Seahawks planning uniform changes in 2012


When we posted on Thursday that the Bills will be unveiling new uniforms on June 24, some of you opined that the Bills currently have the ugliest uniforms in the NFL.  And that’s conclusive proof the East Coast Bias applies even to bad stuff.

The Seahawks currently have the ugliest uniforms, with that unappealing shade of blue permeating the entire outfit and just enough radioactive lime green to induce full-blown nausea.  Throw in the rarely-used (and we’re thankful for that) radioactive lime green jersey, and the Seahawks are finally at the top of a league-wide list.

But there’s hope, Seahawks fans.  Team president Peter McLoughlin recently told our buddy Dave “Softy” Mahler of KJR (via that changes are coming in 2012, when Nike takes over the apparel contract from Reebok.

“There will be no changes for ’11, for the upcoming season,” McLoughlin said.  “2011 is the final year for the Reebok deal with the NFL, and starting in 2012 we’re going to be going with a Nike jersey and a Nike design.  So we’ve actually met with Nike, and I think we were the first NFL team to meet with them, and we had a fascinating session with them.  Pete Carroll was in the room, John Schneider, all kinds of people, and we’re looking at all kinds of new designs, and new kinds of jerseys, and we’re talking about a throwback for sure.  So there’s a lot of creative stuff in the works right now.”

The bird-profile, wrap-around logo will remain in place, which has been a fixture on the team’s uniforms for its 35 years of existence.

Now, if the Seahawks can make similarly existing changes to the stuff inside the uniforms, they may finally get a chance to exorcise the black-and-gold demons of Super Bowl XL.

29 responses to “Seahawks planning uniform changes in 2012

  1. “Now, if the Seahawks can make similarly existing changes to the stuff inside the uniforms, they may finally get a chance to exorcise the black-and-gold demons of Super Bowl XL.”


    Whoa! Shots fired!

  2. Ugh. Always such a nightmare for designers when they invite so many people to these kind of meetings. Like what is Pete Carroll going to have to say about the uniform? “Uh, look. I don’t really care about this stuff but my wife is always bugging me about it. If I get her on the phone can you talk to her for forty minutes about what shade of blue feels the most “Pacific Northwest” to her?”

    Yes. Yes I can.

  3. Marketing BS….Now i’m not a fan of either team, but look at the Packers and the Steelers, they have had the same uniforms for decades, why you say? Cause they have winning teams in those uniforms. Have a winning franchise, and by winning, i mean winning a title, and the fans don’t care about the uniforms….Just a revenue stream, simple as that, as if they don’t make enough money. And for the record, I’m an Eagles fan, and i will forever miss the Kelly Green……

  4. I thought their demons from that super bowl wore black and white…………..

  5. Great, let Nike turn you into Oregon. Worked out so well for them. The Nike deal will be the worst thing happen to NFL unis in a very long time. The smart teams will ignore Nike. But then, it IS Seattle we’re talking about.

  6. I like the uniforms.

    There are teams with uglier uniforms, like…

    The Browns (just eww)
    The Bengals
    The Panthers
    The Colts
    The Vikings (Vikings and purple? Come on man!!)
    The Jaguars
    The Falcons

  7. I am not a Seahawks fan, but I love their uniforms, especially that lime green trim, it really pops against that blue.

    Disclaimer: I’m a Browns fan – and while the orange and brown unis are steeped in tradition, they probably aren’t appealing outside of our fanbase. Our uniform debates center on whether they should wear pants other than white (I love the orange pants from the Sipe era, but Mangini’s brown pants looked disturbingly nude without a stripe).

  8. Fail. LOL! Not only did the writer make himself look like a complete idiot for saying that they have the worst uniforms, but he doesn’t even know what team they played in the SB. Black & Gold? The Saints made it to the SB that year? Nice. Actually it was the refs who they have some beef with, so if you had said black & white it would have been more accurate. I can tell you’re just hating on them though……keep hating. 🙂

  9. Will Seattle have 10 variations of their uniforms, being that they are so close to Oregon? It’s hard to imagine that their uniforms could get uglier, but this is Nike we are talking about. Don’t forget they will probably charge more for uniforms that 100x worse looking than the ones thy currently have. Both reebok and Nike options are horrible.

  10. actually like the cobalt blue on the Seahawks unis, but never got the lime green crap…looks like something out of a late-80’s Poison video

    don’t like the mono-chrome blue jersey/blue pants Blue Man Group look either…keeping the dark blue but adding a more palatable shade of green would be welcome…

  11. “luckynumberlucas says: Jun 3, 2011 9:21 AM

    I like the uniforms.

