Jaguars G.M. calls out 2008 draft bust Derrick Harvey


Everyone loves a good draft bust, and through three seasons Jaguars defensive end Derrick Harvey has been one. The eighth overall pick in the 2008 draft, Harvey has eight career sacks in 47 games, and lost his starting job to fifth-round rookie Austen Lane last year.

Jaguars G.M. Gene Smith didn’t draft Harvey. (It was Smith’s predecessor, Shack Harris.) So Smith isn’t afraid to admit that Harvey’s been a bust.

“He was a high draft choice and he has had a lot of starts for us,” Smith said of Harvey, per “He’s still young. You hope at some point he’s going to be able to make a move. He did not make that last year during the season. We had some guys earn the opportunity to play over him.”

In the 2008 draft, the Jaguars traded up with the Ravens to select Harvey. Jacksonville gave up the 26th overall pick, two third-rounders, and a future fourth-rounder to move into the top ten. In addition to the valuable picks, the Jaguars committed a five-year, $23.8 million rookie contract to Harvey. 72 percent of that deal was guaranteed.

The Ravens used the picks they got to move back up for franchise quarterback Joe Flacco at No. 18. The Jaguars just now got around to drafting their alleged franchise quarterback, and that move required another trade up.

Harvey is lost in the shuffle on the Jaguars’ depth chart, so it’s fair to wonder if the team might place him on the trade block when the lockout ends. They may be able to salvage a late-round pick for him.

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  1. It’s refreshing to have an actual player analyzed here, almost football news rather than lockout news. Esp gratifying to hear a player called a bust when he performs like one.

  2. Bring him down to Tampa. Let him take up space until Bowers is fully healthy. Worst case he blows and you lose a 6th or 7th rounder. G-d knows we have the cap space.

  3. Why waste a draft pick on someone his own GM calls a bust? Wait until they cut him and then bring him in to kick the tires. Have him Gholston, and Maybin all fight it out for the last roster spot. Make it a reality show….”former bust on his last dollar tries to salvage his career”. Fans get to vote and the player gets to plead his case why he should stay. I’ll watch…Lmao!!!!

  4. A prime example of why there should be a rookie wage scale. I believe that individuals need to be rewarded based upon achievement and production, not some estimate of potential.

  5. Lolls….Flacco should not be used as an example of a Franchise QB. The guy is just good enough to let a talented team do well, but then hold them back when it matters.

  6. Great Moments In Draft Bust History:

    It was random day in April 2008 and the Jags had the wild idea to trade half their draft to move up a few picks to pick up Derrick Harvey. They shipped a 1st, two 3rds, and a 4th rounder out to move up a dozen or so spots to get a guy who will be lucky to even work in the rotation at DE moving forward.

    Jags fans raved about the move at the time… not so much anymore.

    NEVER trade the top half of your draft unless a player is an absolute lock, even then it’s a stretch.

  7. trbowman says: Jun 3, 2011 7:09 PM

    There has been a trade

    Jags send Derrick Harvey to the Colts

    And receive Jerry Hughes in return.

    You can’t call a player a bust after a rookie season in which he sat behind 2 all pro DEs. Dumb comparison.

  8. “You can’t call a player a bust after a rookie season in which he sat behind 2 all pro DEs. Dumb comparison.”

    Considering Hughes own GM threw him under the bus……

  9. Send Harvey to San Francisco. The 49ers know how to deal with busts.

    Keep them for 7 years and tell the fans “this year he won’t suck, we promise!”

  10. @ xli2006

    Couldn’t agree more…..this is the same reason I think that the Broncos really screwed up with Tebow.

  11. This is who the vikings were thinking of drafting. Instead, they traded that pick for Jared Allen. It’s not often the vikings come out on top of these types of things…

  12. @xli2006 and jpmelon

    What if they thought he was a surefire pick? It is possible to be wrong, you know. I’m sure they didn’t go into the trade thinking “I’m not too sure about this guy, but I want to trade my whole draft to get him.”

  13. fallcoon says:
    Jun 3, 2011 9:38 PM
    Why not call yourself out for drafting him.


    Why not call yourself out for not reading past the first paragraph? Smith didn’t draft Harvey…

  14. I’m hoping the Falcons/Browns trade turns out at least as good as the Jags trade.

  15. “You can’t call a player a bust after a rookie season in which he sat behind 2 all pro DEs. Dumb comparison.”

    Considering Hughes own GM threw him under the bus……

    No, he admitted they misjudged Roger Saffold and implied that they would’ve been better off drafting him. The Colts were strong at DE and weak at all OL positions last year. He never said Hughes was a bad player. Hughes didn’t get any opportunities to be a bad player. People just like to jump on players sometimes. They did the same thing with Fili Moala, calling him a bust because he sucked as a rookie.

    Newsflash, most rookies aren’t very good. Because they’re rookies.

  16. @xli2006 and @jpmelon: They traded the 26th overall pick and therefore moved up 1 and 1/2 dozen picks to get him, which, I’m sure in their minds, he was a no-risk prospect who they missed on. As a GM, all you can do is trust your scouts and the people around you and what they’re saying, even the best teams have made draft day blunders because it’s never a no-risk prospect is a complete risk. Rookie wage scale will definitely diminish a bad draft for bad teams, but more than anything, I think it’ll help improve the parody of the league IF (and that’s a big if) they also remove the restricted FA tags. If a team wants a player that bad, franchise him but don’t force a player who’s proven himself for 3-4 years already to be forced to risk injury for one more year and the team to get him for dirt cheap/non-FA value.

  17. Falcons and browns trade is a draw. Probably better for the browns in a rebuilding sense. Let’s face it. Julio Jones and Roddy White catching balls from Matt Ryan is going to be nasty. They are smelling super bowl. And the browns are like hey, we’ll take the extra picks, save money on taking a high pick, draft a ton of youth, play in free agency a bit and coach the he’ll out of them. They can definitely overcome the bengals now. Within 2-3 years, they could challenge the steelers and ravens for the division title.

  18. Sad no I meen funny how Tebow gets brought up all the time. He must have really pissed people off.

  19. The falcons did the same thing, for a player that was their second choice! Maybe throw in all the cards for aj green but Julio? You’ll see that they’ve set them selves back a few years with this draft ..

  20. Nobody thought he was a lock… except the Jags. If I recall the next DE didn’t go off the board until the 20s. The Jags could have had Harvey (or the next best DE) for far less than the better half of their draft.

    The idea of “well the Jags thought he was a lock” so it made sense is not very logical. They could have had a solid 1st Round DE and 3 other valuable picks which they needed and still need, but opted to take a gamble.

    The Jerry Hughes comparison is a giant reach. For starters, the Colts picked him up at the end of the 1st Round (31st) WITHOUT trading 4 valuable picks, secondly does anyone expect him to rival Freeney and Mathis for Playing Time? Jury is still out on Hughes… can’t say the same for Harvey.

  21. txchief says:
    Jun 3, 2011 7:16 PM
    A prime example of why there should be a rookie wage scale. I believe that individuals need to be rewarded based upon achievement and production, not some estimate of potential.

    And then the players would scream anti-trust violation!

  22. I might be wrong, but wasn’t he drafted the same year that Allen got traded to Minny.

    They probably should have considered throwing thier name in the hat for that if they were in need of a DL that bad. I think they wound up giving about the same up for Harvey. They didn’t get so much on the return.

  23. Not to change the subject but watching to top 100 players in 2011. If and when this CBA garbage is over Jags need to get very active in F/A or they won’t have to worry about selling season tickets here We will run that UFL ooops NFL team out of here Gene !!!!!

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