Latest reason to end the lockout? CJ2K releases a rap song


Plenty of players are getting through the lockout in plenty of different ways.  Titans running back Chris Johnson released via Twitter on Friday his first rap song, perhaps in honor of the retirement of the largest rapper in the history of rapping.

Johnson’s song is called Act on Deck, and I’m not too proud to admit that I’m too old to have any idea what that means.  Here’s a version of it that at the two-minute mark abruptly fades out, which is my favorite part of the song.

In other words, though I’m no music critic, I’ve got a feeling CJ2K shouldn’t quit — or get locked out of — his day job.

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  1. “Johnson’s song is called ‘Act on Deck’, and I’m not too proud to admit that I’m too old to have any idea what that means.”

    (Possible explanation from the Web): “Reports claimed that prostitutes were flown in to perform sex acts during the Minnesota Vikings boat party. An anonymous former player added that the 2005 incident was not the first time that something like this happened during a Vikings party.”

    No? My bad.

  2. Actually, the song started off with promise. I was impressed with the rhythm and beat and the intro-rapper-he’s Lil Jon-esque, but then the decent song is interrupted by some guy that sounds like he’s teeth are too big for his mouth and his jaw is wired shut. I assume that guy is Johnson… which makes me wonder if he actually heard this before he released it… because he IS TERRIBLE! He sounds like a complete moron.

    It’s surprising he doesn’t start every line off with, “Duuuuuhhhhh,” or “Uhhhhhhhhhh,” because those are the only two words that could come out of his mouth that would seem natural for him.

  3. Talking yourself up over and over again is a sign of insecurity. If you were truly confident, you wouldn’t need to talk about yourself. Chris Johnson will not be a long-term player. I give him maybe three more years, and he will be gone. Write it down.

  4. I got some back fat… I got some back fat… Who’s this stupid a-hole callin’ on my phone!

    I dunno, it had a nice beat and it was easy to dance to… Can’t understand the hate at all?

  5. I saw the comments and thought maybe the people commenting just think all rap music sucks. That may still be true but I like hip-hop and it really is THAT bad.

  6. The song is bad but so what? He wasn’t ever going to give up football to make music. He went out and tried something and failed. Better than just sitting around and wondering.

    Bad song is still better than a DUI or being picked up doing something illegal because you have nothing better to do. The song is boarder line criminal however 🙂

  7. “Act on deck!” is what the promoters start screaming at Chris three lines into his song. To get him off stage.

  8. i already couldn’t understand what this guy was saying in the first place. this should be interesting.

  9. Oh my!!! That was awful!!! That’s one and a half minutes (I couldn’t finish) that I can never have back. Now I will admit, I don’t like Hip-Hop at all (Except for really talented groups like the Roots) but that wasn’t Hip-Hop, it was a train wreck.

    I’m thinking, years ago when “music” hit a low and stuff that was Bieber-esque, etc started coming out, and then acid-wash jeans got big, just like now, Grunge came out to save music…..Please hurry!!!

  10. This guy better work on something because he’s going to hit a wall before he’s even 29 at this pace.

    It’s like Act a Fool and Shots on Deck rolled into one track, only way more Fly. I’m just going to assume that rather than actually listen to it.

  11. And this is what is trying to force the league to consider as a partner?


    yea right.

    another NFL player making an a$$ out of himself and showing that it’s still possible to take the kid out of the ghetto but you cant take the ghetto out of the kid

  12. This crap makes me throw up. It drags societal standards right down into the gutter. If I want to ‘aspire’ to this level, I’ll just make a trip to the local ghetto and buy some crack.

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