    There are teams with uglier uniforms, like…

    The Browns (just eww)
    The Bengals
    The Panthers
    The Colts
    The Vikings (Vikings and purple? Come on man!!)
    The Jaguars
    The Falcons”

    1. I like the Browns uni’s
    2. Bungles look ridiculous.
    3. Panthers have too much crap all over.
    4. Colts = classic
    5. Vikings should stick with the throwback
    6. Jags…agreed
    7. Falcons…see “Vikings”

  12. The seahawks have the nicest color blue in the whole league, the added green just makes the uniforms pop. Come on “black and yellow” that daffodil yellow is just unsightly. I’d take the green over yellow any day.

  13. Am I the only person who likes the Seahawks colors? The green jersey… it’s very bright, I admit, but it reminds me of the ’70s Broncos and the orange jerseys- not everyone was happy about it, but it sure was distinctive.

    Let’s be honest, in a league where blue, black, and red are overused, something different is nice sometimes. That was maybe a little TOO different, but I don’t get why people dog on it as much as they do.

    Besides, it’s better than the alternate jersey the NHL’s St. Louis Blues tried to yank out in the mid-90s. Try Googling that monstrosity sometime if you want toe-curling ugly.

  14. Seahawks have the ugliest uniforms?…Thats the stupidest opinion that I’ve heard from this site to date. period. I dont much like that green alt. uniform…but when it comes to ugly unis, the seahawks are not in the convo. Not by a stretch…

  15. Hey, normally I come around to kick the ass of David Michael Vice-Versa Smith’s ass for being a pissant authoritarian kissass suck writer…sometimes gotta go whack-a-mole on his toddling Hitler youth followers.

    BUT, this is kind of interesting…As other commenters have mentioned, Nike, anymore, has a way of, uh, overdoing things…The worst thing they did to U of O is the “O” design. That is complete crap (and already quite played out.)

    While we’re talking fashion biz, here’s some questions for the dudes who, presumably, get paid to ‘ass-ertain’ such things.

    Maybe, Deb, you got time for this?

    Wonder what got Nike interested in the NFL again?

    Did Reebok (Salomon/Adidas?) not want to continue?

    What contractual power will teams have in design decisions?

    Can we be done with ALL the ‘new’ batch of the last round of redesigns…you know, all that windswept “cyber” futuristic Broncos, Patriots, Panthers, blah, blah? That stuff all sucks. Oh, and which came first–that unimaginative puke, or the latest cop car paint package? It’s just weird seeing the Pork looking like a Reebok Jaguar away game. Know what I mean?

  16. I liked the originals with the silver helmet and dark blue jerseys. Find a picture of Jim Zorn throwing it make ’em look like that.

  17. Seahawks “not in the convo” for ugly unis? Please. They even provided a picture for you homers out there. Fugly, fugly, fugly. You can go into Madden and design a better custom jersey than that in minutes. Bills, Fins, Chargers (powder blue? really?), possibly Texans…’Hawks are not in that conversation? Dream on. I will also mention the Lions, who seem to dink with their jerseys a lot. Change the details all you want, that electric blue still makes my eyes bleed.

  18. Unappealing shade of blue? Ugliest unis? Someone woke up cranky…

    The best thing to come out of those one-and-done lime green jerseys from the Mora “era”, are the blue pants with that lime green stripe, which have replaced the old blue pants.

    Shame the league didn’t let Seattle have two helmets like the original plan with the redesign in 2002…the current one for blue jerseys plus the silver helmet for the white jerseys…maybe this time around.

    Looking forward to the throwback, be it in alternate form or integrated into the main set. Plus bring back the silver pants option that Largent, Krieg and Kennedy wore with pride…but let Nike use their wacky experimental stuff strictly in Eugene.

  19. The incomplete helmet stripe is one “innovation” that I’d like to see deep-sixed.

  20. Their “away” uniforms don’t look bad. Their home uniforms… yeah, those are pretty bad. I think the real “twelfth man” in Seattle is that opposing teams just get hypnotized by those deadly dull duds.

  21. “Now, if the Seahawks can make similarly existing changes to the stuff inside the uniforms, they may finally get a chance to exorcise the black-and-gold demons of Super Bowl XL.”

    Actually, the demons the Seahawks faced in that Super Bowl were of the black-and-white stripes variety.

    Also, the Bengals, Jaguars, Broncos and Ravens all have uglier uniforms than the Seahawks. East Coast Bias at its finest.

  22. Old post I know, but I came across it and just had to respond. Such things are a mtter of opinion. But looking at the thumbs up vs thumbs down on the comments, I can only assume the author of this post is in the minority. Personally, I think the Seahawks hands down have the coolest unis in the league. Don’t change a thing. I don’t say this because I am a hawks fan. The fan in me is concerned about far more pressing issues, like who our qb will be going forward. The original unis were a bit before my time, but looking at them now, I can safely say that they were pretty ugly and boring. I’d still sport a jersey though if thats what they wore these days because, hey, its the Hawks!

  23. Return to the original Seahawks uniforms. The ones worn now look like the leftovers from an enema.

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