Brandon Jacobs thinks Plaxico will sign with Philly

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Giants running back Brandon Jacobs is resigned to the reality that receiver Plaxico Burress won’t be returning to the Giants after he is released from prison in four days.  (And, of course, after the lockout ends.)

“There is no chance Plaxico Burress is a New York Giant after he comes home,” Jacobs said Thursday, according to Ohm Youngmisuk of, via

To make matters worse for the Giants, Jacobs also is resigned to the likelihood that Plaxico will stay in the NFC East.  “I would hate to see him go to where I think he is going to go, that is from talking to him,” Jacobs said, regarding the Eagles.  “It is pretty tough to deal with all those different combinations.  Plax is a Virginia guy, [Mike] Vick is a Virginia guy.  They went through sort of the same things and they got a lot of dynamic players down there.  It wouldn’t be a bad thing, he thinks, to go down there.  He wants to win.”

Jacobs said he talks to Burress once a week, and that Burress wants a “new start” when his career resumes.

Defensive end Justin Tuck isn’t ready to concede Burress to the Eagles.  “I’m already campaigning,” Tuck said.  “I was campaigning before the lockout started. I will say this much, go back and see what our record was when he shot himself and how devastating our offense was. You had to take a safety out of the box [against him].  With our O-line and our running game, that opens up a lot of stuff.  I’m excited.  I hope we can get No. 17 back to Giants Stadium.”

Burress would make a potent Philly offense even more powerful, given the presence of Vick, running back LeSean McCoy, receivers DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin, and tight end Brent Celek.

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  1. Man, if Reid snags Plax he’ll NEVER run the ball! Too bad Vick only makes two reads max before he rabbits.

  2. If we get Plax the recieving corp will be officially done with a speedster DeSean, a dominant red zone tall veteran Plax and then all around potential MAC who can be a #1 #2 or Slot.. the trio could be the best in the whole NFL!

  3. 34 year old. Approaching 3 years since he last played. Rookie year not withstanding, he was headed for career lows in catches and YPC when he last played. Considering the time it took Vick, a yonger and far superior athlete, to get his legs back…. I’m leaning towards no thanks.

  4. @melonnhead

    I guess you didn’t watch a single game that Vick played in last year. He ran but threw one hell of a lot more. Pay attention to a player you plan on bashing to make sure you know what you’re talking about.

  5. As a long time Giants fan I am totally disappointed in my team and it’s direction. Eli needs Plax. His teammates see his worth and impact. Plax already knows the offense.

    But Plaxico isn’t one of Jerry’s pick-ups. And so the most overrated GM in the league prefers his hand-picked group of pygmy WR’s to the best Red Zone threat my team has ever had.

    If the Eagles sign Plax he will become a Giants killer. Well, the way Big Blue is heading EVERY TEAM will soon be a Giants killer.

  6. Well Vick has talked to Burress and they are both from the Hampton part of Virginia. The Eagles are a winning team and are Superbowl Contenders every single year and they already have a dynamic duo is DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin. If my Eagles do sign Burress, we would by far have the best WR’s in the NFL and may even have the best offense in the NFL with the scrambling ability of Vick and the rising LeSean McCoy. Burress would be a huge addition to the Eagles offense and I hope he does sign with the Eagles.

  7. This is what pisses me off about my Eagles – they try to look like they’re “going for it” by signing a guy on the cheap at a position they already are strong at. Then they’ll act like the fans are crazy when they don’t sign Asomugha.

  8. I don’t think Plax will be the “key” FA signing. He’ll help, but we already have strong players at the O skill positions.

    Agreed – we need a strong CB, and an anchor type DT, plus an impact DE to go opposite Cole.

    That’s a lot, isn’t it?

    PS – maybe the Eagles will go after another WR along with Plax and try to create their own “4 Aces”…you know how jealous they get of the Phillies.

  9. Kevin – NA just doesn’t seem like the kind of guy we historically get. Older, in demand, gonna cost a lot. I’m not holding my breath.

  10. I don’t tnink he can sign with the Eagles. Won’t one of the conditions of hid probation be that he can not associate with felons ? aka mike vick

  11. Plax will bring something to the Eagles that they’ll never get otherwise… a Superbowl ring.

  12. He’s three years out of football, and over two of those years were spent in prison. Honestly, how good could he possibly be at this rate? And if you wanted a tall, fast WR, why not just sign Randy Moss?

