Ellis Hobbs: No decision yet on retirement


Eagles cornerback Ellis Hobbs suffered a season-ending neck injury against the Giants last year, and reports this year said the injury was severe enough that Hobbs would never play again. But Hobbs says he’s not so sure.

The 28-year-old Hobbs told the Boston Herald he’s recovering from neck surgery and doesn’t know whether he’ll play again or not.

“All I’m doing is relaxing,” Hobbs said. “Because of the lockout, it’s just giving me extra time to work on other things. But none of the doctors have said I need to shut it down, I need to stop playing. I myself haven’t even thought about that, or going that route. I’ve weighed both sides of it, and I’m pretty comfortable where I am right now.”

Hobbs will be an unrestricted free agent whenever the league year starts, and before any team would sign him, he’d have to be cleared by that team’s medical staff. But if Hobbs gets that clearance, he sounds open to making a return.

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  1. If I understand things correctly, Hobbs is a greedy player, and, therefore, unlikely to retire and he will continue to risk his long-term health (just like every football player does) for our entertainment and for the owner’s profit. Owners who are not greedy at all and are totally justified in making as much money off of the players talent as possible, because, you know, they are already rich.

  2. homeland, I’d “rather”(relatively speaking of course) watch Ellis getting burned while playing his technique and assignment than watching the overrated Samuel get burned because he was freelancing…. again. At least Hobbs was physical and would stick his nose in there and tackle and cover man to man. He was also a very valuable returner I am sure you recall.

    As a Pats fan I always liked Ellis’ sparky competitiveness and emotion even though at times he took some potshots at the team after he was traded. He is a talented illustrator and I hope he gets his second career started even if he does still love the game. I would hate to see him get permanently injured. I wish him well. He’s a smart kid so I think he will be fine.

  3. I would hate to see him get injured too CLK. But he was a terrible cover corner and I would take Samuel over him any day of the week. I agree Samuel was overpaid but at least he makes plays. Hobbs just dances after getting burned and making tackles.

    Ellis always thought we has way better than he was. But the biggest problem was the Patriots were forced to use him as a #1 or #2 corner when thats not what he was, he was a #3 at best.

    He was a very good returner though.

  4. HAHA…true homeland…I hate all that dancing after a routine tackle on a guy, let alone one who just got 34,971 yards on you.
    That said, Samuel was more of a self promoter IMO.

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