Tim Tebow holds his own with Jon Stewart

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Tim Tebow currently is peddling his autobiography, and his tour included a stop tonight on perhaps the funniest show on television, The Daily Show.  Jon Stewart fired a few good-natured zingers at Tebow, who didn’t flinch — and who mustered at least one humorous response.

For example, Stewart asked Tebow how old he is.

“Twenty-three,” Tebow said.

“A lot of people might say you want to wait until you’re 24 to write an autobiography,” Stewart said.

Tebow then talked about his parents’ background as missionaries, and his support of an orphanage in the Phillipines.

“Wow.  You seem like a real asshole,” Stewart said.

Replied Tebow without hesitation, “I mean, but that’s how I try to come across.”

When Stewart raised the topic of the struggles of “Ohio State University,” Tebow was quick to correct him.  “The Ohio State University,” Tebow said.

It was a pretty good segment; if you missed the show, check Hulu.com.  Tebow also is scheduled to be on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Friday morning.

39 responses to “Tim Tebow holds his own with Jon Stewart

  1. Im happy for Tebow and wish him the best. PS- The Ohio State University are cheaters…

  2. The Daily Show is the funniest show on television?


    It’s not even the funniest show on Comedy Central. Colbert Report is better. I think Seinfeld was (and still is considering the re-runs) the funniest show on TV.

    Why are you trying to blow smoke up Jon Stewarts @$$? You trying to get him to come on PFT Live or something?

  3. As a Broncos fan I am rooting for his success, and i would still be rooting for him if he would have been traded. He’s a great kid.

  4. Love it, kid! Keep letting the haters hate and you keep being you. The only reason they hate in the first place is because they are miserable bastards and can’t stand a decent and wholesome human being. That makes them feel so empty.

  5. What a great role model for kids these days. I think I am developing a man crush for this guy. God and baby Jesus Love you Tim!

  6. “Tim Tebow holds his own”

    I don’t know what the Hell that’s supposed to mean.

    It almost sounds like TT wasn’t expected
    to be able to sit in a chair and answer questions.
    Is this like when Bush “did well” in the 2000
    debates because Gore merely BEAT him in each,
    but he didn’t–as expected–destroy Bush or make W wet himself?

    Yes Stewart’s funny, but Tebow’s issue is supposed to be his odd THROWING MOTION, not his ability to get through a few minutes of chat without looking like a dope.

  7. charger fan here, but tim beow does a great interview, and is such a great person

    denver fans should be proud to have him, so much better of a person than jay cutler

  8. I want to hate this kid but just can’t find a good reason to. As a fan of a division rival he makes me more concerned than Phillip Rivers and Matt Cassell combined.

  9. As a raider fan I naturally hate Denver, but I can’t help but to wish good things for this kid. He’s honest, humble and above all his work ethic seems to be one that is set to sticking it to everyone who said he couldn’t and can’t make it. I’ll pull for the kid as long as he loses to Oakland…lol

  10. This is the closing thing to football I’ve seen on TV, and that’s so sad.

  11. Tebow’s overt religiosity is off putting but that’s mostly because the hatred, greed and ignorance based “christianity” that perverts american political discourse.

    To his credit he doesn’t seem like the type to cherry pick the old testament looking for excuses to deny the new.

    Nice kid and great college QB.

    I hope he does well in the NFL but I number among those who doubt his game will translate easily to the NFL.

  12. @CARSON9- EVERY major college /university does this, The Ohio State just got caught. Im thinking maybe college ratings arent where they need to be, therefore, a little controversy should do the trick. See major league baseball and the steroids scandals! Its a proven way to attract attention

  13. There are too few good hearted guys in the league. Kudos to Tebow! Now go own O’Reilly again Jon, that was entertainment!

  14. He still has to show he can win NFL games.

    Then he’ll have something to write about!

    And The Daily Show IS the funniest show on television.

    Notwithstanding JP Melon’s contrary certainty.

  15. Tebow,Tebow,Tebow Iam a Broncos fan and want nothing but the best for my team I hope he will be as great on the field as he is off the field go Broncos.

  16. All Tebow does is win football games. The most important trait of an effective QB is being a leader – there may not be a better leader in the league than Tebow.

    Watch and learn.

  17. “Well, here comes 75 comments of conservative rage.”

    so far, not much…
    Usually a situation involving a 1st round qb, a comedy central show with a liberal guy would result in a bunch of
    “Where’s the birth certificate!?!??!” kind of comments.

  18. I like to rib the young man, but he’s a good person who I wouldn’t count out to develop into a high level NFL quarterback. Good luck to him.

  19. That picture of Stewart makes him look like Harry from ‘Harry And The Hendersons’ without…well, the hair.

  20. piratefreedom says: Jun 3, 2011 6:07 AM

    Tebow’s overt religiosity is off putting but that’s mostly because the hatred, greed and ignorance based “christianity” that perverts american political discourse.

    Since the majority of American citizens identify themselves as Christian, it isn’t that off putting.

  21. He’s a good kid. To all the TT haters out there – you really ought to be wishing you could be as good a human being as he is, rather than slamming him for one reason or another.

  22. I’m on the side of the Report.

    Cobert is just so much more talented than Stewart, who, may have a little bit more journalistic integrity than the aforementioned parody of Bill O’Reilly.

    Still, I smirk from time to time watching the Daily Show, mostly due to their coorespondents, who used to include SC in their ranks, not to mention many many other talented comedians.

    Meanwhile, the Report has me crying whenever I watch it.

    …but then again, so does O’Reilly, unintentionally.

  23. Stewart was pretty much kissing his butt. Tebow could pop him like a ripe zit.

    Given everything that has happened with guys like Bush, Pryor, and all of the Gators that got arrested, people should be thankful for a guy like Tim who is exactly what was good about college football.

    I hope that he develops into a great QB.

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