More talk that the Broncos aren’t eager to trade Orton


A report recently surfaced from the NFL Network that the Broncos wouldn’t trade quarterback Kyle Orton for anything less than a second round pick.

Whether the Broncos are just posturing or not, Jeff Legwold of the Denver Post gets the same vibe.

“If the Broncos were to receive an offer for Orton they couldn’t refuse, you could see them pulling the trigger on a trade,” Legwold writes. “But they haven’t given any indication they plan to move Orton out of the way so Tebow can be the starter at football’s most important position.”

Furthermore, Legwold says that people in the NFL that know Fox well believe he prefers Orton over Tebow in 2011 because he wants to win right away.

The Broncos burnt a lot of calories before the draft appearing to smokescreen interest in rookie quarterbacks.  They are very possibly doing the same thing here with their interest in retaining Orton in an effort to drive up his price tag.

The difference here is that keeping Orton does make some sense in a shortened offseason. Panthers fans will be glad to tell you about Fox’s love for playing veterans over untested young talent.

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  1. Right Gregg, I will gladly tell you about the time Fox played Jake Delhomme until his wheels fell off.

    Or the time he kept DeShaun Foster in front of DeAngelo Williams for two seasons.

    Or the time he played Nail Diggs in front of James Anderson for three seasons.

    Or that other time, at band camp, when he went out and signed Brian St. Pierre (who was a stay0at-home dad at the time) so Tony Pike didn’t have to start. Umm-hmm.

    But, to his credit, if a young player CLEARLY is better than the veteran alternative, he will play the kid. The problem is that Tebow has yet to prove he is clearly better than Orton.

    The Broncos won more games with Tebow, yes, but the team enjoyed a collective sigh of relief after McDaniels was fired, and they started playing football. Not to discount Tebow’s play in his three starts, but there is more to it than the stat-book shows.

  2. Translation:

    Deer Dolfins, Seehawks, and Cardinulls,

    Sinse we drafted the Messiah, we kurrently hav no nede for Orton. Wee hav a survicabull bakkup in that pretty boy from Notur Dame.

    Wee r actually very, very eegur to trade Kyle Orton to any willing teem. However, we are despritely trying not to *appeer* eegur so wee doo not puhtenchallly lower the offering prise of a secind and/or thurd round pikk.

    J. Elway

  3. Agree with almost everything FlapJack says. In fact, it’s why most sane Carolinians couldn’t wait to see Fox leave to screw up another franchise elsewhere. Pretty soon, Denver fans will feel the pain of watching 75 rushes and 3 passes per game. Fox is not only a throwback, he thinks Sammy Baugh had the wrong idea, and should have tucked it in and run more. Somewhere, Woody Hayes is smiling that awful smile.

  4. I think Tebow’s going to be a good player, probably not a great one, but capable.

    And that’s why Tebow was such a stupid pick for the Broncos. Orton already gave them that.

    If they used that Tebow pick to beef up that D into something nasty, Orton was a guy who could turn AFC West turnovers into points. He didn’t even need a lot of offensive help around him.

  5. Broncos “won more games with Tebow”? C’mon, Ort wasn’t wildly successful there, but at least give him a bit of credit.

    Eleven > One.

  6. I’m mostly surprised that people are shocked the Broncos would ask for a second rounder or more for Kyle Orton. Popular opinion has teams likely to give up two second round picks for Kevin Kolb and many so-called league experts have stated that with the exception of age, Orton may be a superior investment for teams in need of a QB.
    I believe that having two starters who may have equal footing (Orton has the experience, Tebow has the upside) does the organization no good in the coming season, and demand for Orton should be at a high point this year. There are less advantages in keeping him and less advantages for him to stay.
    I believe Denver should get at least as second but are far more likely to try and trade him for players of equal value, especially at positions of need like DT and RB. This, of course, could change given free agency.
    Could we just end the lockout now so we can find out? Please?!

  7. Here’s the thing, though, at some point you need to pull the trigger on Tebow. I watched all three games and the guy has potential — he is not anywhere close to his ceiling. Orton, however, has hit his. He’s simply not a QB to build a team around. The Broncos don’t have the defense to overcompensate…and they won’t for awhile.

    The Broncos aren’t going to be winners next year. The list of problems they need to address does not begin nor end with the QB. However, if there is even the slightest chance you think Tebow can be the QB of the future then that means playing him next season. No waffling. Just do it. If the playbook is much like last seasons — at least on the offensive side– there shouldn’t be that much of a transition for Tebow.

    Maybe you can keep Orton as a backup, but given the situation I don’t see that happening.

    Best case scenario Tebow is your future. Worst case scenario Tebow fails to impress and you’ve got your pick from a very good QB class next year –Luck, Landry.

    If you can’t take a chance in a rebuilding year, then you probably shouldn’t be running a NFL team.

  8. Although team officials admitted the second round pick didn’t necessarily have to be in this decade.

  9. Please keep Orton! Quinn is NOT a servicable backup! Have you watched him play? Why don’t you just sign Derek Anderson or bring in Jamarcus Russell if you think Quinn can play.