  13. It all depends on how that personnel “guru” Howie Roseman can persuade that cap” guru” Banner to talk to that gold standard “guru” Lurie…In the meantime, the defense won’t be upgraded because the three “guru’s” have no idea what the hell they are doing…..And lastly that times your’s “guru” will continue to collect a nice paycheck for accomplishing nothing.

  14. Imagine Plax catching a game winner for the Eagles in the super bowl? Me neither. Dream on Philly.

  15. I guess you didn’t watch a single game that Vick played in last year. He ran but threw one hell of a lot more.


    Right… to the first or second read. By the way, Vick had 100 rushes and 372 pass attempts. One run for every 3.72 passes. In 2005 and 2006 he ran once for every 3.4 passes. Not much difference.

  16. You mad, Philadelphia Owned NJ giants fans. looks like it will be 4 straight years and 8 or 9(lost count, it has been so long) games of being property of the PHILADELPHIA EAGLES!!! Now you will see how to take another teams player and beat them upside the head with it. I would hate to see an Eagle go to the other philadelphia owned team and beat the eagles. It’s pretty funny that they thought they could do it with big baby “get ur Phelps on” Andrews. Please cue the shot of Andrews cowering away from the camera after the new miracles at the Philadelphia owned, NJ meadowlands. And then cue the camera shot of shocky looking like a fool when his kicker missed the FG. HAHAHAHA

  17. Plax would be nothing more than a role player for the Eagles. He’s not going to start over Jackson, Maclin or Avant. I can see where he could be of help in the red zone, or if someone gets injured, but we’re not talking about an every down WR with him.

  18. You don’t have to “run” the ball with Maclin, Jackson and Burress at Wide-Out.

    And if they are covered, Vick will “run” the ball himself with all the secondary guys backed up off the line.

    At this rate, McCoy might as well just bulk up and be a blind-side blitz-blocker for Vick.

    Philly could be a very scary team if they ever get a defense that can stop people from scoring at-will in the red zone.

  19. “But Plaxico isn’t one of Jerry’s pick-ups. And so the most overrated GM in the league prefers his hand-picked group of pygmy WR’s to the best Red Zone threat my team has ever had.”

    You have NO idea what you’re talking about. Hakeem Nicks is 6 ft and in his SECOND year had 11 TDs in 13 games and almost topped Plax’s best for TDs (12 in 2007 in 16 games). If Nicks didn’t get hurt, he would have blown Plax’s TD high out. Again, in his second year playing 13 games, Nicks had 1,052 yds. Plax’s best season for yardage with NY was in 2005 and he had 1,214 in 16 games. Rameses Barden is an inch taller than Plax and NINE years younger. He got hurt early but is scheduled to be back for the 2011 season. If really think an almost 34 year old WR that has been out of the game since the middle of the 2008 season is going to be the same he player he was, you’re delusional.

  20. Plaxico is one of my favorite receivers of my childhood… was mike vick at quarterback seeing them two team up wud b dynamic….but just like everything else it will be a lot of hating going on…its sad to see people try to start over, and starting over from prison is hard in its own, but starting over and people giving you pure hell throughout, but you see what get from hating on people. the people that hated on vick almost put him n the superbowl, Cleveland hated Lebron to a NBA FInals so im lookin forward to the season wit Plaxico and Vick

  21. moochzilla says: Jun 3, 2011 8:07 AM

    I don’t think Plax will be the “key” FA signing. He’ll help, but we already have strong players at the O skill positions.

    Agreed – we need a strong CB, and an anchor type DT, plus an impact DE to go opposite Cole.

    You need to have a running game if you want your first Lombardi. Not gonna happen with Reid.

  22. Who cares what Jacobs thinks? This guy has been blabbing off like he is some insider that knows what teams are going to sign former Giant cancers.

  23. @ movieman5:

    We celebrate Super Bowl victories – not regular season wins. But congratulations… I guess.

  24. He might help, but he’s been away and he is on the wrong side of 30.
    There are other needs, and Riley Cooper has the potential to be that red zone tall guy.

  25. @ east96st:

    You nailed it, buddy. By the way, Tiki Barber’s rushing for 1,700 yards and catching 60 balls again. I realize he’s 36, but he’s been out of football for 4 years – his body is only REALLY 31!

    Apparently that new “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie and their search for the Fountain of Youth has some legitimacy to it because these mid-30’s NFL players have 5-15 more years of football left in them. Or maybe it’s just HGH…

  26. Krow- Philly doesn’t care about Super Bowls..Their goal is to obtain as many convicted felons as possible!

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