. The game day experience is literally paying $120 to listen or watch about 800 advertisements, with a little football thrown in. It’s a relentless barrage to the point that we joke about how “the McD’s add you’re currently listening to is brought to you by Pizza Hut, a Fidelity Investments company.” I’m pretty sure the air I’m breathing at the stadium is sponsored by someone at this point. If they reduced the TV timeouts so that the game flowed better, and/or showed out of town (or even current game) highlights and stats during those timeouts it would be a game changer. They’ve done a little of that with the red zone channel, but 10 seconds of red zone is disjointed and pointless.
    Whit the lockout happening, I’m debating the value. I can sit at home and flip to the red zone channel, get food/beverage, pause, rewind, dvr, etc all while dry, comfortable, etc. For now it’s still worth it for me to go, but at some point soon I’ll reach the tipping point and give up my seat.

  28. The price dictates demand, not silly excuses like HDTV.

    In this economy, the NFL has hit the bubble on what people are willing to pay. It’s incorrect to put the blame on “man-caves” and better televisions.

    Ticket prices since 1993 have gone up 281%. The average household income around 25%.

    No one can take a family to the games anymore. Everything is “corporate” or guys sharing tickets.

    If the fans had a “Bill of Rights”, the first rule should be if a team can’t sell out their games, they should HAVE to lower ticket prices until they do.

  29. @cromags -The Bucs couldn’t even beat a team over .500 last year.
    Wow, the Saints didn’t win at least half their games?
    Looking back in history, the undefeated 1972 Dolphins beat exactly 2 teams with winning records – the 1974 Superbowl winning Steelers played exactly no team with a winning record. The Bucs were 10 – 6 and it doesn’t matter who they beat.

  30. Or he could just do what Jerry Jones did, turn his entire stadium into a man cave where you pay ridiculous ticket prices to go watch the game on TV at the stadium.

  31. Based on history, the “answer” the NFL comes up with will involve me paying even more money.

  32. Lowering ticket pricing, lowering parking prices, lower food prices, etc. The economy makes it hard for people to have disposable income to spend on going to the games. You have to make it affordable for families to go to the game.
    What’s the deal with seat licenses? That is the biggest scam there is. I have to pay for the right to own tickets? Seat licenses go for an average of $2500.00 then one has to pay for the price of tickets on top of that. Gimme a break. So you wonder why people stay home: Gas = $0.00 Tickets = $0.00 Parking = $0.00 Food/Drink = $20-30 (maybe) / Traffic = N/A , No aggrevation (unless ur team is losing) = N/A, Being home with family and friends = priceless.

  33. As beatnik25 and plenty of others say, “Lower ticket prices and people will come back to the stadiums.”

    NFL owners have priced the normal fan out of watching it live in the stadium. It was hard enough in the 80’s and 90’s to go to a game. Now it is nearly impossible to go to a game if I want to be sure that I am watching people instead of ants because I am sitting so far from the field.

    When I returned from deployment my brother and I saw the Cleveland Browns vs. Jacksonville Jaguars game and we were sitting so far that I couldn’t even follow the action and the tickets were still $70+ (it is back in ’06 and I forgot, but it was a lot). I vowed to never do that again. I got NFL Sunday Ticket and now I watch games from my 55″ Samsung 3D.

    Problem solved. I no longer have to worry about whether I am watching Braylon Edwards or a back-up catch the ball. I no longer have to wait to hear the crowd cheering or jeering to know if my team made a good or bad play because now I can see it clearly…from the comfort of my home. To hear Roger Goodell talk about, “For the fans…for the fans…” makes me sick because they can care less about the fan. $200 can no longer buy a family of four tickets…not even if they are content with watching ants and that is a shame.

  34. Ug…. Just like a car lot. I don’t want/need sideshow attractions at the game. It’s all about value and with tickets going up up up all the time it’s hard to justify for what all you have to put up with when you go. I absolutely despise paying such a ridiculous amount on parking. They need to realize it isn’t more people want, it’s less… of everything. Price and crapola.

  35. I love when uninformed fans talk about the Glazers not investing in their product. Go take a tour of One Buccaneer Place and check that out. Oh and by the way, the Bucs made a larger offer to Albert Haynesworth than the Redskins did in free agency a few years ago. Look it up. The Bucs will spend money on players, but not just for the sake of spending money.

  36. The Glazers did lower ticket prices this year. I bought 2 season tickets for $634. Try to beat that! Now I just hope there is a season..

