Lockout gives Bears’ Israel Idonije “zero” reason for concern

Plenty of NFL players, owners, executives, coaches and fans are getting nervous about how long the lockout will last. Bears defensive end Israel Idonije says all those people should calm down.

Asked by the Chicago Tribune what his level of concern is, given that there doesn’t appear to be an end in sight to the lockout, Idonije answered, “Zero.”

“It’s business,” Idonije said. “Welcome to sports, welcome to the NFL. You’d hope it would be easy. Just in the business world, when there’s negotiations, always there is a back and forth. It always takes time. That’s just how it is. It’s business. At the end of the day, when it all settles, we’re all on the same team. It’s going to be owners and players working together to grow the game like we always have.”

Idonije said he’s personally treating this offseason like any other in terms of his preparation — except he’s doing his workouts on his own, rather than under the supervision of the coaching staff.

“One thing is for sure, definitely this whole lockout will end,” Idonije said. “And when it ends, you have got to be ready. So for me, it’s business as usual.”

Let’s just hope Idonije is right, and it’s still business as usual in September.

6 responses to “Lockout gives Bears’ Israel Idonije “zero” reason for concern

  1. He’s right. At some point one side (if not both) will lose more than they are willing to and have to give in.

  2. The owners and fans may be “all on the same team” , but as fans, we are not. They’re trying to sell us something, and when its going to affect the quality of play and the competitiveness as the loss of free agency before the draft did to teams that really needed it, I’m not buying.

  3. Excellent statement, not buying into the emotion of the “death of the game.”
    As an interesting side analysis to his “not concerned” attitude, perhaps a look at history would get both sides to think clearly. Back in the 1930’s, the United Mine Workers went on strike at the coal mines so often and for such long duration, that their primary customers, Railroads and shipping vessels, converted to diesel fuel, and the market for coal was depressed for 40 years. The coal mining regions of the Appalachian region became the most poverty stricken region in the USA.
    Maybe both sides need to worry about the fans “converting” to something else for entertainment and diminishing the value of the NFL to the point that the cash flow to each side is severely diminished.

  4. Izzy’s a solid NFL player, works his ass off in the weight room in the offseason, and is a helluva humanitarian to boot.

    He’s had to be flexible every offseason, as Lovie Smith would have him playing DT, then turning around and telling him to cut 30lbs to play DE, then the next year – back to DT. Insane!

    The NFL wishes all their players were as exemplary as Mr. Israel Idonije. The dude keeps it real and is one grounded individual.

  5. This was much more refreshing to hear as opposed to the latest “Tweet” by other NFL players who cannot construct a complete sentence and make a statement based on some fact or need for an emotional outburst.

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