Dez Bryant’s debts aren’t settled yet

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Dez Bryant indicated to the Associated Press this weekend that his financial issues were resolved and now “in the past.”

While he may be working towards that end, Calvin Watkins of reports Bryant’s statement is simply not true. Bryant still owes a jeweler and ticket broker Eleow Hunt over $600,000.

The lawsuit Hunt filed has been on hold, but remains pending.  Bryant reportedly hopes to settle when the lockout ends and he gets a $1 million bonus.

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  1. No, so he’s not just an A-hole, diva, PITA, trouble maker, he’s a liar too?


  2. But Dez, I thought your financial troubles were “done”?
    But Dez, what if the season is canceled? You will not get a bonus?


    This is why the players will agree to a owner favorable contract. They will start missing those chaecks and the attorneys, baby mamas, bailbondsmen, mortgage companies, car repo companies and others will be pounding on their doors.

    In DEmoron they trust………and will end up broke

  3. Dez will be broke 36 months after his football career is over.

  4. Oh these “partners” are really going to last long once they start missing those gamechecks. 😯

    All that tough talk will be silent then and DEz will be the first to jump ship. I will love it! 😆

  5. Let me get this straight. He gets roughly $2.5 mil in bonuses in the first year of his contract. The IRS probably takes a mil of that. He spends over a third of the remaining money. On jewelry.

    I’m assuming his financial adviser is the coin from No Country for Old Men.

  6. 1 million dollar bonus.

    330,000 Federal Taxes.

    600,000 Eleow Hunt

    30,000 (3%) to agent Eugene Parker.

    You do the math.

  7. AKA Slow Joe (Bucs fan) says:
    Jun 6, 2011 11:39 AM
    Dez will be broke 36 months after his football career is over.


    He is already broke !!!!!!!!!! 😕

  8. myballsmyrules says:
    Jun 6, 2011 11:40 AM
    Oh these “partners” are really going to last long once they start missing those gamechecks.

    All that tough talk will be silent then and DEz will be the first to jump ship. I will love it!

    Dude calm down.

    Dez and all the other spendthrifts will be sacrificed if need be, they were all warned to save since DeMaurice Smith knew this labor fight would be protacted.

    Let them go get one of 23% loans, sell some stuff, but no way will guys like him (the minority) cause the well prepared (majority) to cave. The owners better keep making concessions or YOU will have to spend Sundays with your family. You won’t be able to ignore them for 8-12 hours watching the NFL, because there will be no football in 2011. Does that thought scare the hell out of you?I’m out people …..gotta make some money.

  9. @duanethomas – I highly doubt that the “majority” of the players are prepared enough to miss more than a few game checks. I’m not at all saying that they’re all as broke/stupid as Dez Bryant, but most Americans can’t go without 3-4 paychecks without collapsing. I do realize that NFL players make more than most Americans but anybody can spend everything that comes regardless of income.

    It would seem you are assuming that anybody who isn’t as blatantly retarded financially as Dez Bryant is able to sustain indefinitely off their previous earnings, which cannot be accurate at all.

  10. Duanethomas says:

    “I’m out people …..gotta make some money.”


    You ain’t got no job man!

    Remember, the owners locked you out!

  11. Could be that Dez made an agreement to pay it off when he gets his bonus. In fact I think that’s the most plausible scenario, since the case wouldn’t be put “on hold” at Bryant’s request.

  12. @ joetoronto

    Whatever you chose to call him, were he in Oakland, Bryant would be the #1 WR and it wouldn’t be close. Dez is not the first person to grow up with very little money and then waste lots of it when a windfall comes his way. If you think he’s going to be the last, you’re wrong.

  13. Yeah, I guess since he still owes that money, then he’s really spent more than what he made in his first year. A lot more. If he made an arrangement to pay $600K with his upcoming $1 mil bonus, then that bonus is already spent too.

    I don’t know why this fascinates me so much. It’s cringe-worthy stupidity. That money should’ve paid for private school and college for his kids. Millionaires spending like billionaires.

  14. Its a good wake up call for this young kid who is going to be the biggest stud in the nfl in the next year or two leading this team to 3 SB’s this decade.

    Its easy to hate on talented studs that other fans would love to have on their team. The boys got a steal on this guy last year and he is going to be the best Wideout in the league on the most explosive team in the league. #1 offense hands down this year with the studs on this team.

    Book it DAno…LMAO.

  15. Shocking considering he had such high character marks coming out of college……right?


    If not paying your bills on time shows a lack of character, then 95% of all Americans have a lack of character. The only difference between you and Dez is that he will eventually pay what he owes.

  16. Geez Dez wishes he had that 80 G’s that he spent on Dinner right about now, how do you burn through so much cash just like that. When you do come up suddenly with cash i guess idiocy takes over…

  17. @ joetoronto

    Oh really? The kid got screwed by the NCAA because he went to Deion’s house and had a steak. Meanwhile, the NCAA knew for years about the goings on with Reggie Bush and drug their feet. The NCAA knows that Cam Newton’s daddy held an auction and yet, they decided not to do anything.
    So what are the complaints about Dez? A kid who grew up with no money whatsoever didn’t know how to handle it when it finally showed up? What a shock! Pull your wallet out and look at your cash. Once you get past “In God We Trust”, there aren’t any instructions on the bills.
    The point is, Dez is a better WR than anything Oakland has on their roster and is better than anybody Oakland has had on their roster since Randy Moss. Of course, the staff in Oakland knew just how to properly utilize Moss. Give him away for a 4th and watch him tear it up in New England with Brady.
    I know this comes as a total surprise to you, but a WR’s primary job is NOT to just run really fast. They need to have the ball. The need to be able to catch the ball when it’s thrown to them. They need to be able to run the proper pattern so that they can be open when the ball is thrown their way. Otherwise, it’s just track and field in pads.

  18. The last I checked this league wasn’t made up of choir boys. So why do we feel the need to scrutinize EVERY mistake these young men make. God forbid all our faults/mistakes were displayed to the whole world. So people get off your soap boxes and stop concerning yourself with what others are doing with THEIR own money. But I know I know => As far as some of y’all are concerned we should already kick Dez out the league, put him in jail, and throw away the key…. even though he hasn’t be found guilty of anything but ‘STUPIDITY’.

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