  37. lets see 100 for tickets ( two ) 4.00 gas 150 miles to stadium. 30 parking, i havnt even got to the game and ive got160 dollars spent. thats before i get there and beer 7.50 ,6.00 hot dog, 5.75 nachos. is it any wonder. then i have to put up with goodel sissy football rules not worth it matter of fact with roger goodell changing the rules again and making it the national sissy league i wont even watch it at home either

  38. If the nfl gos pay per view i am not watching at all. Tickets, parking are way to expensive. Not worth it with all the traffic. I hate the timeouts just sitting there. I have had upper level, lower level and been in a suite at vikings games and the seats still suck. No leg room in a boring stadium.

  39. The best part of the game is the vikings entrance to led zep’s immigrant song then I am ready to go home and watch on the big screen. It smells like b.o. in the small concourse and I really do not care to pee in the trough(a channel or conduit for conveying water, as a gutter-ha). I do not care for some fans screaming negativity at their own players. wow. Wearing another team to a philly game is asking for it. I am surprised a violent beat down like the giants fan in l.a. hasn’t happened at an nfl stadium. At least the bucs had a winning record and one more thing..they have a super bowl ring. I realize how the viings are a joke. yes, blasphemy, but true.

  40. These owners are already billionaires. How much more money do they need?

    They want 2 more games. They want the players to take less. They need more fans in their already overpriced seats so they can sell them overpriced beer, burgers and team gear.

    For crying out loud have they not been paying attention to what’s been happening to the county? When does the greed end? Keep this up and one day we will have to sell our organs so we can listen to a game on the radio.

  41. This topic has become such a joke to me.

    Im 22 years old, I work over 50 hours a week partially just so I can afford my Bucs season ticket payments…which cost me a whopping $245 this year…thats, $35 a month…over a 7-month payment plan. Thats the same price as my gym membership. Half the price of my cell phone plan…seriously, if it isnt worth the $35 for you to go to the game, then dont go, because you wont be making any noise for the team anyways.

    Why does everyone need to take their family to the games? My father and his friends went to Bucs games without me when I was growing up…I mean in reality, your 7 year old probably isnt going to be that interested anyways. Call a few friends…and Im sure the bunch of you can sacrifice a few “Value Meals” at Wendy’s in order to afford your tickets.

    Does it cost $25 to park right next to Raymond James? Sure it does…If you want to tailgate, you can get there early enough and parking is free. If you drive a few blocks behind the baseball field across the street, you can park for $5. If you dont mind walking 10-15 minutes to the stadium, there are numerous businesses that you can park at along Dale Mabry for free without getting towed. And by the way, there are numerous group tailgates set up that you can go to and eat, drink, play games, and talk football for free.

    I cant remember the last time I spent money on anything during the game…maybe a water if my throat was sore…Do your drinking, eating, pissing before the game…if you cant go 3 hours without drinking beer or eating a hot dog, then youre an alcoholic fatass.

    The ads? Really, the ads is the new excuse? The ads are a break so you can sit down and relax for a moment…Not everyone needs to spend their entire sunday afternoon lounging (see: Gym Membership above).

    Bottom line…If youre a real fan…and truly passionate about your team…there is no better way to watch your team play than being surrounded by 60,000 people who love that team the same that you do. Sitting in your living room eating pringles and drinking $1 bud lights can never compare to the feeling of an entire stadium of people erupting in cheer. There isnt a bad seat in Ray Jay…every damn one of them is well worth the $30 it costs to get in the stadium, not to mention anybody can get up and go sit between the 35’s and nobody is going to say a damn thing to you…

    On sundays…the beer, the food, the fantasy football, and the recliner are the farthest things from my mind. For those of you who feel the same way, I’ll see you out there. Go Bucs.

  42. Looks like the Jag’s had it right all along!! I’m a happy season ticket holder paying $58 per seat for the 4th row in the 200’s on the 15. It really isn’t that bad everywhere. I park for $10 and drink/eat my cheap food outside the stadium rather than spending it inside.

    And we finally have something to look forward to with Gabbert!!

  43. sdboltaction says:
    Jun 3, 2011 1:34 AM
    Hell, I don’t even have to leave the couch suckas! I keep an ice chest with beer in it next to my couch and just have to lean over and piss in a Gatorade bottle… beat THAT, Qualcomm!!!!

    Wow. Awesome visual, dude. You Bolts fans are a classy bunch.

  44. I understand everyone’s feelings about high cost game experiences. As a Rams fan I sometimes have a hard time deciding whether I want my team to get back on top or not. My frustration stems from the fact that as a middle of the pack or worst team I am able to find tickets in my price range,but if the team improves I cannot. At the sametime I want the team to compete, so I must choose to be a home viewer. The owners and players are both at fault for this issue as well. GREED by players wanting more and more money and GREED by owners for wanting the same. Soon the NFL will decide to reap from the viewers a new revenue stream and that will involve some sort of pay per view, whether that will be a sunday ticket type system or an NFL network run system of robbing the fans every Sunday. The sad part of all of this is that eventually a whole generation of kids are going to be robbed of the opportunity of enjoying this great game.

