The Hard Knocks poll finals


At a time when the NBA and the NHL are currently deciding their championships, we’ll give you an even more interesting competition.

Lions vs. Raiders in a poll to determine the team that PFT Planet wants to see on HBO’s Hard Knocks in 2011.

Never mind the fact that the Lions already have said no, not to mention the fact that the labor dispute needs to be resolved by early July or there likely won’t be a Hard Knocks in 2011.

Hey, this may be the closest thing to actual NFL competition we see this year, other than the Madden game.  So have at it.

21 responses to “The Hard Knocks poll finals

  1. I really don’t know why people would want to see the raiders. I mean I guess Al Davis might be fun to watch. But I think he is way to old to be to crazy anymore.

    As far as the lions (the team I voted for) I like their coach and wouldn’t mind seeing how he gets things done and would like to see more of the QB is he is healthy. The real reason I picked the Lions is because if any team owes it to their fans its the Lions. This is team hasn’t had a winning season in what 100 years ?? Damn man at least give your fans something to watch and get excited about. With the two DT’s they have. And the WR’s. This might be an exciting team. If they push hard and get 2-3 players in free agency ( they might be able to this year because it looks like they might finally be a winner). Give your fans who have nothing up in Detroit right now something to get excited about. Hell give the players a chance to be on national TV. I cant remember seeing this team in a national TV game in ages. Do the right thing Detroit. Change your mind and except. (unless the Eagles are going to do it then in that case, don’t)

  2. I like voting on something where my choice has no real bearing on the outcome. Kind of like the presidential election.

  3. The show sucks, and it’s a stupid concept that only an idiot would watch, so…..who cares? There is nothing realisitic about “reality TV”

  4. I totally understand why the Lions do not want to do it, but they would be fun to watch. I will also vote for the Lions because in my lifetime I have seen hype to often for my team. Please have a season and please actually live up to it! As lions fans we have been some of the most loyal fanbases in sports for a team that has never contended in the modern era (except for a few bursts every 20 years or so). If the lions were to start seriously contending – this area would go nuts!

  5. When I think of Hard Knocks I think of comedy that the Jets provided last season. And there hasn’t been a bigger joke of a franchise the past decade then the Raiders and their Halloween clad fanbase.

    Tuck that.

  6. “humb0lt says:
    … The Raiders are a train wreck. ”


    Since that “train wreck” swept your Dolts, what does that make your team?

  7. I suspect, that just like in all of these kinds of “popularity” polls, it’s a devout local fan base that carries the day. The reason the Raiders and the Lions are here is because THEIR fans turned out in droves saying “We want our guys on TV making fools of themselves and us.”

    Good for them.

  8. Can someone explain how the Raiders are not winning this poll? There is no way the Lions would be more entertaining than the disaster that is the Al Davis Raiders. The Raiders would be more entertaining at just about every position… QB, WR track team, Seymour, Janikowski getting hammered, Lechler running his mouth, new (old) coach, Al Davis mumbling rants, McFadden trying to stay healthy, can they keep asomugha… etc etc

  9. Oh by the above post I think it should be the Pats, and the Chargers…….we can see how Belladick uses hidden cameras, and stabs his players in the back just before the season starts or we can just watch norv……i have a hard time sleeping and watching Norv and the chargers would help me with that…..

    @ampats, hey there sweetcheeks, I got something that rhymes with tuck that you do very well.

  10. HBO should rename it “Gavel Knocks”…..Only the judges will be doing any knocking this year……

  11. I’m not a raider fan but I voted for them just like I voted for the dysfunctional teams whenever I got a chance.

  12. ampats says: Jun 4, 2011 9:03 AM

    When I think of Hard Knocks I think of comedy that the Jets provided last season. And there hasn’t been a bigger joke of a franchise the past decade then the Raiders and their Halloween clad fanbase.

    Tuck that.

    Tuck you pal!

    I lived in New England for thirty years and never met ONE Patriots fan until 2001. Bunch of Zima-drinking, bandwagon wimps.

  13. Since that “train wreck” swept your Dolts,what does that make your team?

    Not a train wreck. Your logic is flawed.

  14. How ghey are Boston fans?? Only you pale and pasty cheaters would show up to criticize the winners of a fake poll that wasn’t rigged by a fake league because somehow, beyond comprehension, you weren’t handed the victory! Somebody call Robert Kraft or get Belicheck in here to figure out how to rig the next one!!!

    Haha – here, I’m sending you an imaginary “Shoulda Been Coulda Been Turkey” to validate your concern. Enjoy.


  15. And the Faiders find a way to lose again, even in the offseason. No surprise here.

    How pathetic Faiders fans are, bragging about sweeping the Chargers, when by doing so they snapped a 13-game losing streak against SD. Wow, you’re 2-13 against SD in the past 7 years, impressive. But the reality is, it was a fluke, and Chokeland will be in the AFC West basement again this season.

  16. Raider fan voting for the Lions. I don’t want any distractions in training camp.

    DisChargers, Donkeys, Quiefs fans, keep on hating! The wins wouldn’t be as sweet if you didn’t.

  17. If you think about how many people picked the Lions because they hate the Raiders (nobody picked the Raiders because they hate the lions) it’s pretty clear that the Raiders would be the best choice for HBO.

  18. crise40g says:
    Jun 5, 2011 3:03 AM
    Raider fan voting for the Lions. I don’t want any distractions in training camp

    Lions fan here voting for the Raiders for the exact same reason.

    All a moot point anyway since the Lions will not allow Hard Knocks in.

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