Faulk figures to get one more crack at making Patriots


Danny Woodhead successfully replaced Kevin Faulk during the 2010 season.  The Patriots have since drafted Shane Vereen and Stevan Ridley to bolster a position that also includes BenJarvus Green-Ellis.

That makes Faulk’s future with the team uncertain, but it appears he’ll get one more chance to make the team. Mike Reiss of ESPNBoston.com writes that “it’s hard to imagine” Faulk won’t be re-signed when free agency opens.

Bolstering Faulk’s hopes: He appeared to be recovering nicely from ACL surgery at Patriots player-only workouts this week.  Asked about his future, Faulk was succinct.

“I’m a free agent, but I’m a Patriot for life,” Faulk said.

Making the team’s regular season roster may still be a challenge, but it’s hard to bet against one of the signature players of the Bill Belichick era in Foxborough.

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  1. I have always loved Faulk but its pretty clear his time as a Patriot is passed.
    Woodhead is younger and cheaper, plus the fans love him.

    Now if someone gets hurt I could see them bringing Faulk back late in the season like they did with other older players but thats about it.

    Hes right that he will always be a Patriot though.

  2. patsandsox,

    How can you say his time as a Patriot is passed. I remember when he was injured in the Jets game pretty much most of Patriot Nation felt this might be a blow that ended our SB hopes. Before everyone wants to throw dirt on him remember how well he was playing before he got injured and that he rarely has been injured throughout his career.

    It would be great to have Faulk’s knowledge of the system and what he brings to the game.

    Where you one of the geniuses who thought in 2008 that the Pats should trade Brady and keep Cassell?

  3. Kevin Faulk was the Teddy Bruschi of the offense. A lunch pail guy that just always got it done. He deserves to be given every opportunity to make the team. The problem for Kevin is that he’s coming off a blown out ACL, his game relies on his cutting ability, he’s like 34 or 35 and I don’t think he can make the roster with the depth the Pats have at that position now. This guy has been one the best clutch players the Pats have ever had. When you really really needed a 1st down…..the ball went to Kevin and he got it. The guy has been a tremendous Patriot but I’m afraid his day has passed.

  4. I’ll always remember and appreciate Kevin Faulk like I do Troy Brown.

    Those type of guys never get the league wide notoriety of the stats demons but those of us who watch every game they play realize how versatile, skilled and selfless they are and how absolutely vital they are to their teams success.

  5. backindasaddle says: Jun 5, 2011 2:42 PM

    “When you really really needed a 1st down…..the ball went to Kevin and he got it.”

    Some prick of a colts fan will now bring up 4th and 2 😉

    Look prick, may I call you prick?, just because Peyton throws a pick doesn’t mean he isn’t damn close to perfect ( I saw him standing right by perfect at a pro bowl one time)

  6. ampats, you expect the team to carry 5 Running backs on the roster?

    With 2 high draft picks, Woodhead, and Green-Ellis, there is no room for Faulk.

  7. Faulk has been a good player and stand up guy as a Patriot, no question. But by drafting Mallett, Vereen, and Ridley that is 7 roster spots for quarterbacks and RB’s (an additional spot must be kept because neither Mallett or Hoyer will clear waivers to the practice squad). Faulk would be the odd man out barring injury.

  8. frankiefiveangels says: Jun 5, 2011 6:34 PM

    .. Faulk would be the odd man out barring injury.

    Sad but true, even the best RBs can’t outrun time

  9. EVERY TEAM…needs a guys like Faulk…except the jets who would eff him up anyway.

    Why do you guys worry about rosters spots in June? How many guys get hurt in camp…and how many guys arrive out of shape this year? The strong survive & the greats find a way.

  10. Faulk will be on the Patriots this year…but get the 2007 Troy Brown treatment…ie, no playing time until garbage time of a blowout in the last game of the season. Faulk’s importance will be on Monday through Saturday for this year.

    One of the young guys will end up with an “injury” somehow and be stashed via the IR roster and come back next year when Faulk retires.

  11. Kevin is an all-time Patriot player whose jersey will someday be retired in Foxborough. I think he’s a long shot to make this roster, but unlike most 30+ year old running backs, Kevin contributes on special teams. That gives him a fighting chance to stick.

  12. The drafting of Vereen AND Ridley may have sealed his fate. He may be at camp with a chance to make the roster, but his chances will be slim. Belichick will not keep him for sentimental reasons (see Lawyer Milloy, Richard Seymour). If they only drafted Vereen, then I’d say his chances of stickin’ one more year are good. But, since they grabbed Ridley too, it’ll be tough.

    The only way he stays is if Belichick keeps him around FOR the young guys like they did with Troy Brown in 2007. In ’07, Brown was healthy, but only active for 7 games total. Maybe Faulk makes the team, but is only active for some of the games.

  13. If Woodhead had emerged but the Patriots did not draft Vareen…or Vareen was drafted but Woodhead never emerged…I could see Faulk making this years team.
    But both took place and each of those similar backs is about 10 years younger.
    I don’t know, he could stick as a 5th RB. It’s down to three current Patriots that have all 3 Super Bowl rings, Light, Faulk and Brady.

  14. And Brady is the only one of those 3 under contract.
    If there is a Pats fan who doesn’t love Faulk, I don’t want to know him/her.

  15. I think it will come down to Faulk and Alge Crumpler fighting for one roster spot. Chances are that the TE Lee Smith they just drafted makes the roster as the blocking TE of the future. So the Pats will probably either have 5 RB/3 TE (Green-Ellis, Woodhead, Vareen, Ridley, Faulk and Hernandez, Gronkowski, Smith) or 4 RB/4 TE (Green-Ellis, Woodhead, Vareen, Ridley and Hernandez, Gronkowski, Smith, Crumpler). They’ll be carrying 3 QBs instead of 2 with Mallet on board so that takes an extra roster spot, and I can’t see them keeping both Faulk and Crumpler over the younger guys.

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