Raiders “worst moments” coming Monday

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ProFootballTalk Live returns from a French Open-fueled three-day weekend on Monday, with Vikings defensive end Jared Allen and Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal slated to join the show.

Kaplan will be talking about Friday’s court hearing and the lockout and other business-related stuff.  Allen will talk about whatever he wants to talk about.

Before turning to the guest lines, we’ll continue our “worst moments since the last work stoppage” series, with the Raiders taking center stage.

So feel free, Raiders fans and Raiders haters, to identify in the comments some of the darkest days for the silver and black since 1987.

While you’re at it, Raiders fans and Raiders haters, be sure to vote in the Hard Knocks final poll, which pits the Lions against the Raiders as the PFT Planet choice for this year’s edition of the HBO series.  As of this posting, the Lions have built the kind of lead that they rarely build on the field.

73 responses to “Raiders “worst moments” coming Monday

  1. The end started when Al lost his looks and HD came into vogue. Scares the hell out of me every time they show him.

  2. The Raiders are the only team in history to get shutout twice on Monday Night Football in the same season. I’m not sure another NFL team has been shut out twice on Monday Night Football in the history of MNF. But only the Raiders could manage to do it in a single season: 2006: first by the Chargers then by the Seahawks.

  3. Tony siragusa SITTING on rich gannons arm in the 2001 AFC title game – NO FLAG THROWN, gannon is out , Raiders make a come back, Andre Rison catches a TD pass in the 4th Q to cut it to 1 score game – THEY CALL OFFENSIVE PASS INTERFERENCE AND WIPE IT OUT!

    tuck rule – birth of a dynasty for NE & HOF career Tom Brady

    jamarcus russell – KIPER AND EV1 HAD him #1 ON BIG BOARD – WE HAD TO TAKE HIM AFTER AARON BROOKS FIASCO , it didnt pan out, ok live with it…

    emmaculate reception- how many holds on that play and illegal things happened to us – TOO MANY

    Steelers ICING DOWN the sidelines so our speedy WR’s couldnt get down field in 70’s AFC title game

    playing our former coach Gruden in the SB- UMMM IT WAS HIS TEAM HIS SYSTEM , ITS LIKE TAKING AN EXAM ON YOUR OWN LIFE STORY… easy you know everything & gruden knew our team inside & out


    Long live the king Al Davis.

  4. Greetings Faider Nation
    There are so many to chose from considering the owner, Al Weekend At Bernie’s Davis. Top Ten should include allowing Marcus Allen to sign with AFC West rival Kansas City Chiefs. Al proved his futility on that one, also drafting Codeine Candy JBust. Really their draft picks over the past 10 years, giving up a 2011 first round pick for 3rd round talent Richard Seymour. And the list just keeps getting longer.
    Later CupCake Nation

  5. Robert kraft and the delusional patriot fans call it the “snow bowl” while the rest of the sane world call it the tuck rule game. Not only did it more than likely cost us one superbowl (I say this because we were better than the pats and could have beat anyone they did) but if we won that superbowl we don’t trade gruden to the bucs and we repeat the next year because lets face it bucs fans without Jon gruden knowing our offense there’s no way the bucs beat the raiders in sb 37.

  6. When you sit and post all the worst moments of the Raiders history, make sure and leave out the numerous division titles, most in the West,..make sure to leave out the 5 Superbowl appearances…make sure to leave out the 3 Superbowl titles, make sure to leave out they have probably the most players in the hall of fame,…make sure to leave out their owner is probably the only one that has actually coached, and is also in the hall of fame,…and while youre at it, make sure to leave out they accomplished all that while the league made sure to tell the refs to make it virtually impossible to ever get a fair shake…by the way, I would take all the worst moments you are going to post against the mighty San Diego Chargers and their ZERO superbowl wins,…suck on that Charger fans.

  7. Talked this one over with my fellow diehards when the “”Worst Moments” series happened.

    1. Losing Gruden (don’t mention the SB, just this)

    2. Shannon Sharpe’s touchdown in the 2000 AFC Championship game (96 yards! it changed the whole game)

    3. Bo Jackson’s injury (led to the blowout versus Buffalo 51-3, Shell getting fired in ’94, and we lost the most talented running back of all time)


    5. Zack Crockett, 3rd and inches.


    – Shell/Walsh redux (worst season of my life. ugh.)

