Seattle’s Mike Williams says he won’t get fat again

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Considering the weight issues that plagued Seahawks wide receiver Mike Williams early in his career, it’s fair for the Seahawks and their fans to wonder about Williams’ fitness level during the lockout.

Williams has heard the concern first hand.

“This whole offseason, everyone’s been saying, ‘Oh, all this time off and his attitude, he’s going to be fat again,’” Williams said this week via the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. “Well, good luck with that. I’m here having a good time and let’s get back to work.”

And by having a good time, Williams means he is getting in a lot of work.  He says he does roughly six hours of cardio a day.  Two and a half hours are football-related, and he plays a couple sessions of basketball.  The former USC product has incentives built in to his contract to stay in shape.

Williams reportedly looks good, although he is starting to find the lockout a little dry.

“When you find yourself going to two movies in the same day before night time. That’s when you’re bored,” Williams said. “When you go see Kung Fu Panda 2 and Fast Five in the same day before 7 p.m., you might be a little bored.”

18 responses to “Seattle’s Mike Williams says he won’t get fat again

  1. He’s hilarious…And only getting started back in the league. He has a knack for big plays, and quickly became my favorite Hawk.

    Here’s to his first 1,000+ yard season next year! BMFMW!

  2. Kung Fu Panda 2?!?!?

    We should read into him seeing this because it is a story about an overweight person succeeding while staying overweight. He might get the wrong idea now.

  3. At least not until he retires from football down the road. Williams has that build where he is always have the NEED to work out to stay in shape. But I am proud of him for making that lifestyle change to prolong and accelerate his career. He easily could have one of the all time busts when he left Detroit. But now that is not the case. Good for him.

  4. It’s not my fault I’m fat! It’s all the purple drank, fried chicken and barbeque the owners forced me to buy with those millions of dollars they forced on me!

  5. Think I could get myself to do P90X twice a day and mix in a salad for his paycheck.

  6. “I am happy for the guy, but why couldn’t he have done this in Detroit. Him and CJ could have been amazing”

    If Mike Williams had panned out in Motown there’s a good chance CJ would’ve never been a Lion.

  7. It is nice to see Mike Williams starting to (somewhat) live up to his expectations as when he entered the league. I wish I could say the same about Troy Williamson…

  8. speak for yourself, anytime i’m watching kung fu panda 2, i’m the exact opposite of bored. or, i’m sitting in the back row, in a trench coat, salivating, wringing my hands, waiting for a parent to leave there kid unattended. one of those two. but, either way boredom is miles away.

  9. m4carrol says: Jun 4, 2011 7:20 PM

    I am happy for the guy, but why couldn’t he have done this in Detroit. Him and CJ could have been amazing

    If BMW had panned out, Detroit probably wouldn’t have taken CJ.

  10. I love the attitude change in Mike Williams. He helped my fantasy team five out of the six weeks I started him, too. (PPR league) Picked him and the Buccaneers’ Mike Williams up just before week 1 as post-draft free agents. Didn’t regret it.

    I loved his turnaround last season, and it’s great to hear he’s keeping in shape and doing something other than clubbing. That said, though, he has some work to do. He and Ben Obamanu lost the playoff game against the Bears for their team. Hasselbeck was on target most of the game, and they just kept dropping the ball. I’m a diehard Bears fan, and even I’ll admit that the Seahawks could have (not should have, but could have) won that game (yes, yes, along with other lucky breaks through the season, but that’s what makes parity so damn fun.) If they can get their act together in the big games, they could become a great tandem for Matt Hasselbeck – or whoever is throwing their way. For now, they’re about average but rising.

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