Rosenhaus says Plaxico will be a “top free agent”

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Receiver Plaxico Burress, a hero but not the MVP of Super Bowl XLII, exits prison on Monday.  His agent believes the NFL will welcome him back with open arms.

After, of course, the lockout ends.

Many teams want him,” agent Drew Rosenhaus told the Associated Press via e-mail.  “He will be a top free agent.  He is healthy and ready to go.  He will be signed shortly after the lockout ends.”

Burress received a two-year sentence in September 2009, ten months after his loaded handgun discharged in a Manhattan nightclub, firing a bullet through his leg.  He eventually pleaded guilty to felony charges, given the overwhelming strength of the prosecution’s case against him.

That said, many believe Burress got a raw deal.  Including Burress.

“I don’t think that he will ever believe that the punishment fit the crime,” his lawyer, Peter M. Frankel told the Associated Press.

It’s hard not to agree with Burress.  If the bullet had struck someone else, then a lengthy prison stay easily would have been justified.  But with New York making the philosophical decision that matters of life and death as a result of a bullet fired accidentally (or intentionally) from a handgun shouldn’t be left to chance and in light of the strong message of deterrence the Plaxico Burress prosecution and imprisonment sent to anyone else who may be tempted to carry a loaded weapon without a permit in and around Manhattan, the outcome was in many ways unavoidable.

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  1. Oh great, just what we need. Another convict “partner” in the league

  2. He’s a Knucklehead, not a criminal but deserves his jail time for costing the Giants a trip to the SuperBowl.

  3. Get off his a$$ already. The guy shouldn’t of had the gun where he was. It accidentally went off hitting his own leg. 2 years in jail for that? That’s insane and cut a good career short. I’m not a huge Plaxico fan but he didn’t deserve 2 years for it and I hope he does well with whatever team he lands with.

  4. do i think plaxico got a sentence that didn’t fit his crime??? absolutely but in the big picture of things, big cities that enact the zero tolerance to unlicensed guns laws, gun crime does in fact go down. he deserved to be treated like an avg joe and in fact was, any other debate beyond that goes to the no unlicensed gun laws.

  5. plax is going to be signed and probably contribute…….. but he’s on the market along with T.O., Randy Moss, Chad Johnson, Tory Holt, Sidney Rice and many others…..

  6. It’s hard not to agree with Burress. If the bullet had struck someone else, then a lengthy prison stay easily would have been justified.
    The prison term was adequate for what happened although the documentation aspect of the charge was a little much. Just because nobody got hurt (other than himself) doesn’t mean “no harm, no foul”. He was stupid enough to carry a loaded pistol in his sweatpants and it went off in a crowded club. His stupidity deserved to be punished. He recklessly endangered lives. I have nothing against guns, but if you carry one you must do so safely.

  7. “Top Free Agent” is pushing it, the guy has been in prison, he is 34, and not in football shape. There is a good likelihood he spends his first year getting it all back. I can’t think of a team out there that wants to pay a player just to get back into shape.

    He will sign with a team, but it will be an incentive laden deal…………..let’s be realistic he is not going to get the deal Asomugha, Nnamdi is going to get.

  8. Sure he will Drew…I’m sure the teams are gonna be lined right up to sign a convicted felon who just got out of a 2 year prison stint…*eyes roll*

  9. Rosenhaus blowing air.

    He’ll get looks and will be signed, but “top”free agent? Guy two years out of football isn’t going to have teams rushing to sign him.

  10. If the punishment doesn’t fit the crime, then change the law, they were right not to bend it him. Also don’t forget, Plaxico was a great big pain in the ass to the Giants leading up to this incident. Maybe he will shut up and show up on time and be a model citizen now that he doesn’t have much time left. It would be pretty ironic that as soon as he gets out of prison a season is missed due to a labor dispute.

  11. It’s hard not to agree with Burress.

    Well, allow me to be the first. You break a law, you go to jail. That’s how it works for us civillians, it’s about freaking time it applies to celeberties as well.

  12. That said, many believe Burress got a raw deal. Including Burress.

    “I don’t think that he will ever believe that the punishment fit the crime,” his lawyer, Peter M. Frankel told the Associated Press.

    It’s hard not to agree with Burress.


    Is it hard to agree that Mr. Burress has a responsibility to not only know the law but to follow it, especially when carrying a loaded firearm in a public place?