    – Losing Tui for the season in 2003 (it all would’ve ended differently. We soar down the stretch to 8 wins with Tui. Air Callahan lives for one more season. Tim Brown never gets released. Jerry Rice never gets traded. An era ends as it should have ended)

    – Jamarcus over Calvin Johnson (Kiffin and Al both pulled hairs over this, nobody mentions it)

    – DHB over Michael Crabtree (fans loved MC)

    – Sean Payton turning us down in 2004 (and we settled for two years of Norv. yuck.)

    – Mike White (we started 8-2, lost 6 straight games)

  8. Oh and hey super choker fan. How many times have the Chargers been to the superbowl in the last eight years? Or last 50 for that matter? But I guess losing the afc championship or divisional round every year is something all teams should stride for rofl

  9. There have been so many Raiders worst moments just in the past six or seven years I don’t know if the Internet is big enough to write about them all.

  10. $70 million for DeAngelo Hall
    Todd Marinovich
    The Revenge of Gruden
    The Return of Art Shell

    and of course…

    Jacrunkus “The Franchise” Russell

  11. 1. 1991 playoffs with KC Chiefs ; Todd Marinovich threw 3 interceptions and KC wins

    2. KC 18-3 record against Oakland in 1990s

    3. Andre Rison’s game winning hail mary at the buzzer from Elvis Grbac in 1997

    4. Tim Brown’s stop on the 1 yard line as time ran out.

    5. The Larry Johnson plunge for a winning TD as time ran out with Vermeil as coach

    6. The best of all, was before 1987: In 1969 KC beat Oakland 17-7 in the last AFL playoff game ever in Oakland to go to the SB– Oakland already had their bags packed and had to pass KC players to get on the bus

  12. 1. Barrett Robbins’s trip to Tijuana the night before the Super Bowl.

    2. The Tuck Rule.

    The rest in no particular order:

    3. Bo Jackson’s career-ending injury in the divisional playoff game.

    4. Hiring Tom Walsh as offensive coordinator.

    5. Drafting Jamarcus Russell instead of Calvin Johnson.

    6. Drafting Todd Marinovich instead of Brett Favre.

    7. Letting Gruden go.

    8. Throwing money at DeAngelo Hall (who couldn’t cover), Kwame Harris (who couldn’t block), Gibril Wilson (who couldn’t tackle) and Javon Walker (who couldn’t get over having a friend die in his arms) in the free agent class of 2008.

    9. Bill Callahan and Marc Trestman running a great offense but failing to realise that if you don’t change things, then the guy who used to run it will know what’s going to happen.

    10. The career ending injury to Gannon in 2003.

  13. You can always tell the Raider Haters, they stick out…they are the ones who wish they could be a part of the Nation, but are too weak, to scared, too gutless, kills them to realize they know they dont have what it takes,…so keep up the hating, but we clearly can tell your dilemna, you want to be a part of us, know you cant, and the worst part for you is you cannot go a minute without thinking about the Oakland Raiders,…youve tried, but you just cant get us out of your heads…take care now.

  14. Talking to Raider fans, I’m pretty sure they haven’t HAD any bad moments since 1987.

    In fact, suggesting they have makes you an idiot.

  15. Raiders fans getting all butt hurt again. I swear they are the most sensitive fans in all of sports. They’re like little girls.

  16. DHB, possibly the worst Draft Pick in Raiders History . I think this kid has a better chance of being hit in the helmet with a pass rather than extending his hands and fingers out, and actually catching the ball like a NFL WR should. To me, he has to be the worst Draft pick Al has made. Yeah, even worse than Jabust. Imagine if Jalardo couldn’t even throw a football. Not accurately. Just couldn’t even throw it. Yeah, I know….. He can’t. How about if Jamakeushorrible couldn’t even hand the ball off. If it was that bad, it would be the equivalent to DHB trying to catch a football, or run a route. I feel like I have seen better routes at a high school football game. No kidding. DHB is horrendously terrible. Worse than James Jett ever was.

  17. Look on the bright side of things, after a couple miserable years the Raiders must be doing something right to still have their own nation of HATERS… Haha…

    Bleed Silver & Black… >b-)

  18. hobartbaker says:
    Jun 5, 2011 1:56 PM
    On July 24, 1929, in Brockton Mass., Al Davis was born.

    Sorry dude you have part of that correct. The year was 1829

  19. Al Davis
    Commitment to Exlax

    I for one am not a Faider Hater. It is impossible to hate while I am LMAO at this once proud franchise. Al Davis is the 4th stooge, Hey Moe, Hey Larry, Al traded our first round pick for a bag of magic beans

  20. @ Lovesportsandsurfing

    If you like surfing then you can’t possibly be a true Raider’s fan. Their hobbies are usually criminal

  21. Easily the 2006 season.

    The Tuck Rule sucked obviously, but watching the Raiders offense in 2006 was the most atrocious aspect of watching sports in my life. They were horrible. Getting sacked on back-to-back-to-back plays should never happen and it happened often that season.