  10. Orton is a perfect quarterback for Fox. Orton’s taken tons of abuse and he lets it roll off his back. He can play football with a team mentality, and he doesn’t feel led to praising Jesus and his wonderful family every time someone looks at him.

    While I’m ranting, until his meltdown against Arizona in the playoffs, Jake Delhomme with his ability to manage a less than perfect team was fun to watch, even in Fox’s often times mind-numbing game plans.

  11. I love that many think Orton is any good. It’s why someone will give up a third and a conditional round draft pick for him. I’ve suffered through two horrendous seasons. Sorry, but stats don’t tell the story of Mr. Orton. His third down inefficiency, lack of leadership, and his crumbling in crunch time say it all. As bad as Denver was, if Orton were any good, they finish 7-9. The Jacksonville, Indy, KC, Arizona, ST. Louis, and San Fran loss are all on his shoulder.

  12. I believe that Orton is perfect for Foxs offense. The problem is Tebow was drafted. I was very much against this cuz the bronocs had way more needs. However he asw taken and now he is a bronco. I saw Orten win 4 games last year with the help of tim and I saw him loose 9 with his help as well. Then I saw tim win one without orten and loose two. I could also see the difference in a bad team believe they had a chance in htose last 3 games. I’m not sure but I think he has something. Something you can’t teach. Even Brandon loyyd on Nfl accses the other night said it. Yeh he is raw and needs work but I feel he needs a chance to show what IT is. Yeh he could fail but he could allso prove himself. What else do the broncos have to loose. There already rebuilding so let’s see if can do it. The odds are against him but you never no and he seems to be a good kid so I hope he does succed. If not then keep rebuilding. I do think though orton deserves a chance to win and if that’s with another team then give him that chance and get what u can for him.

  13. @bungy96 – Tebow had a better passer rating than Bradford or any other rookie QB last season. Nice arm on that TE.

  14. @berniemadoffsides – worst attempt at humor I’ve seen on this site. Way to be #1.

    @rukiddnme29 – There are a lot of serviceable vets on the market that would be fine back-ups. Orton’s value is too high to keep him on the bench, waiting for Tim to go down, especially when Denver needs to improve so much elsewhere.

    @denvertrue – don’t discount Denver’s lack of special teams, defense, and running game in putting all those losses on Orton. For the most part, he did his job and sometimes went above. I also think he is seen as a leader, but of course, coming off of Cutler’s lack of leadership, it didn’t take much to improve.

    @bunjy96 – Really? The tight end thing again? He’s as much of a quarterback as Newton or Young or other QBs who might not be prototypical passers like Manning or Brady, but they can win some games and keep defenses on their toes. I’m not in love with his game, but give him credit where it is due. The TE thing is played out.

  15. @titsburgfeelers… Orton is a great guy to have in case your starter goes down for a few quarters or couple of games. He’s not a starter in this league for very long. People rag on Delhomme, but he had moxie, and was good in clutch situations. If Orton had that same moxie, Denver doesn’t go 4-12, but maybe 8-8 again, and in 09, they don’t go 8-8, they go 11-5. Orton is a huge reason why Denver’s ground game and Defense has sucked. If your QB can’t scare a Defense, they take away your run game and dare you to beat them, and if he can’t convert 3rd downs, your D is on the field far too long.

  16. Tebow better learn to stay in the pocket, not get happy feet, throw it away when needed, and not take a hit when flushed out of the pocket. If he puts his shoulder down and takes a hit, even once, he should be benched. Or give up on him as a QB, make him a TE and let him be a Football player first. If he gets destroyed, oh well…

  17. @denvertrue – I’m sorry, but I just don’t agree with your claim of how Orton lost so many games for Denver. Those losses were team efforts. Orton wasn’t on the worst defensive line in Denver history. He wasn’t the reason that an injury-prone finesse back couldn’t survive in a power run scheme. He threw the ball and did it pretty well. He ran the plays that were given to him and he went through his reads. He took chances and he worked hard to keep a team together that had to suffer a terrible coaching change.
    Your argument about a QB that can’t scare a defense is completely off the mark. The other side’s D took away Denver’s run game because they could, easily. The defense stayed on the field too long because they couldn’t stop the opposition on third down. Orton had a low turn-over percentage and a decent third down completion rating. He also threw constantly, so there weren’t a lot of third downs.

  18. Orton is not great. But he is by far the best qb on the team. Trading him would be stupid on fox’s part. Tebust cant throw all he can do is run. Teams will adjust to him very quickly, this isn’t college ball anymore.

    The only reason to start tebust over orton would be to have a shot at Luck next year. With tebust leading the team, 4 wins at the most.

  19. Too many excuses for Orton coming from people who are either ignorant, or didn’t watch Broncos games the last two years. How many elite QB’s start 6-0 and finish 11-20 over a two year span? Answer equals none. Stop calling him a solid QB. Cutler might be an egotistical prima donna, but so was Elway until Dan Reeves tried trading him TEN damn years into his career. Your ignorance is amuzing to me. A team is a direct reflection of it’s QB. I dare you all to continue to challenge me on this issue.

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