Lawrence Vickers: Browns don’t understand what I can do

Lawrence Vickers played in all 16 games for the Browns last year, starting four. But with his contract up at the end of the 2010 season, and with the Browns’ decision to draft fullback Owen Marecic this year, Vickers figures the Browns are ready to move on without him.

And he says that shows that the Browns simply don’t understand what he can do.

I am a West Coast fullback,” Vickers told the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “That’s what they don’t understand.”

Vickers thinks he should be an even better fit with the new coaching staff than he was with former coach Eric Mangini’s staff, but he doesn’t think the Browns realize what he can do.

“I was on a team where they don’t even use a fullback,” Vickers said. “Mangini’s era wasn’t really a fullback era. I played just on [the belief that] ‘this person has to be on the field.’ Everything I got wasn’t given. I took it. Our offense was based on New England’s. They don’t even have a fullback.”

Vickers thinks he proved his versatility by doing whatever was asked of him, even though he didn’t think the Browns’ offense was well suited to his skills.

“Anybody that watches football knows,” Vickers said. “The last two years, I haven’t caught the ball. I wasn’t a part of the offense. So I made a way for me to be on the field. That’s what a football player does. Anybody that can make his presence on the field without the ball is a helluva guy.”

And Vickers thinks the Browns are going to regret it if he ever plays against him.

“I think people are getting away from the stud fullbacks because there aren’t too many left in the league. But if you have one, you keep him,” Vickers said. “I just hope I don’t have to come to Cleveland in a different uniform because it’s gonna be bad.”

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  1. Come to Cincinnati and that way you can kick their arse twice a year. Plus we need a fullback with west coast experience. That is our new system under Jay Gruden.

  2. The chiefs will gladly take him- we need a real fullback, he and carthon have a connection and Todd Haley loves guys like vickers- the only thing that would worry me is carthon trying to get him carries like he did in Cleveland- let him clear out space for our top five back Charles, catch an occasional out of the backfield .. Nothing more

  3. Vickers at least deserves some credit for being smart enough to come across as confident rather than arrogant.

    I’d be interested in seeing what he could do in the right system.

  4. The lost art of fullbacking.

    They can help out a ton in the run game, but teams seem to be leaning more towards the 2 TE sets that allow them to run and pass out of them and not tip thier hand.

    A good FB can go along way in helping you in the offense for blocking, or if you got Petyon Hillis, I guess just handing him the rock and let him try to destroy anything that gets in his way might work.

  5. Vikers is awesome and I’d hate to see the kid go, he’s a heck of a football player.

    if he does leave cleveland i will continue following his career and hope he does well.

  6. Didn’t Braylon Edwards say the same thing about playing against Cleveland and then almost get his A$$ knocked out? Thats too bad though, I like Vickers

  7. Cleveland fans will be happy that they have players who are loyal to them but fact is, Cleveland won’t be using a fullback under the WCO either so unless he becomes a pass catching halfback he has no role on that team. Owen Merecic isn’t guaranteed a spot on the team either looking at the roster they currently have. From what I’ve seen of Vickers the guy could probably make a name for himself somewhere else. Too many good players fall victim to player hoarding. He could be some other teams Payton Hillis.

  8. WOW!!! Love the attitude!!! If we can’t re-sign McClain, I would love to see this guy come Play Like A Raven!!!

  9. Lawrence Vickers is a total classy player. Cleveland loves this guy’s work ethic and his professional lunch pail type dude. He will plow down anyone who gets in his way. We love ya in Cleveland Lawrence Vickers…. maybe he’ll still be back.

  10. Yeah, Browns fan here and scanning through the comments so far I think it’s easy to see how Cleveland fans feel about him. He’s one of the best fullbacks in the league and we’re letting him walk for… who knows why. He’s a great lead blocker, he does well in pass protection, and he’s caught a few swing passes on the goal line for TDs in his career.

    I’m really sad to see him go. I was pretty upset when they drafted Marecic… Not because I think he’ll be a bad player, but because it definitely wasn’t an area of need. The only advantage he brings over Vickers is on special teams (with his experience as a fullback).

    All the best to you Lawrence. I’m confident your star power will blow up on your next team, and I’ll be left shaking my head at this organization when you kick some Browns ass next time you’re in Cleveland.

  11. Not a Browns fan at all, but Vickers is exactly the kind of guy you’d want on your team. The league needs more players like Vickers.

  12. You should block for Frank Gore! WCO, and a coach who has utilized fullbacks in the past. Win win buddy!

  13. The Owen Marecic pick made little sense to many Browns. Vickers still has pro bowl potential.

  14. First. For the person who said the WCO doesn’t use a fullback, talk to Tom Rathman about that.

    Vickers is a top 10 fullback and the Browns are dumb to let him walk. ?If my team wasn’t settled with 1 1/2 really good full backs i would love to have him on my team. (he is also the guy i trade for in Madden to play fullback lol).

    Its funny to me that teams don’t use these backs more often in the passing game. Before he got hurt the Eagles were using Weaver all the time. He was 7-8 yards every time he touched it on a passing play. You think these guys as they have gotten faster would be more useful players on 3rd down.

  15. Can’t blame the man for being a little bitter, he is a good player who deserves at lease a chance to prove he can catch a football which is the only down side to his game, instead of being replaced without even being told. Give the man at lease that much respect.

  16. I have to agree with him here. He’s always done what was asked of him, and done it well. I also recall draft analysis touting him as a versatile fullback, am I remembering this wrong?

    He’s a stand up guy who wants to play in Cleveland, why are we getting rid of him again?

  17. As a blocker, a lead blocker, he was one of the best. But it takes more than that to be a West Coast fullback. To quote a Browns fan during a recent SiriusXM NFL Radio Show, “Lawrence Vickers couldn’t catch a cold if he was naked in the middle of Alaska.”

    Though I don’t agree with the Browns just dumping him, I think I know what they THINK they are doing which is to go back to the Jim Brown Browns football where they had a bruising fullback (Peyton Hillis is going to try his best to play Jim Brown in the 2011 version) and a shifty halfback (Monterio Hardesty is going to try to do his best Bobby Mitchell impression), which will work until one of them gets injured. If one of them gets injured then it hits the fan.

    If Hardesty gets hurt then Hillis can switch to RB and if Vickers is there he can sub for Hillis at FB, but with less touches. If Hillis gets hurt (boo Madden Curse), then Vickers could sub in at FB still. By cutting him you lose your contengency plan, and that is bad football. Under my proposed system he would be utilized less, but at least he would still be a Brown.

  18. stevincinci says:
    Jun 4, 2011 2:29 PM

    Come to Cincinnati and that way you can kick their arse twice a year. Plus we need a fullback with west coast experience. That is our new system under Jay Gruden.

    Ah yes- a typically arrogant Bengals fan who thinks they can write anything because no one will check.

    The Bengals kick the Browns arse twice a year? I just looked it up. The Bengals have won *both* meetings in the “Battle of Ohio” THREE times in the last TEN seasons. Against an *expansion* team, ok? So the Bengals have kicked the “arse” (what, are you British?) of the Browns twice a year only 30% of the time in the expansion era. That’s not exactly brag-worthy. Don’t know if that ratio is quite enough to pull Vickers away, ha ha

    So yeah, you’re exaggerating just a tad, huh? Yep- another PFT Bengals chump who lays it out like it’s fact, only to have someone look it up and prove them either wrong or totally exaggerating.

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