  45. @ cromags – The Rays aren’t exactly the best example of fan attendance in the Bay area. They draw less than the Bucs. I suspect the Bucs may do better this season given the record of the team last year and being an up and coming team. You have to make it an event that people want to be seen at.

    I agree that the concessions prices have to be dropped first. And it is boring during the numerous TV timeouts in football.. Show highlights from other games on those mega jumbo trons. Or don;t have so many timeouts…. One team scores a touchdown – 2 min of commercials – kickoff – back to 2 more minutes of commercials. I always find that annoying watching it. It’s horrible waiting in the stadium for 4 minutes of commercials to come to an end. NHL has 2 tv timeouts a period. 5 min in and 5 min out. And in NHL playoffs NO Commerical timeouts in OT.

    Another thought don’t play 1pm games in September in Tampa. Its over 100 degrees out there with like 90% humidity. Not very fan friendly weather. If you can start at 4pm you can escape most of the heat.

  46. I would love to go to games but the closest stadium I live to is 100 miles away. That stadium also happens to be home to the Bengals so it’s unlikely that I would drive to Cincinnatti to pay for a seat in which I have to watch the Bengals play. If anything with the way the Browns run the team people should be paid to watch the Bengals play.

    Indy and Nashville aren’t too far away either so that may be an option. Indy could be an option might have to explore their schedule see if there is a game worth watching. It might be a year or two before it’s worth paying to see the Titans play.

  47. I used to be a Bucs season ticket holder. I LOVE seeing the game live, nothing is more exciting. I also LOVE the Bucs cheerleaders. heh

    It’s all about money for me. For example, parking prices doubled after the Bucs won the SB. I’m sorry Glaziers, I just can’t afford it anymore. The NFL has priced me out of the game. 🙁

  48. I agree with the other people that talked about too much advertising at the stadium. In Chicago, as soon as a play is over, the side scoreboards (that show score, down & distance, time left in the quarter, etc….. switches to advertisements. This is also where they show scores from other games around the league. It is to the point where the ONLY time you can catch a score from a different game is if you miss the live action.

    I think another way the NFL has hurt the gameday experience is by getting involved in the Tailgating Rules. Tailgating is part of the entire gameday experience. It’s an opportunity to meet up with other friends and fans before the game. When the NFL made the decision to open up parking lots 4 hours before kickoff, they hurt part of the gameday experience. If they open up a parking lot at 8:00 for a 12:00 start……you actually park around 8:15 – 8:30. Setting up for even a small Tailgate takes at least 30 minutes (bringing you to 8:45 or 9:00). If you plan 30 minutes for tear down and 30 minutes to get into the stadium – – – – you have less than 2 hours to actually Tailgate. Maybe this cuts down on the amount of drunk people at the game?? However, I was surprised how many people complained about drunk fans……because every NFL stadium will remove these fans (if necessary). All you need to do is tell a security person or send a text message to security. Personally, I think the NFL wants less Tailgating – – because they hope the less you eat & drink on the outside – – the more you will buy on the inside.

  49. One of my biggest pet peeves at stadiums: when they play a fragment of loud music every time the play stops. And then they stop it just as the play is starting. Give my mind a break, please!!!

  50. And by the way…the Glazers have done better than spending money in order to win…theyve put guys in place (Morris and Dominik) who make winning possible without spending $15 a year on players…hell, I would think given the current situation, people would respect that. We have a beautiful stadium here in Tampa and a state of the art team facility…but we’re not going to pay a man coverage cornerback $15 million dollars a year to come to Tampa and play Cover 2. The reason that the Bucs make so few free agent splashes, is because we run a very finite system here…you cant just plug in any guy that runs fast and benches alot and expect to win (just ask Dan Snyder and Al Davis)…we went after Haynesworth because he was a perfect fit for our system…we went after Jared Allen because he was a perfect fit for our system. We made Jeff Faine the highest paid center in the NFL because he was the perfect fit for our system. We made Kellen Winslow the highest paid Tight End in the NFL because he is what we wanted at that position…The whole “Glazers wont spend money” Theory, is really overblown.

  51. You are charging so much for tickets that even the corporations can’t afford it anymore! Give me a good 3D television experience and I will never go to another game again! I have a big Superbowl party every year with dozens of friends, lot’s of great food, free parking, and it costs me less than taking my wife and two kids to ONE GAME!
    I had season tickets to the Raiders when they were here in Los Angeles. You took that away from me. I’m now paying you back by not going to any games or even buying the sunday ticket.
    I can’t go to a game where only the local corporations can afford to give tickets to their best clients. Who wants to sit next to a tie on a Sunday afternoon?! These aren’t even real fans at the stadiums anymore.
    The real fans are at the bar down the street!

