Jim Schwartz declares “Silver Crush” the Lions’ line’s nickname


In the five weeks since the Lions’ already strong defensive line got stronger by drafting Nick Fairley, Detroit fans have called for the line to get a nickname. Now it has one.

Lions coach Jim Schwartz called for nickname suggestions on Twitter, and after getting hundreds, he announced his favorite: “Silver Crush.”

Schwartz said he likes “Silver Crush” because it acknowledges the history and tradition of the Lions’ “Silver Rush” defensive line of the late 1970s and early 1980s, while giving the nickname an update. Schwartz’s other favorite candidates were “The Dis-Assembly Line” and “Non-Stop Motors.”

A rather morbid suggestion came from someone who wanted the line to be called “Ghost & Darkness,” the nicknames given to a pair of man-eating lions responsible for the deaths of a number of construction workers on the Kenya-Uganda Railway in 1898. Other suggestions included Ferocious Four, Heavy Metal Rush, Pain Gang, Detroit Pride, Blue Thunder, Motor City Maulers, Motown Madmen, Motor City Mayhem, Detroit Muscle and Uncaged Rage.

[Editor’s note:  I’d prefer the “Honolulu Blue Wrecking Crew.”]

61 responses to “Jim Schwartz declares “Silver Crush” the Lions’ line’s nickname

  1. There is a feeling of excitement/anticipation for the Lions upcoming season of the likes I’ve never seen. The downtrodden shall rise up! Man, I love my Honolulu Blue kool-aid. GO LIONS!

  2. I use the same term for young men who like cougars. Tim has a Silver Crush on Ester.

  3. How about the “Haven’t Had a Winning Season In Over 10 Years Gang” or “Haven’t Had a Top 10 D since ’93 Impenetrable Wall of Sucktitude”?

  4. On behalf of myself, my friends, my family I would like to extend a heartfelt apology to football fans every where for the recent actions of Coach Schwartz.
    Maybe he has turned gay, or just turned stupid, we really don’t know yet. Until he is found and beaten 4 this embarrassing act… we denounce this nickname, as a people we would like to send the fine folks of Denver an apology for ripping off their nickname.


  5. Let me get this straight…

    After “hundreds” of suggestions for a defensive nickname they ended up recycling one from the Broncos (Orange Crush)in the 70’s?

    If that’s what passes for originality in Detroit, it’s no wonder they still sell Mustangs and Camaros and Impalas.

  6. Way to copy the famous “Orange Crush” defense from the late 70s Broncos.

    That made sense at least because it was a pun on a real life soft drink. WTF is Silver Crush?

  7. After looking at the other suggestions it’s clear Jim Schwartz is starting a girls roller derby team instead of a NFL defensive line.

  8. I am happy that the Lions are an up and coming franchise. They’ve been so bad so long it is good to see them playing better.

    With that said, the hype around this team is unreal. People are talking like they are a going deep into the playoffs lead by an “unstoppable” defensive line.

    I really hope the hype doesn’t work against them at some point. I think about the Jets, and keeping expectations realistic…

  9. Since when do you give yourself a nickname? This little exercise seems a little too forced.

  10. Gotta love the hype, but an NFL head coach asking for nicknames on twitter seems a little weird. Don’y ya think?…Is he gonna ask for nicknames for Stafford next?…Perhaps, China Doll, Humpty Dumpty etc?

  11. The only soft drink associated with Detroit is Faygo. And of course that drink is associated with the followers of the Inane Clown Posse.

    I still think either one is better than “Silver Crush”. That sounds like a drink a woman would order at a beach resort-complete with a little umbrella in it.

  12. +1 on doggz comment that Silver Crush is stupid and a rip-off / insult to Denver. I thought of Motor City Maulers or Motown Maulers before I read it in that post because “Motor City” anything is cool…and Lions maul their prey. If they wanted to go corny they could go with “The Lion Kings” and call Suh and Fairley Mufasa and Simba… At least until Disney su(h)ed……

  13. relax haters, he’s just trying to keep the fans involved during the lockout. maybe ur weak a$$ coaches should do the same…on that note, i would have loved “dis-assembly line”

  14. This is nothing new, they’ve been known as the silver crush for years, crushed like an aluminum can for the past four decades.

  15. I don’t think The Schwartz was trying to rip-off Denver’s “Orange Crush”. The Lions D-Line in the early 80s was called “The Silver Rush”. As he tweeted, its paying homage to the old school and the new. My suggested for the D-Line pack of Lions was “The Hell Pride”.

  16. actually it’s as much a rip off of the old Silver Rush ding dongs. Just because the word “crush” is used doesn’t make it a ripoff of Denver’s Orange Crush.

    He is paying homage to the HISTORY OF DETROIT football. Of course, I wouldn’t expect non Lions fans nor ignorant Lions fans to know that.

    With that said, I’ve always felt the “Disassembly Line” was the best nickname. I mean, the city that invented the assembly line should have a name like that for their D-Line.