    Your comment is the height of irresponsibility Mike. Change the location to the grocery store where you go with your family…

    He got almost everything that he deserved; the only thing missing was a husband…

  13. tjh9985…I agree. An agent (especially this agent) singing the praises of his client. We are DYING for real news at this point!

  14. There are many unanswered questions here for me which can only be answered after he’s been released for a while. Plax was always a rogue, attending practices when he wanted and doing what he wanted, and largely got away with it because of his incredible ability to produce. Mike Vick left prison and seemed to have learned from his time behind bars. His lax work habits improved dramatically and his play was phenomenal this past year. Will Plax do the same and get even better, or will his work ethic stay the same or even go backwards? Time will tell and I really hope his prison time, overly harsh or not, will get him back on track as a man and football player.

  15. LOL

    Plaxico did hard time because of philosophy, according to the author of this article.

    Coming from a lawyer, that is a pretty big slam on the judge who heard this case, wouldn’t any sensible layperson think?

    Shooting yourself in the f*%cking leg doesn’t rise to the philosophical levels of when life begins.

    States are allowed to have their own laws, right? The Republicans love that battle. Don’t go messing it all up by calling it philosophy. It’s state law…if you don’t like it, then move.

  16. I am a retired detective. People shoot themselves about once a week in NYC. NO ONE goes to jail for it. Plax got the raw end because he was famous. Antonio Pierce HAD to cooperate or he would have been in trouble with his employer.

    Every other person says the exact same thing: I was walking down the street and the next thing I know I was shot. Deny ’till you die. You think the ER doctor’s notes are going to make it to trial? Please.

    Because there were witnesses who knew who Plax was and because the screws were put to Pierce, Plax is one of the few who will ever see prison as a result of shooting himself and no one else getting hurt. Fame screwed him (and stupidity for being in that position).

  17. Let’s consider something please. Have you been to a nightclub? It’s not exactly like it is a wide open area with people shouting across the room to talk to each other. It’s usually CRAMMED with people. The reason you have a guy at the front is in part because you want to make sure it stays at capacity, and not over. His gun went off in there. Not at home, where he would be alone or a few other people in the room, he lost control of a freaking GUN in a crowded nightclub. It’s only lucky he only shot himself. Also, consider he brought a loaded weapon like that to a CROWDED nightclub. Assuming he wasn’t bringing it to wave around to his friends to seem cool, and was bringing it in case he needed to fire it IN A CROWDED NIGHTCLUB. He also planned on using it possibly not in self defense because the thing wasn’t registered. If it was only for purposes that were legit, he’d have nothing to hide.

    So to sum up: the dude brought an illegal loaded weapon to a place crammed with people and lost control of it and fired a bullet into someone, had the bullet gone into another person, since the gun was not his, there’s a decent chance we’d never known it was him who fired it.

    Scumbag. Nailed. Hope he learns how lucky he was. The man doesn’t deserve to be enjoying himself getting paid millions to play a game.

  18. “It’s hard not to agree with Burress.”

    Are you kidding me? Look at what he was NOT charged with 1) fleeing the scene of a crime 2) destroying evidence 3) coercing/bribing a doctor to break the law and not report the gunshot wound 4) lying to the police 5) transporting evidence across state lines.

    Not to mention you’re ignoring he was offered a plea deal that would have resulted in him not missing a day of football. Aside from all that, yeah, he’s the victim.

  19. The gun laws in NYC are different than most places. Even if he had a NY state permit, he still probably would not have been allowed to carry it in NYC.

    People who carry guns know about this law. I don’t know if I agree that two years in jail is reasonable for the crime, but he knew what he was doing was illegal and he did it anyways.

    To get on topic: There is no way he’s the best FA right now. It’s already been said, but I’ll say it again. He has not played football in two years and he has been shot in the leg. He’ll get picked up, but he’s going to be used to draw some coverage off of a number 1 receiver.

  20. Reporter: “Mr. Rosenhaus, who are among these “many” teams that are interested in Plaxico?”

    Rosenhaus: “Next question please.”

  21. Keep hating on plax but he will contribute immediately in the red zone (attn: eagles) . And call me crazy but Putting a bullet threw your own leg seems like punishment enough . I hope he learns from vick , drops the arrogance , signs with philly and catch fade routes all day from #7

  22. @ttommytom

    You are not a retired detective. You are just someone who collects Dick Tracy comic books.

