Colt Brennan signs with Hartford Colonials

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On Friday, the United Football League’s Hartford Colonials announced the signing of former University of Hawaii star quarterback Colt Brennan. Brennan joins a Hartford QB depth chart that includes Josh McCown and UFL No. 1 overall pick Jerrod Johnson, a rookie from Texas A&M.

Last we heard from Brennan, he was being released from a Hawaii hospital after avoiding serious injury in a scary car accident.

Brennan was a sixth-round pick by the Redskins in 2008. He showed some promise in preseason games with Washington, but was waived when the Shanahans acquired John Beck from the Ravens last August. Brennan resurfaced briefly with the Raiders, but was let go at final cuts.

The Colonials are coached by two-time PFT Live guest Jerry Glanville.

12 responses to “Colt Brennan signs with Hartford Colonials

  1. Glad to hear Colt has recovered enough to play ball again. Hope this works out for him.

  2. Go back to the Redskins Colt. I bet Shannahan thinks you will be the Next Tom Brady. He did have John Beck as one of the best quaterbacks comming out of the Draft.

  3. Colt hooked up with the right coach in Jerry Glanville. He should feel right at home in that offense.

    With the current NFL void in effect, the UFL should consider going with an 18-game season ASAP.

  4. A couple days ago we heard that Josh McCown wasn’t doing his youth football camp because of the uncertainty of the lockout. Now he’s playing in the UFL? I want a full investigation into this football camp thing.

  5. what a shame If this0 0kid go0t a chace to play in the NFL he would of been in the top 10qbs in the NFL.
    No team wants to take a chance. It broke his heart when the raiders cut him. He said that playing for the raiders is hids dream and when they cut him he cant play for another team cause he will feel like a traitor..
    Once a raider Always a raider

  6. This is HUGE news! Let me sum it up this way: A QB nobody in the NFL cares about going to a league nobody cares about.

    He is lucky he’s got June Jones and Jerry Glanville babysitting him all the time.

  7. @huejackson

    He was on the Raiders for 15 minutes. He didn’t even have to wash his jockstrap when he was cut because, well, he sucks. And by the way, an NFL washout going on 28 is no “kid”. He’s had chances, unless you count 2 seasons in camp with the Skins, 1 w/the Raiders, and a tryout with the Texans “not getting a chance”. Here’s a newflash, maybe this dude just isn’t NFL caliber, YOU THINK? Top 10 QB, HILARIOUS.

  8. @thetooloftools

    Hey, I know two parts of Colt’s story:

    I bet that Colorado coed he exposed himself to and fondled wishes him “good luck” too, right?

    Or is it only “poor Colt” because he got into a car accident under mysterious circumstances that he and his girlfriend mysteriously “cannot recollect” what happened……yet they managed to paralyze Theresa Wang.

    Yup, he has those stories too.

    Good luck to Colt? I don’t think so.

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