Tom Brady is “relatively confident” labor deal will be reached


Patriots quarterback Tom Brady applied his name to the antitrust lawsuit that landed in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, and then he went out for a ride and he never went back.  (I can’t recall ever making a Springsteen reference, and that’s now two in one day.)

But Brady apparently is keeping a close eye on the litigation that bears his name.  And he said during halftime of a charity touch football game on Friday night that he’s “relatively confident” a deal will be reached, according to Tom Curran of

“There’s been a lot of positive news from both sides,” Brady said.  “Everyone’s working hard for a great outcome and I’m confident that a lot of reasonable people will come to a very reasonable agreement.”

As Curran points out, Brady didn’t elaborate on the “positive news from both sides.”  The fact that he’s the lead plaintiff suggests that he possibly has been given an update.

Brady also explained that the players remain unified. “The players, we all stick together,” Brady said.  “We realize how important we all are to each other.  A lot of guys really care about the game and the guys that have been around for a while understand what it takes for us to grow the league, to be part of the business of the NFL and to be great representatives for the NFL and to leave the NFL in better shape than when we came into it.  I think that’s the responsibility of all players, young or old.”

It all sounds good, but if/when Brady thinks he may lose a shot his fourth championship in 2011, there’s a good chance he’ll be privately saying something much different than that.  Brady doesn’t need the money but, as he repeatedly has said, his favorite Super Bowl victory is the next one.

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  1. He lost his shot at the 4th one when the NFL closed down their videotaping operation.

  2. Mr. Bundchen can easily afford to miss 2011. I’m sure he’s not too worried about how his lawsuit will work out. Brees and Manning are in similar situations. They’ve got millions in the bank.

    I wonder if the players working for the league minimum or the 400ish free agents are as nonchalant as Tom.

  3. Positive news from the owners side. They’ve made the offers. They’ve made the concessions. They want to get back to the table.

    Ball is in the players court

  4. Yeah right. If you’re willing to bet money on that, “I’ll meet to tonight in AtLAAANNNtic City”.

  5. “Like a river that don’t know where it’s flowing,
    I took a wrong turn and I just kept going.”

    That does sound like the progress of the labor negotiations so far, doesn’t it? Springteen references are always welcome, Mike.

  6. “I’m confident that a lot of reasonable people will come to a very reasonable agreement”

    I guess he hasn’t following the case. Of course he could sit out ten years and not care. With that wife he is probably hoping for that.

  7. Tom is looking out for all the little guys. If there is no season this year, he plans to open up his new compound to house all of the players who are without a job. We all know that De and Jeff Kessler are going to cornhole the owners and get the fields open for practice next week!

  8. United they stand. The owners better keep the concessions coming or there will be no season. That’s what I got out the whole article. Good job Tom Brady! Keep following DeMaurice Smith and you will have your greatest victory yet.

  9. “he said during halftime of a charity touch football game on Friday night that he’s “relatively confident” a deal will be reached, ”
    Then he added, “I doubt if it will be in time for this season, in fact, it may not be done until all current players have retired. That is a sacrifice the current players are anticipating and completely supportive of for the good of the game and the players who have yet to enter into the league. Besides, the lawsuit I have filed stands to gain me as much as $2B at its conclusion, which will allow me to be worth more than my wife.”

  10. First off, a veteran team with an intact coaching staff like the Patriots benefit from a lockout. Their players are professionals with leaders who will keep themselves in shape during the offseason, and they know the playbook. It’s the upstarts, the teams that are trying to go from 8-8 to 12-4, and relying on rookies to do it, that are hurt by the lost offseason. So, this mess hurts the Dolphins – who might have been able to land a starting QB in free agency or a trade – and Chiefs (young team who will have a new offensive coordinator) and Jets (again, young team who needs to resolve their WR situation) but helps the Steelers, Colts and Patriots. Look, the Green Bay Packers have come as close to they possibly can to admitting that the lockout helps them, because all their starters know the system, and they aren’t expecting much impact from their rookie class (though it would greatly help their cause if they can get their 1st round pick, that RT Sherrod, on the field this year).

