Matt Roth expects to leave Browns


Matt Roth was one of the better pickups of the Eric Mangini era in Cleveland.

Now headed for free agency no matter what the league rules are in 2011, Roth expects to leave the Browns because of the defensive system new coordinator Dick Jauron will install.

“Right now I kind of like the 3-4 [defensive system],” Roth told Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, who writes that Roth sounds “resigned” to leaving the team.

Roth could get a big payday from a 3-4 team like the Chargers, Patriots, Jets, or Chiefs that need outside linebacker help. Roth could also follow former Browns defensive coordinator to Dallas. Roth said he loved played for Eric Mangini and Ryan in Cleveland.

“I think Mangini was a great coach,” he said. “I don’t think anyone ever quit in either of those years. We beat up on some pretty damn good teams. We didn’t have an easy schedule.”

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  1. The whole time Roth was in Cleveland it was well known that he didn’t care for Mangini. Now he is saying he liked playing for him as an excuse to leave.

    This isn’t a big loss for the Browns. Roth is seen by most experts as a DE in a 4-3, not an OLB in a 3-4. He also under achieved for the most part of his career anyways.

  2. I was more disappointed in losing Ryan than I was losing Mangini. I don’t know how much of a mistake it was though. I can’t see Mangini having success somewhere else, and I don’t think the move set the Browns back any farther than they already were.

  3. The Browns made a mistake in not getting a legitimate football man to take the reins of this franchise in 1999! The franchise went round and round chasing its tail until the owner finally realized that what he knew about football would fit in a gel cap, hired Mike Holmgren, and handed him the keys to the car as Mr. Rooney did with Chuck Noll in Pittsburgh in 1968. Ryan was just another in a long line of guys who were long in the lip but short on delivering. I predict the 4-3 defense will do very well in Cleveland under the tutelage of Dick Jauron. The switch to the 3-4 under Romeo Crennel in 2005 ushered in a disaster on the defensive side of the ball. Too few colleges play the 3-4 and it’s very tough finding people who can come in and make a difference right away. It took Pittsburgh and New England a long time to build their 3-4 d’s. For them to maintain it through the draft each year is a lot easier than it is to find enough players to play it at the entry/establishment level. Anyway, Matt Roth prefers the 3-4. To which I say, “Thanks for playing hard for the Browns, Matt. Good luck in your next 3-4 OLB assignment.”

  4. Roth would be a good addition to most teams. as A Browns fan, I’d love to see him stay…but the world won’t end if he leaves. Whoever gets Roth will get a fiery warrior…but must also deal with his temperament.

  5. Matt Roth is leaving the Browns?!?!?
    Damn! Now my pass rusher just got weaker on Madden. I hope Browns can still go undefeated through the Madden Bowl with out him. He’s an 86!
    Dont think the real Browns will miss him as much.

  6. Eric Mangini should have never been hired and what is worse is the Holmgren kept him another year proving he doesn’t know how to judge talent either.
    Thus is our life in Cleveland.
    Always watching (no super bowl appearances) and never a bridesmaid or a bride.

  7. tednancy says:Jun 5, 2011 11:49 AM

    The Browns made a mistake in firing Mangini and thereby pushing Ryan out the door.
    Mangini was never going to last in Cleveland once Holmgren got there. Holmgren had to wait a year to fire Mangini so he didnt look like a total ogre. Ryan was an excellent cordinator and I was sorry to see him go. The defence greatly improved under him so he and Holmgren must not have saw eye to eye.

  8. “This isn’t a big loss for the Browns. Roth is seen by most experts as a DE in a 4-3, not an OLB in a 3-4. He also under achieved for the most part of his career anyways.”

    I find this statement odd because I heard nothing but good things about Roth when he was in Cleveland. And if you’re talking about his tenure in Miami, you’re sorely mistaken. He didn’t under-perform. If anything, I didn’t expect much of him and he quickly became one of my favorite defenders on the Dolphins while he was with them.

    His refusal to play which subsequently led to him being released had nothing to do with under-performing.

  9. I keep seeing this guy listed as a target of the Pats, and I really dont get it. They dont need a 3-4 sack OLB…..they already have that kinda guy.

    Unless he is some Mike Vrabel in disguise or something.

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