Dan Rooney to stay in Ireland another year


Don’t expect Dan Rooney to swoop in and save the current labor mess in the NFL anytime soon.

Rooney told Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that he will he will probably remain in his job as U.S ambassador to Ireland for another year.

Rooney, the Steelers chairman emertus is currently on a two-week trip back home to Pittsburgh, but plans to return to Dublin in another week.

He says he won’t be involved in the labor dispute.

“Art’s involved,” Dan Rooney said. “He knows what he’s doing.”

18 responses to “Dan Rooney to stay in Ireland another year

  1. How on Earth was he qualified for this gig in the first place?
    Oh yeah, appointed by another completely unqualified guy. Got it.
    Was Willie McGinest given any consideration?

  2. Part of me is mad Mr. Rooney doesn’t want to get involved, and the other part of me says stay away–this is a mess.

  3. First time a Rooney had been back since St. Patrick drove out their ancestors. Dan is going to enjoy the stay.

  4. Dan Rooney come to the Shamrock Bowl – look it up. Cheer for the Belfast Trojans and I’ll cheer for the….. wait never mind, I’d never.

  5. rc33 says:Jun 3, 2011 3:10 PM

    How on Earth was he qualified for this gig in the first place?
    Oh yeah, appointed by another completely unqualified guy. Got it.
    Was Willie McGinest given any consideration?

    How was he qualified you ask? That is simple. All he had to do was openly support Obama. It was either an ambassador gig, or a czar position after that….lol

  6. Dan has tried to helkp Ireland long before he was Ambassador. You haters need to read up and shut up.

  7. With the exception of high profile posts like the UN, China or Russia these posts are ceremonial in nature and have been filled by people with leadership experience…hence Dan Rooney’s selection.

    Had he been head of a show horse organization he could have been head of FEMA…”heck of a job Brownie (GHW Bush)”.

  8. @rc33 and semperfi24 …

    Dan Rooney has been involved in the ongoing peace process in the north of Ireland for more than two decades. He’s also long been involved in promoting economic growth in the Irish Republic. That’s how he qualified for the post.

    Do you know anything about how the State Department works or how ambassadors are usually chosen? He’s actually one of the more qualified at his position and the Irish government welcomed the appointment.

    I’m not sure whether your ignorant posts were attempts to lash out at a president you don’t like, a team you don’t like, or both. But you embarrass yourselves.

  9. If Dan Rooney came home now who then would continue the latest round of peace talks with the Irish?

  10. All that’s fine and dandy, Deb, but fact is Rooney wouldn’t have gotten the gig if he didn’t support Obama. Rooney’s supposed to be a Republican, staunchly pro-life and a devoted Catholic, is he not? Sure seems to me he sold his soul for that gig by supporting Democrat, partial birth abortion supporting, highly religious when cameras are watching OR the preacher is anti-US, Barack Obama. Just saying.

  11. If you really want to cause a panic in Ireland, sneak into a crowded movie theater and scream, “POTATO FAMINE!”

  12. @melonnhead …

    Well, of course he wouldn’t have gotten the post if he hadn’t supported Obama. Ambassadorships are political appointments.

    But you’re talking to the wrong person, melonnhead. I’m a Southern evangelical from an extremely conservative religious faith, which I still follow, teaching Bible class and attending three services a week. And I supported President Obama. Although most of my fellow congregants vote Repbulican, I disagree when they mix politics and religion or focus solely on abortion to the exclusion of other issues. And I don’t feel there is any disconnect between my faith and my vote.

    You are assuming Dan Rooney supported Obama to get that Ambassadorship. I’m quite sure a longtime Republican with Rooney’s resources could have gotten the ambassadorship from the Bush Administration in exchange for well-placed campaign contributions–if that was all he wanted. I know many Republicans who took issue with Bush policies and voted for Obama … just as there were many Democrats who took issue with Carter policies and turned to Reagan. It makes more sense that Rooney simply became close to the Obamas, and the ambassadorship flowed from that relationship.

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