  17. I can appriciate the hype for the team, but the head coach asking for nicknames via twitter…REALLY? That sounds like some childish crap that Chad Ohcho-sucko would do. Then picking an unoriginal name that recycles the Broncos old nicknames…C’mon Man!

    Here is my contribution:

    Honolulu-Blue Balls

  18. Silver Crush? Hmmm, soooo0 original, doesn’t Denver use that one? Of course Schwantz thinks changing the color from Orange to Silver makes it unique…yeah, right. As long as they are set on copying another team’s nickname, how about Silver Curtain, Doomsday Detroitees or the No Game Defense? Ahhh, maybe Monsters of the Mimics would bet better?

  19. Okay Jim … thanks for the “heads up” on the nickname. Now I’ll know what to call you, so I’ll cross than one off my list.

    How are you holding up over the lockout? Running out of stuff to do without any players? Just guessing.

    At any rate, until the lockout is over .. I think I’ll refer to you as the Silver Cage. You can bring the Crush out of the cage when the lockout is over …

    Thanks again!

    *PS: Jeez Look! Lions fans on this site! Wow! I haven’t seen so many Lions posters since .. well, never I guess!

  20. Yeah……. Let’s see how long a self-given nickname lasts.

    On a related note, I’ve decided to give myself the nickname “Your Fuhrer”. I expect everyone to refer to me as such from now and, and no mocking laughter. (rolleyes)

  21. If the “Orange Crush” is copyrighted then this is a slam-dunk trademark infringement case!

  22. The Lions have had top 5 picks every year for, what, 10-15 years now? They should be good for God’s sake. What is forgotten is that they also get the 36th, the 68th, etc. in every draft. Those are basically late first and late 2nd round picks as well. Try drafting every year in the mid-late 20’s and build a team. Oh yeah, that’s what the Packers and Steelers do every year.

  23. I understand the thought process of combining the history of the Silver Rush and the giving it an update by using the word Crush. But c’mon The Dis-Assembly Line is by far the best one.

  24. clintonportisheadd says: Jun 2, 2011 9:24 AM

    The only soft drink associated with Detroit is Faygo. And of course that drink is associated with the followers of the Inane Clown Posse.


    The Faygo Miracle Magnets?

  25. Nicknames are organic. They grow out of the group’s culture. The best ones are also some clever play on words, like “gang-green.” Likelihood of coach/fan twitter-created nickname sticking – 0%.

  26. I have a great idea Schwartz….you could change it now to the silver people eaters. That way you can copy and paste from someone in your own division, and call it your own. Silver Crush….WOW. SO ORIGINAL. As a diehard Broncos fan, drop it now. Get your own nick name.
    I have never hated the Lions, and I have liked Schwartz, but to blatantly copy a name that has already been used, and to make a game out of a defensive front four that has NOT proven itself yet, is no bueno. Win your division, win a playoff game, then showboat. Until then, it is the dline from Detroit….

  27. Ghost and darkness is referring to the fact there will only be one white guy on the D line (that being vanden bosch). Not that morbid railway nonsense

  28. You can not give YOURSELF a nickname! Thats super lame. Ive always liked the lions. I would save the nicknaming stuff for the fans, then it would be legit.

  29. Silver Crush… bunch of fat guys on surf boards. Sorry, you say color and crush, I flash to Kate Bosworth, looking very Kate Bosworthy in a two piece on a board in Hawaii.

    Yeah, probably not the best nickname.

  30. “If the “Orange Crush” is copyrighted then this is a slam-dunk trademark infringement case!”

    Really, so combining another color with the word Crush is a trademark infringement? Wow, where’d you get your law license, a cracker jack box?

    Every one of your 10 posts on this topic were lame. Typical Lion’s “fan” that’s a hater. Get a new team!

  31. Did any of you actually read the article?? Silver Crush is an homage to the Lions Dline of the late 70’s early 80’s. The Silver Rush. They didnt steal the Broncos name

  32. SERIOUSLY @Michael David Smith

    You stole my “Honolulu Blue Wrecking Crew” nickname and didn’t even give me credit?

    I knew I should have trademarked that.

  33. whoa holy tim te-blow fan club…nobody is ripping off anything from denver. this is paying homage to the old “Silver Rush” D-line of the lions past.

    Silver Crush is a much better description of this line given the nasty nature, punishing hits inflicted by this D-line.

    keep hating…when the suhnami hits this fall and opposing teams are faced with the silver crush!

    oh yea and honolulu blue wrecking crew as well as dis-assembly line were 2 of my favorites

  34. In Schwartz’s defense his first choice was “T-Bone” however Neil Watkins in accounting stole that from him!

  35. I think Coach Schwartz is doing his best to motivate his D line/defense from afar. Lockout…curse you!!

  36. Silver Crush? You can’t just change the color and steal the tag. That’s almost as lame as “Silver People Eaters.” I hate the Broncos and their crappy team with a vengeance, but “crush” belongs to them.

  37. Can’t say I like Silver Crush and it has nothing to do with similarities to other nicknames. Just has no flair. Whatever happened to “the Motown Pound”

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