  23. People, people!!!

    Teams DO want Plax!!!

    Even while he was on the verge of going to jail in 2009 the Jets and Ravens were interested.

  24. Aw hell, if Rosenhaus had ME as a client, he’d say I was a top free agent.

  25. His agent is out of his mind. “top” free agent I think now. That being said, I also think he will get offers. He’s still 6’5 and can still be a big time RZ threat.

    Also as far as that superbowl, I am still to this day confused as to why ELi was the MVP. That Giants D was an all time D IMO. ( And i am an Eagles Fan) I thought the D line deserved the MVP award. When they get back to work, the guys who vote on awards should make a real effort not to just give all the awards to QB’s because they are QB’s.

  26. I didn’t know that Drew represented players in the UFL, which is the only place for Plaxico.

  27. IMO, his prison stay wasn’t long enough. I’m tired of these pro athletes thinking laws don’t apply to them, and because they grew up in a rough area with no dad, theyre entitled to do what they want. And then when they do what they want and get into trouble, they play the old “who me?” card. Now we’re starting to see it at the college level, although it’s been going on in Miami for years. The fact of this matter is, not that Plaxico shot himself, but that he brought a loaded fire arm into a crowded club, period. He’s lucky he only shot himself.

  28. Top free agent my a$$. Rosenhouse is blowing smoke. The fact that he is a convicted felon has nothing to do with it. The fact that he was a cancer on New York and Pittsburg disrespecting coaches and felling he was better than everyone else on the team (i.e. Missing meetings, late for meetings, not giving 100% all the time, etc.) is what GM’s will be looking at. Spags may sign him in ST Louis but will regret it.

  29. “It’s hard not to agree with Burress.”

    Excuse me, but do what? Carrying a loaded weapon into an establishment that serves alcohol is criminal offense pretty much everywhere with the exception of the Long Branch Saloon on Gunsmoke. Carrying a gun with “one in the pipe” by means of having it stuck in the waist band of your sweat pants should get you locked up for being too stupid to be not be a danger to yourself and everyone else.
    As for Rosenhaus’s proclamations about Plaxico being a “top free agent”, what do we know? We know that Plax is dumb (the whole loaded gun in the sweat pants/shot self in leg trick). We know Plax is going to be 34 years old this summer (lots of teams are saying to themselves, “If we could just get a few more 34 year-old WRs”). Finally, we know Plax is 2 years removed from football (cause 34 year-old WRs never see any drop in physical skills from staying out of football shape for a couple of years).
    Looks for all the world to be a “top free agent” to me.

  30. Shooting yourself in the leg and illegally possessing a firearm that goes off twice in a tight quartered nightclub are two different things, detective.

  31. Wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot long rifle.
    Besides being too old and slow now, he’ll be reduced to the “throw it up to the tall guy” option and those guys don’t last long in the league without speed. Also, he’s not the best locker room guy.

    He’ll sign a 1 year million dollar contract per Houshmanzolee and be looking for work the next year again.

  32. Gotta give it to super agent Drew. If I was a player, he’d be my agent. From Willis to BO to Poopsico he does all he can for his clients. He also has the awesome ability to show absolutely no shame.

  33. As John Madden once said, there’s being in shape and being in football shape. We’ll see which one Plax is in…

  34. How come no one ever mentions the fact that Plaxico’s WIFE is or was a LAWYER? You think he might have had an even better than average way to know what gun laws were in his state???

    The guy was a turd even when he was in Pittsburgh. Tax evasion in PA. I would guess that’s one reason they didn’t want to re-sign him besides the fact that he probably wanted more money than what the Steelers felt he was worth. He seems like a guy who thinks rules (whether they be laws of the land or of his team) don’t apply to him.

  35. The lockout is a spin-master’s paradise.

    “TONS OF TEAMS WANT PLAX,” says agent who can make more money for himself and his client if he lies or exaggerates.

    Since teams can’t really show interest in Plax, why wouldn’t Plax’s agent lie his head off?

    If/when the lockout ends, we’ll see how much interest there really is in Plax. If the lockout goes until Sept/Oct., my guess is that interest will be from teams willing to give him the veteran minimum & little if anything else.

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