Ronde Barber: New Yorkers love to hate Tiki

Buccaneers cornerback Ronde Barber says he’s confident that his identical twin brother Tiki Barber is going to return to football, have success, and redeem his public image.

But Ronde also says it hurts him that Tiki’s image needs redeeming. And he says it’s particularly tough to see the way New Yorkers have turned on Tiki, who was the only player booed when the Giants honored the best players in franchise history at their new stadium last year.

“That’s the reason I haven’t been to New York as much as I used to,” Ronde told “It is a city that loves to love their stars, but it loves to hate them even more. It is what it is. It is hard to hear about anybody that you love and care about.”

Ronde also criticized the media reaction to Tiki comparing himself to Anne Frank in a Sports Illustrated story.

“The SI article,” Ronde said. “The whole Anne Frank deal and all that BS. It is what it is. It was completely taken out of context but it’s another hit. It was a one-day story but still.”

Ronde says Tiki is in good physical shape and ready to play.

“He looks the part now. He’s working at it, but he’s really got no other direction right now,” Ronde said. “He’s taken a lot of hits -– a lot of negative hits the past three years. The one way you can re-endear yourself to people is to do what you do best. . . . Tiki wants to do something positive with his life so people can stop talking about all the negative stuff.”

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  1. News flash: It’s not just New york that hates Tiki.

    The only reason he’s trying to get back into football is that he tanked in broadcast, and he needs child support money for the kids he abandoned.

  2. I bet if those other ex-Giants acted as stupidly as Tiki has, they’ve gotten booed too.

  3. Not only New Yorkers Ronde.

    Your brother is a self indulgent slime bag who dissed on his coaches, his teammates, wife and family.

    You would have to be a moron to root for him to succeed which he won’t.

  4. Tiki was right to criticize Eli for being a poor leader before the 2007 season. And I’m glad he did – we won a Super Bowl because of it.

    As for the reason people hate him now, he probably shouldn’t have left his pregnant wife for a 21-year-old intern. And now he’s clamouring to make money so he’s not in the poor house, a RB attempting to make an NFL comeback at age 36.

  5. Let’s see..he bashes his former team and left his 9 months pregnent wife for a young intern. What’s not to love Ronde? But then again Ronde is sticking behind “Bust a cap in yo a$$'”Talib so this story is hardly surprising

  6. Yep, probably NOT a good idea to visit NY if you look like Tiki Barber’s twin brother 😉

  7. I hope Tiki comes back somewhere, assuming there is football to play somewhere, and has an awesome season.

    As a Pats fan, of course I hate all things Giant related, but I really hope he can get a shot and do something with it. I thought he was a great broadcaster.

    (Yes I know Belli got his first rings with the Giants, yes I know Tiki was not on the team that ended the Pats perfect season)

  8. Mr. (Ronde) Barber,

    I understand about defending your twin brother or any other family members. But if you truly love him, you have to let him know what he’s doing wrong (unless you for some reason, don’t think he did anything wrong at all).

    Let me ask you this – if you were your brother, would you have done the same thing of leaving Ginny and the kids with 2 more coming within a month for some really young girl? Would you think it is wrong?

  9. I’m so sick of athletes saying dumb things then saying, “It was taken out of context.” I’m sure they’re rarely taken “out of context” that’s just some politician phrase so you don’t have to own up to anything you say that people don’t like.

  10. Ronde just proved that he is a moron also – Tiki was not hated until he began to talk and act like an ungrateful jackass – he has no one to blame but himself

  11. Just as an aside, can we please eliminate “It is what it is” from our language forever? _Everything_ is what it is, including genocide, torture, and pedophilia. The phrase means absolutely nothing except that it mildly echoes armchair Boomer pseudo-Buddhism.

  12. Hey Ronde, as long as he keeps saying stupid things like the Anne Frank thing, and openly cheatin’ on his wife, the whole country will be hatin’ on the Tiki

  13. It is not just New Yorkers and not just because he cheated on his pregnant wife.

    How about the fact is a conceited jag.

    His ESPN article a few years ago, showed his true colors. In this he spoke about how is smarter than the other NFL players. He said he didnt want to end up speaking at community colleges, he spoke about how his life was more than sports.

    Add in the fact that he was horrible on TV, what is there to like.

  14. I really use to think the Barber twins were intelligent, articulate and claasy guys.

    Wow. How wrong was I?

    Tiki: enough said.

    Ronde: Support Talib-Support Tiki.

  15. Ronde, never, ever say “it is what it is” more than once in any given interview. And remember, this sort of comment also depends on what the definition of is is.

  16. Your brother acts/talks like a jackass so of course he lost the respcect of fans. It’s too bad cause he was a very good player. But I think Herschel Walker has a better chance of returning to football than Tiki.

  17. Are we sure this was really Ronde and not just Me-ki dressed in a Bucs jersey?

    Ronde must just be upset the Me-ki-less Giants stomped the Bucs on the road in the first step to Super Bowl 42. Cry me a river, buddy.

  18. C’mon Ronde, I’m all for brotherly love but he brought this on himself.

  19. Ronde said “Tiki wants to do something positive with his life so people can stop talking about all the negative stuff.”

    Tiki trashes the coach, and the young QB, and leaves his wife and kids. Then the moron compares himself hiding in an attic from the media to Anne Frank hiding from the Nazi’s… Nope I doubt there will be much positive to say other than he left and the Giants won….

    Eagles should try to sign him. Maybe history will repeat itself (he leaves Eagles win). naaahhh doubt it. I am kidding Eagles fan’s… :o)

  20. After what Tiki’s done & said, of course New Yorkers hate him! As well as Bostonians, Tampa Bayans, Oaklanders, San Fransicans, Chicagoans, Miamians, Clevelanders, San Diegoans, Green Bayers, Denverins, Seattlers, Washingtoans, Philly cheesesteakers, the Bay City Rollers, the cast of “Glee”, the other dude from “Bosom Buddies”, etc…

  21. Y’all got it all wrong. Tiki is just smarter than everyone else.

    Example: He was able to call his co-anchor the c word…twice…on TV….without anyone actually realizing that he called her that.

    He also uses big words, which proves he’s smart.

  22. Tiki was once respected by me and many others, until he turned on his QB, Coach & team. As we know, he then turned his back on his wife and family…see a trend?

    Rhonde, just shut up and play. We don’t need to hear another player making stupid comments.

  23. tiki should do what al sharpton told @repweiner to do.

    shut up.

    it was proved in the 50s that the pen used to write that girl’s diary didnt exist till the 50s.

  24. him bad mouthing Eli, cheting on and leaving his pregnant wife, making stupid comments about Anne Franke, and calling a female reporter a c#nt on the air are the reasons he’s disliked. he cant change that.

  25. Atiim Kiambu and Jamael Oronde’s father was gone before they were born…..

    Tiki’s has made it his job to diss and criticize anyone and everyone ! That was obvious 5 years ago.

    Hard to forget what kind of player he was the G-Men…. built himself from the ground up into an NFL great. Was tight with Wellington Mara and put up 200 + in that 36-0 game in his honor. awesome

  26. “Redeem his public image?”… you mean the fake lying deceitful portrayal of himself as a family & team person, with upstanding character that he put out there during his playing days, when he was ,in fact, an ego driven sociopathic scumbag? Best of luck on that Teek judging from the comments on here.

  27. I think its time to change the name of “The Turd Watch” to “The Tiki Watch”

  28. His ex wife from New York? You know, the one he cheated on while she was preganat with their child?

    Sorry Ronde, I dont like scumbags.

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