    Second, the idea that Brady would blame the NFLPA for this mess, and not his owner’s decision to A) break the CBA on unverified claims that he is losing money and B) choose to negotiate an illegal lockout fund with the TV networks over negotiating a new CBA is ridiculous. Brady knows that his owner is making a ton of money under the current deal, and that his owner could have negotiated a new deal way back in 2009 right after they decided to opt out of the first one. Brady knows that his owner chose playing the hardball/leverage game over getting a deal done. Brady is in the best position to know that the owners chose breaking the union over making a deal. Brady also knows that whatever the merits of his owner, if it weren’t for his Hall of Fame brilliance as a player, his owner would still be seeking the first Super Bowl in franchise history. Peyton Manning knows that the Colts would still be a laughingstock instead of a contender and top ratings/attendance/merchandising performer as it has been during his entire tenure, and Drew Brees knows that the Saints would still be seeking their first ever playoff victory – and would almost certainly be in Los Angeles right now! – had San Diego not foolishly let him go. Those guys know that they are worth every penny of what they are getting from their franchises, and that you can’t just stick Matt Leinart, Joey Harrington or Kyle Boller under center for those teams and still generate the same revenue.

  11. Some advice for Tom:

    “You better learn to move fast when you’re young or you’re not long around…”


    “There are things that’ll knock you down you don’t even see coming.”

    (Obscure Bruce references!)

  12. tom brady is a gigantic douch-bag. this is AMERICA, so i can say DOUCH-BAG as much as I want on the internets. I can say BOOGER too!

  13. Brady, Manning, Brees, etc all make MORE than what they are worth. Tons more. Every NFL player does. It’s made to sound like they have to take a pay cut with a new deal. Hardly… Except for Brady who signs contracts for less than other QB’s, which is hypocritical to say the least.

    You mention a few good franchises but in the NFL there is 32. It’s also a team sport. What if their legal action backfires and they destroy the league as we know it where there is no salary cap or draft, and owners like Jerruh buy championships instead of earn them? What if the new deal gets Brady and Manning more and average players less? How is that good for all the players?

    At least a new deal may mean players like Jamarcus Russell don’t walk away with 40 Million for doing absolutely nothing. The consumers are the real losers here, as usual. You know, the guy who can’t afford season tickets anymore.

  14. Poor men wanna be rich. Rich men wanna be king and king ain’t satisfied till he rules everything.

  15. Brady sure does not need the money.

    But us fans could certainly use a little something to get excited about. I hope the “good news” he refers to is some indication that things will be resolved soon. I am a loyal fan, but I am starting to get really tired of this crap and I don’t have a lot of other options to show my frustration than turning my back for some extended period of time. Don’t make me do it guys.

    And, by the way, no one believes the Tom and Antonio Cromartie are unified and on the same page. It just isn’t possible that all players stand stand together.

  16. Yep. They all care about each other until a Steeler gives someone an illegal head shot.

  17. Looking at the stupid comments above is a great reason why the Patriot players close their practice and make minimum comments to the media.

    As a result of his charitable event, he commented to the media with nothing but comments we all want to hear, the end of the lockout.

    Unlike some QB who plays for a team in the bayou who make one dumb comment after another.

  18. With Mrs Bundchen about to become the first supermodel billionaire, Mr Bundchen better just worry about getting the trash out instead of getting involved with these petty lawsuits.

  19. I’m relativly confident Brady is praying for such a thing. The players who will suffer the most if the season is scrapped is players on the wrong side of 30 such as Brady, manning and Brees. Time is not on their side, so loosing a whole year would be bad.

  20. and I’m more than “relatively confident” that Tom Brady is batting from the other side of the plate, if you catch my drift. That sham marriage isn’t fooling anyone outside of Boston.

  21. The longer this goes on the more I come to the realization…….Who really needs the NFL?

    Not me. There are literally hundreds of other ways to entertain myself.

  22. Lots of talk about nothing. This has become a boring game of chicken and at this point I don’t give a hoot who gets the better deal.

  23. @bvcc

    I disagree. Tom Brady transformed the Patriots franchise, they’re one of the biggest names in football because of him. Heck, nobody remembers (not even their fans!) the decades of mediocrity and failure that franchise went through because of him. They’re paying him faaaaar less than what he’s worth to the franchise.

    If you said they’re being paid more than they deserve I’d be inclined to agree with you.

  24. @ david7590

    Based on your comment, I assume you’re interested in Tom…if you “catch my drift”.


  25. Deb says: Jun 4, 2011 12:07 PM


    Dang….this can’t be good….I’m starting to like this lady(both Bruces are favs…my wife thinks I’m mental because I have over 300 Springsteen shows dating back to 1966 on CD…she just may be right)

  26. @vahawker …

    No reason to dislike one another because we disagree on football or politics. I’m a Tide girl in Gator country and my politics have always been opposite most people around me. That’s how I learned to take up for myself 🙂

    Love the Boss. Nothing crazy about having 300 of his live shows. I’ve so far collected 40 different versions of one song written in the 1930s. We all have our strange little obsessions 🙂

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