  52. Something I haven’t seen mentioned is showing replay’s at the game. Drives me nuts that anything remotely controversial, isn’t replayed. Or shown once before the advertising comes back on.

  53. I would throw in the DVR as part of the in-home experience that hasn’t been mentioned. I watch the games when I want to watch them, not when I’m dictated to. My family wants to go to the beach on a sunday, my DVR autorecords the games and I watch it later at my convenience. Not only is it convenient, but I can skip all the commercials and 15 minute half time.

    I do the same for hockey as well. The games usually start before I get home from work, but then I spend time with my family and when they are all tucked in I turn on the game. That also keeps the wife happy. No more football widow complaints.

    The final benefit to the DVR is that if your team is getting killed, you can fast forward, see if there is any chance of a comeback, catch the lowlights and then call it a game. This way you can still catch the fights without sitting through your team getting scored on again and again.

  54. All the comments are true, yet they continue to sellout the games. So what does that tell the owners? Yup, you can continue to raise prices.

  55. I have never understood the desire to go to a game, I’ve always preferred to watch the game at home.

    Once you get the Directv dual tuner/pause button figured out, you’re friggin golden.

  56. The whole stadium concept is outdated. The 20th century model doesn’t work any more.

    Cheap pay per view, like under $5, and commercial-free. That’s the future, you can either embrace it or keep beating a dead horse.

  57. First off let me say that I dont live in Tampa. I have been to 6 games there because Im a fan who lives in Texas. It sucks that Tampa has now been classified as a town that doesnt care about the Bucs and that they will have a hard time selling out any game. Listen, its a football town and the Bucs are #1 there. They sold out games for 10+ years befor ethe economy tanked. I guarantee that they will sellout every game next year. I also agree with xxxviichamps. The prices for games at RJS is very reasonable. For tailgators and people willing to walk a little bit….parking is next to nothing…if not nothing. There is nothing like being at RJS(or any other stadium) with 60000+ fans going nuts. I may enjoy it a little more because being in Texas im surrounded by Cowboys this Cowboys that and I finally feel at my football home when at RJS.

  58. coolzog said it.. glad he got there first..

    Stop charging so damn much for the preseason tix too for season tix holders.

  59. Let’s face it, the only reason men pay these high prices for the game day experience is to get away from their nagging wives. Sometimes it’s worth the investment. At least that’s what my friend told me who has a nagging wife.

  60. @gdeli

    While the Homer Dome is a joke of a stadium it’s an amazing home field advantage. At least in Minnesota you still have real fans at the games. Look at Syd Davy (a.k.a. 100% Cheese Free). He DRIVES from Winnipeg, CANADA for all 8 Vikes games. He buys a freaking passport to go to games, yell his a** off from the first row of an endzone and lift players into the stands after TDs. Endzone seats are great for me living here in the largest city in South Dakota. If you go once or twice a year you can basically call it a staycation. Oh, and you can take the light rail to the game parked at a public lot for free. There is still no comparison to the in game experience. But maybe living 4 hours away makes me appreciate it more and give me the right to proudly say I’m a true Vikings fan. But if you won’t go to an NFL game, go see high school games. I live 6 blocks from the Catholic high school and love walking to see the public schools play the private school. The rivalries there are unequaled anywhere else in sports.

  61. The greed of the owners will demand that they one day curtail the TV ability. I love going to the games and experiencing a game live in person just can’t be beat, even with all the slow motion replays and high def. That said, the NFL has priced out people like me who would rather use the money to put food on the table for my children. We go to college games instead which are much more affordable and just as fun with the bands and less commercials.

  62. Imo Tampa Fans are just cheap. I am a Tampa Fan, I love attending all types of sporting events. I have spent close to One Thousand dollars on Baseball games already this season. I’ve gone to 7 games, with anywhere from 10 to 2 people. Is it expensive? Yeah, it can be. You don’t have to buy the stadium beers and dogs. Tailgating helps lower food and alcohol expenses. and if you are thirsty midgame you can spend 10 bucks on a few sodas or waters. You don’t HAVE to buy the $7 beers…

    IDK the rules of Ray jay Stadium but most stadiums let you bring in sealed bottles of water or soda. so that will save you another $10 bucks…

    Will you pay $200+ for 2 people at a football game? possibly, But that is the same for every NFL team. If you can’t afford to go to games, then you can’t afford it. There is no problem in that. but asking for tickets to drop down to $10 a seat so you can finally afford to go is just retarded. Save up a few bucks every month so you can afford to go if you really wanna go. Buc’s games are relatively cheap compared to other NFL teams.

    You can get tickets for as low as $34 dollars on stub hub for TB Tickets. At Lambeau field you won’t be paying less than $150 a ticket, even for nose bleeds…

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