  22. Here’s my top five:

    1) The trading of Gruden and its side effects:
    (a) Squandered draft pics received for Gruden
    (b) Lost the superbowl to him
    (c) Dark ages Part II, i.e. no a winning record (after the superbowl) & coaching carousel that followed
    (d) Impact in losing Bruce Allen (see below).

    2) Losing Bruce Allen and “replacing” him with Al (i.e. effectively permanent loss of GM role)

    3) Failure to learn from our mistakes and do what it takes to just win.
    (a) No accountability of Al for *HIS* mistakes. TOTAL lack of commitment to excellence
    (b) No Pride and Poise: Pick your circus of a news conference (Kiffin, Cable, …)

    4) Jamarcus Russel draft pick

    5) The grudge match with Marcus Allen (Bonus for other grudges: Buerline, et. al.)

    Honorable mentions:
    * Trade of Jim Lachey for Jay Schroeder.
    * Loss of Bo Jackson
    * Barret Robbins personal implosion

    I purposely left of the tuck rule. While it was an asinine call, we certainly had our opportunities to win the damn game. The one that comes to mind is that we had a 3 and 4 and didn’t pick up the first down to run the clock.


  23. The minute that OLD Al sued the leagues and the moves to and from LA. They’ve been irrelevant since and will continue as long as Davis the walking dead is alive.

  24. Humbolt
    “Raiders fans getting all butt hurt again. I swear they are the most sensitive fans in all of sports. They’re like little girls.”


    I can always tell a whiny 49ers fans when i hear one… a SF fan talking about butt hurt? imagine that

    TUCK RULE!!! no question

  25. I am really shocked that no one has mentioned the 2003 BALCO Scandal………..
    a number of current and former Oakland players such as Bill Romanowski, Tyrone Wheatley, Barrett Robbins, Chris Cooper and Dana Stubblefield were named as clients of the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative (BALCO)

    Funny thing, not even performance enhancing drugs could help this franchise.

  26. The year that Paul Revere and the Raiders warned the British that they were coming.

  27. Marcus Allen fiasco. He made himself look silly. He got a contract extension, wanted more money, and was so insecure about Bo Jackson showing up without a training camp and proving how great he was. Marcus really had a bruised ego over Bo that it soiled his legacy to the point where mentioning him playing for the Raiders makes him bitter and cringe.

    Bo Jackson getting injured.

    Tuck Rule

    The Super Bowl against the Bucs. Best center in the league already unstable from all of the roids, schizophrenia, and bi-polar disorder decides to stop taking his meds so he can go on a bender in Tijuana and disappear for the biggest game of the year. Add to the fact that the team never bothered to change a single play call or audible and you have one of the most lopsided disasters in Super Bowl history.

    Art Shell/Walsh Bed and Breakfast offense in 2006. They earned that #1 overall pick for 2007. It’s too bad that #1 pick was a colossal bust and never cared about playing football. Still, the JaMarcus poopstorm only set the team back 2 seasons which is remarkable if you think about it. Normally, a huge bust at the QB position sets a team back 5 years at least. Raiders are possible drakhorse breakout candidates this year if it ever starts which nobody would’ve ever guessed other than true blue Raider fans.

    Honorable Mentions:

    Randy Moss
    Javon Walker
    DeAngelo Hall
    Turdell Sands
    Tommy Kelly’s contract although he’s earning it now
    Larry Brown
    Darrell Russell
    Todd Marinovich
    Ricky Dudley
    Warren Sapp in a 3-4 or even earning a paycheck
    Jerry Porter
    Gibril Wilson

    Also, quit picking on DHB. DHB shows up and does what is asked of him. Crabtree is one of the worst pros to ever come into the league. Dude has never been present for an offseason workout yet and, frankly, most of his teammates hate him. I’d rather DHB be on the team to fill the role he is given than deal with Crabtree’s drama. Besides, the team’s QB is Jason Campbell and the team relies on the run. It is unrealistic to expect any WR to be a breakout star within this offense. They’re just not there yet and I wouldn’t trust the offensive line to get them there yet. It’s all a work in progress. DMC is their safety valve.

