Eagles’ Brent Celek: Lockout OK until we start missing paychecks

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Count Eagles tight end Brent Celek among the players who aren’t particularly worried about the lockout. At least not yet.

Celek said in an interview with WIP that he has talked to NFLPA* head DeMaurice Smith and expressed his own concerns, but that the bottom line for the players is the bottom line: They’ll start worrying when they start losing money.

“I think a lot of the guys are fine with it,” Celek said, via SportsRadioInterviews.com. “The fact that we are not going to football is OK right now. When it’s not going to be fine is when we start missing paychecks. I know guys are getting a little antsy. I am too. It’s fun getting out there and being with your teammates, doing that sort of stuff. I think everyone is OK right now. We just all don’t want to lose paychecks. I guess that what it comes down to. Hopefully it gets done before then, but we’ll see.”

On the one hand, Celek’s statement seems kind of obvious — of course players aren’t particularly concerned about missing time if they aren’t missing paychecks.

On the other hand, Celek’s statement points to why it still may be a while before a labor deal can be reached: Deals typically don’t get done until one side or the other feels that its back is against the wall. The players still have three more months before they’ll feel real financial pressure to get a deal done.

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  1. In my opinion, the biggest mistake made by the NFLPA*/Players was electing De Smith instead of David Cornwell. Only time will tell who is right, but I highly doubt that De would win that election again if it were held today. Players voted without knowledge of the strategy that would be used and its about to bite them right in the ass/wallet!

  2. There is a problem with his logic. This isn’t a video game. You can’t be happy with the status quo and then assume we’ll worry about a deal when we start missing game checks. A deal doesn’t get brokered over-night nor does the season automatically start over-night.

    Don’t wanna miss game checks in September??? Then get serious about wanting a deal now!

  3. I think Celek and alot of these other guys are lying to there selves. If they dont mind the lockout or in other cases are enjoying the lockout then why are they attending player run practices? You wouldnt be practicing if you though not practicing wouldnt hurt you. I think its just false bravado on their part.

    Or they could be saying it to try to gain leverage on the owners. Cuz like MDS said they wont start missing checks for another 3 months. If the owners believe the players wont be effected by the lockout until then they will also probably believe that the players will not budge on their demands until then. That could put alot of pressure on the owners who unlike the players will be losing money over those 3 months.

  4. I have to agree with him for a “right on” statement. I believe all of us would enjoy an extended vacation, until we started missing income. Since most players would not be getting much of a paycheck until training camp/games are in progress, they are not necessarily getting hurt financially by the lockout.
    A question for someone who might know….Are the player contracts structured so they get a full season pay if they only play a few games, or are they only paid for games in which they are on the roster? If the former is the case, they are not financially injured unless they miss the entire season.

  5. I can think of a few reasons why players are attending workouts even though they don’t mind being locked out right now. Highest on the list might be how they are perceived by their coaches, who are paying attention, even if they can’t talk to the players.
    If a player doesn’t attend any organized workouts and ends up having a lousy season or gets injured, that could be blamed by some people on being in poor football shape due to not working out. So, they put in a few token appearances at the workouts to show that they’re team players. Besides, they’re probably getting bored by now and are driving their wives and girlfriends crazy.

  6. Hard for the players to argue they are suffering irreparable harm when guys like Celek are publically stating the lockout is okay until checks are missed. In other words, what he is saying is that the players are not suffereing anything right now.

  7. Brent Celek is tottally right. They just need to get in the room, lock the door and get a deal worked out that is fair. I want to start looking forward to football because Sunday’s would not be the same without it.

  8. I’m really getting sick of these d-bags rubbing it in that they are “enjoying” the lockout because they aren’t losing any money…i hope these owners take the players out to the woodshed on the next deal…oh and i’m pretty sure the owners are getting sick of this too so look for the next agreement to pay the players weekly instead of game checks…

  9. Brent Celek is an absolute idiot who only cares about himself. He has an obvious disinterest in building his timing and comeraderie with his teammates. No practice, OTAs, training camp, no real reason to be ready for that first game. Wow…

  10. Final offer prior to cancelling the season comes from owners on October 6th, players begrudgingly accept and have two-week training camp. Season kicks off October 23rd, 14 week season ends January 22nd, Superbowl on Feb 19th. Owners get the deal they want and only lose two gates. Book it.

  11. Hey brent, i’m glad you are enjoying yourself but people already ARE losing paychecks. You know, those people who make under 6 figures. Its unbelievable how out of touch with reality these guys are.

  12. Way to show your hand to the owners, Brent. The owners are counting on the players caving once they start missing paychecks, and your public statement just re-affirms their belief. Brilliant!

  13. Established veterans are enjoying the lockout. Guys on the bubble and UDFAs aren’t.

    Then again, this lawsuit isn’t about guys on the bubble. It’s about the star players getting as much money as they can.

  14. A question for someone who might know….Are the player contracts structured so they get a full season pay if they only play a few games, or are they only paid for games in which they are on the roster? If the former is the case, they are not financially injured unless they miss the entire season.


    Vested veterans ( those with four years or more on a team roster) that are on a teams 53 man roster on week 1 of a season have their contract for that year guarranteed. All others only get paid for the week they are on the roster.

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