Lorenzo Alexander is making good use of the lockout

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Lorenzo Alexander of the Redskins is nothing if not versatile.

After trying out firefighting earlier this offseason, he’s back to doing what he does best: Trying out new positions on the football field.  A starter at outside linebacker for 12 games last year, Alexander sees the writing on the wall after the team drafted Ryan Kerrigan to play on the outside.

So Alexander has decided practice on his inside linebacker skills to give him more flexibility for 2011.

“They’re always trying to replace me, so I figure I’ve got to learn everything to make it as hard on them as possible,” Alexander told Mike Jones of the Washington Post.

Alexander is the team’s special teams captain.  He’s also played (offensive) guard, defensive tackle, tight end, fullback and defensive end since joining the Redskins in 2006.

The ability to anticipate what the Redskins may need from season to season and change his game to help makes Alexander one of the more unique players in the league.

7 responses to “Lorenzo Alexander is making good use of the lockout

  1. After a few days at the workouts, Lorenzo was seen practicing carrying water bottles with a bunch of towels around his neck.

  2. This guy is a beast. He is the definition of a football player and a great man as well. Living in the DC area and near Ashburn, I know that Lorenzo is constantly doing charity events and finding other ways to do things for this community. He is a God fearing man and a good person. He is a HUGE asset to the Washington Redskins and the fools would be even more foolish to ever let him get away. HAIL!

  3. “They’re always trying to replace me, so I figure I’ve got to learn everything to make it as hard on them as possible,”

    That’s a great attitude to have in any line of work. Can you imagine if more football players tried to max out their talent like that? Wow.

  4. I hope they find a spot for him on the team. He has always been a hard worker and has stepped in whenever called on. Might not be a great starter but would be a good back up since he is so versatile, and is also a very good special team player.

  5. I’ve known Lo since college. He’s a great guy and willing to do whatever it takes to be a team player. He just loves the game so much. Too bad his love for the game and being a team player didn’t rub off on Fat Albert.

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