Burress open to Spagnuolo reunion


Florio mentioned late last night (or early this morning) how Brandon Jacobs is convinced Plaxico Burress is leaving the Giants, with the Eagles the most likely landing spot for him.

The Rams could be another possibility.

“I’ve heard him say that, too, yeah,” Jacobs told Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger. “He said he wouldn’t mind going out there to play for ‘Spags.’”

The Rams make a lot of sense to us despite a deep roster at receiver.  Ralph Vacciano of the New York Daily News writes that the Eagles are “absolutely interested” in Burress, but who knows if they’ll be willing to pay much with an extension for DeSean Jackson looming on the horizon.

Burress may not be in a position to pick and choose where he goes, especially if he wants to be paid like a starter, not a 34-year-old that hasn’t played in the NFL since November of 2008.

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  1. Can someone remind me who’s on the “deep roster” at receiver for the Rams??? I’m not knocking STL, they are really improving but am I wrong in saying they’d have been a shoe-in for the playoffs if it weren’t for the lackluster receiving corps. Draftees do not count either, nobody knows if they’ll even pan out.

  2. Speaking as a Pats fan, the Rams roster is shaping up to be a playoff calibur team despite their difficult 1st half schedule.

    They look like the best team in the NFC West despite what 49er fans think since they don’t currently have a QB.

  3. He might be a decent pick-up for a year or two but I would hate to see one of the young guys with potential to lose a spot on the team to him

  4. No one is gonna risk more that a vet minimum incentive laden contract for a guy who hasn’t stepped on the field in two years. The one thing Plax has going for him is that speed (which he certainly lost with two years of sitting in prison and age) was never his game. The guy will be an IMMEDIATE red zone contributor for a team assuming he didn’t injure those “soft purty hands” in cell block D.

  5. I agree with ampats, yes the rams don’t have a “big name” reciever but have some decent ones and over the last few drafts have made major progress. Bradford obviously but also Saffold, Smith bookend young tackles and a better O-line all around. Chris Long and James Laurinaitis as well as Bradly Fletcher have been great additions on D. We’ll see how this years draft pans out. Still have needs so I can’t wait to see what happens in FA. All in all I think the Rams have made great strides getting back under Billy D. and Spags.

  6. It astonishes me just how much people are blowing this story out of proportion. Let’s put things in perspective here: he’ll be 34 years-old in August, he’s been out of football for almost 3 years, and has been sitting in a jail cell for over 2 years!

    As a Giants fan, I genuinely hope he goes to Philly. I would bet against him actually being a huge factor in the NFL at this point in his life. Burress lost out on tens of millions – what makes everyone think he’s going to sign for cheap? He’ll probably want at least $3-5M/year to make up for all that cash he squandered. In which case, why not just sign a WR like Sims-Walker, Sidney Rice, VJ, Santonio Holmes, Braylon Edwards, Malcolm Floyd, Randy Moss, Mike Williams, etc, etc, etc…? You know, guys who have actually PLAYED football the past few years!

  7. As a Rams fan, I’m tired of the Plax-to-STL talk. (AND the Moss-to-STL.) Again, how does it make sense? Now, Rice-to-STL, sure, take a crack at it, even with a deep roster, Bush-to-STL, might be worth a gamble as a backup for SJ39. But a ‘genius’ like Plax? Not something we need, especially if Coach Spags again wants to maintain that “4 pillars” philosophy…

  8. @ umrguy42 :

    Spags isn’t signing Burress, trust me. Get a young, promising WR like VJ or Rice – not some f— up who spent the last 2 years rotting in a prison cell.

  9. NYJ, AZ, Cincy, Balt, Stl- etc… there are a lot of places who could use a number 2 receiver. I don’t think Plax is going to have his old speed- but he’ll still be able “go get the ball” better than most.

  10. Google “2011 Free Agent WR’s”.

    Seriously, there isn’t going to be much of a demand for a 34-year-old WR who hasn’t caught a pass in 3 seasons…

  11. Poor Plax emerges from being locked in to find himself locked out. Guy will be 43 years old before he gets a chance to resume his career.

  12. Rams currently have like a 382 receivers on roster: Avery, will re-sign Clayton, Amendola, Gibson, Gilyard, Danario Alexander, and Robinson (awaiting the restricted FA rules) plus the two drafted receivers in Salas and Pettis. Pettis and Salas have guaranteed roster spots since they were this year’s 3rd and 4th round draft picks, Amendola’s going no where as he’s one of the best slot receivers in football which already takes up 3 roster sports. If they re-sign Clayton, he’s going to get what, 3-4 mil a season for 3 or 4 years? No way the Rams cut him after only a training camp if that’s the case so he’s a 4th guaranteed spot. Avery coming back from injury was the #1 receiver BEFORE Clayton was even acquired (was only acquired due to the injury to Avery) so there’s no way he doesn’t make the roster which makes 5 receivers already on roster with Gibson, Gilyard, DX, and Robinson battling for the 6th WR spot. No where in that is Plax a good fit, especially when, if injuries can be avoided, I’m pretty sure DX will be the best WR on roster next season and be the lock for the 6th WR spot. If the Rams can enter the regular season without any injuries at WR, they’re going to be set at the position without Plax. Even with one or two injuries, Gibson, Robinson, or Gilyard (if he learned to catch during the off-season), could easily finish filling out the roster. If Gibson doesn’t make the Rams roster, he’ll definitely land on his feet somewhere as the guy has shown flashes of potential when given an opportunity.

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