  28. These are what spring to mind in no particular order:

    Drafting/failing to get Russell motivated to play up to expectations

    Getting rid of Gruden (losing the SB sucks but they did get there)

    Tuck rule play

    The point where Al Davis went from stellar NFL/business mind to blathering lunatic

    Marcus Allen issues

    Whenever they started recording the “40” times at the NFL combine 🙂

    Every time the HoF snubs the Raider greats that deserve to be enshrined in Canton

  29. @lovesportsandsurfing:

    but none of that winning stuff lately, eh?

    How about the Rob Lytle fumble/non-fumble 1977 AFC Championship? Bad moments abound.

  30. In my opinion, the only moment worse for the Raiders than the so-called “Tuck Rule” game would be the selection of JaMarcus Russell with the first pick in the first round of the 2007 Draft. My justification for not rating the “Tuck Rule” game as the worst is based on the fact that it was only a divisional playoff game. Had it been a championship game or higher, I would have ranked it No. 1.

  31. thehatefulnerd says:
    Jun 5, 2011 12:52 PM
    When their C chickened out the night before the SB.

    I don’t care if people slam on the Raiders. I’m proud to represent my team and I’m happy with the road we’re on right now. What burns me is an idiot saying that Barrett Robbins “chickened out” the night before the superbowl. The guy was a pro bowl center who had a major episode at a time of great stress and was trying to counter-act it (as he evidently would do) with alcohol and drugs and was shortly thereafter diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. A “chicken” would give in to the episode, Robbins was trying – in a horrible way – to overcome it. To say he “chickened out” is bull crap. Robbins’ life has swerved out of control since then and he’s in currently in prison. Rag on the Raiders all you want – we’ve got a lot of baggage for free-shots – but leave people with chemical disorders out of it.

  32. Tuck Rule, #1 worst moment. Look at the pic at the top of this page. Brady’s left hand is on the ball! I broke the strap of my watch slamming my fists into the ground when they reversed that call, and that watch remains broken. Terrible.

    After that its probably losing Gruden, drafting Russell, the Super Bowl loss to Bucs, and being a doormat for 7 straight years (last year was at least respectable).

    But the Raiders are making better decisions, improving on both sides of the ball, and seem ready to break out. You know the Raiders are nearing a return to contending when the haters come out en masse. Monday Night against the Broncos can’t come fast enough. Another headline like “Mile High Horror Story” will be in the Denver Post on Tuesday.

  33. The loudest Raider Haters are always the ones wishing they could be part of the Nation…but so sorry, you dont have what it takes…so keep the hating, we all know all too clear what you really want to be,..but nope, you cant,…enjoy life as a Chiefs fan,..Jets,..whomever,…whats it been, over 40 years for both?…lol…must be great being a Charger fan,..never winning a superbowl…Raider fans dont know what thats like,..we have multiple Lombardis, to your none,…have a nice day.

  34. humb0lt says: Jun 5, 2011 2:09 PM

    Raiders fans getting all butt hurt again. I swear they are the most sensitive fans in all of sports. They’re like little girls.

    humpdolt said pretty much the same thing the last time a Raider article showed up on PFT. The way he obsesses on Raiders fans butts and little girls is creepy.

  35. Funny how Raiders fans [ very few of them] harp on the…tuck rule…Yet that play, Woodson should have been called for 15 yd personal foul & wasn’t.

    Raider franchise is/has been in the dumps for years…and their front office comical.

    Right there w/the jets as being laughingstock of NFL

  36. @ upyrs

    “ up a 2011 first round pick for 3rd round talent Richard Seymour.”

    3rd rd talent? LOL …not even you believe that one. LOL

  37. There goes humbolt talking about getting butthurt. Hmmmmm.

    Anyway, back to the topic at hand:
    1. Tuck rule
    2. Jamarcus Russel
    3. Losing Bo Jackson

    Win, lose, or tie…Raiders ’til I die!

  38. lovesportsandsurfing says:

    “must be great being a Charger fan,..never winning a superbowl…Raider fans dont know what thats like”


    Chargers fans don’t know what it’s like to lose at least 11 games per season for seven consecutive years. Only Raiders fans know what that’s like, because the Raiders are the only franchise in NFL history to sink that low.

    Chargers fans don’t know what it’s like to watch their team get shut out twice in one season on Monday Night Football. No fans of any other NFL team know what that’s like – only Raiders fans.

    Chargers fans don’t know what it’s like to lose 13 straight games to a division rival. But Raiders fans do.

  39. Did I mention that Marty Schottenheimer owned the Raiders for over a decade, telling his team to let the Raiders beat themselves, and they did?

    The same Marty Schottenheimer signed a disgruntled Marcus Allen who became a team leader for KC for several years.

    I mentioned above some unforgettable KC Oak games, but did not mention that Rison’s Hail Mary was onMNF, and did not mention two Jarrad Page interceptions that each won games during the HERM EDWARDS years.

    Did I mention that Tim Brown called the loss when he was downed at the 1 as time ran out the biggest disappointment of his CAREER

    Our great former OC, Al Saunders, turned down the Raider top job due to Crazy Al Davis’ overmeddling before Saunders even signed. Good for KC.

    The rivalry was so great that fans in Oakland throw BATTERIES at Chiefs players as they get off the bus in the Black Hole

  40. lovesportsandsurfing says:
    Jun 5, 2011 1:49 PM
    You can always tell the Raider Haters, they stick out…they are the ones who wish they could be a part of the Nation, but are too weak, to scared, too gutless, kills them to realize they know they dont have what it takes,…so keep up the hating, but we clearly can tell your dilemna, you want to be a part of us, know you cant, and the worst part for you is you cannot go a minute without thinking about the Oakland Raiders,…youve tried, but you just cant get us out of your heads…take care now.

    Shut your mouth dude. They havent’t won a SB since Heavy Metal first became popular and you were still crapping in your diapers. Live in the present there McFly

  41. funny you should mention the 13 straight against the raiders. Why don’t you go look up the Raiders vs Chargers all time I’m sure glad the last 6 1/2 years have been fun for you but once again the last 50 have been much better for Raider fans. btw how was it this year? It was great for me I drove 12 hours from northeastern Arizona to SD to watch the raiders kick the Chargers asses up and down the field all day long

  42. Yeah, we’ve had more than our share of bad moments… But if you look at the entire body of work.. the good, by far, outweighs the bad… A fact that all of you haters cant claim about your own miserable team… Keep on hating, people usually hate something they cant understand or overcome.. Plus, the other 31 NFL teams need fans too… You all cant be Raider fans (although you know you would LOVE to!)

    Win, lose or tie… RAIDERS til I ‘effing’ DIE!!

    Also, humbolt = gutless douche

  43. @jgrange

    “DHB shows up and does what is asked of him. Crabtree is one of the worst pros to ever come into the league.”

    Still trying to defend that #7 overall pick, I see. If Crabtree is “one of the worst pros to ever come into the league”, what does that make Mr. DamnHugeBust? Crabtree has 3 as many yards and 4 times as many TDs as Bey and, let’s be honest, the 49ers don’t exactly have Joe Montana playing QB over there anymore. DHB got drafted because he had great triangle numbers. Al overlooked the fact that Bey was a lousy route runner with questionable hands. Davis passed on a guy who was clearly the best WR in college to take a guy who had been a decent track guy in college. Old Al saw that size and that 40 time and he bit and bit hard. DHB may one day develop into a WR, but his first two seasons have been nothing short of suck. Let’s not pretend otherwise.

  44. @1bigtex most of us raider fans won’t defend that pick. It didn’t bother me the fact that al took DHB but he wouldve been there in the second round where he was projected to go. At least with offmarcus russell he was projected to go top 5(not defending him either im just sayin)

  45. Hey Humbolt, 13 in a row and your still 12 back….hows that make you feel? The Sandy Eggo chargers know how to choke! Hows those lombardis doing in your trophy case? oh, thats right, its not!!!! Powder blue is you!

    Raiders vs San Diego Chargers 56 44 2 .549

    Oakland Raiders1 15 division titles 21 playoff appearances won 3/5 superbowls
    San Diego Chargers 15 division titles (most early 60’s) 17 playoff appearances won 0/1 superbowls!

    Now get off our nuts!

  46. While the Raiders have made some progress in the past few drafts, this lockout is really hindering their development as a team. They have a lot of key free agents that need to be signed and this lockout could be the worst thing for them right now. Key free agents include QB Jason Campbell, QB Bruce Gradkowski, RB Michael Bush, and Richard Seymour. Check out the whole list of free agents the Raiders will need to figure out what to do with once the lockout is done…

  47. woods546 says:
    Tuck Rule, #1 worst moment. Look at the pic at the top of this page. Brady’s left hand is on the ball! I broke the strap of my watch slamming my fists into the ground when they reversed that call, and that watch remains broken. Terrible.

    You know what else you see in that picture??
    Woodson’s hand slapping at Brady’s helmet..
    Looks like the proper call should have been “Roughing the Passer”.. which is 15 yards and automatic first down….

    I actually call the game “Sugar bear’s Revenge”

    ha ha gotta love it!!!

  48. Stacy Toran killed in a car crash. Only 25 years old and on his way to becoming an All-Pro Safety. Still makes me wonder what might have been.

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