Eagles get the “worst moments” treatment on Tuesday

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Get ready, Philly fans.  Your turn has arrived.

The Eagles will be the subject of Tuesday’s “worst moments since the last work stoppage” segment on PFT Live.

Feel free to post your ideas in the comments.  And, please, try not to vomit.

49 responses to “Eagles get the “worst moments” treatment on Tuesday

  1. how about 01-05 after consecutively going 0-3 in the NFC championship game they almost earned the title as the JV buffalo bills who were 0-4 in consecutive superbowls but they managed to make it to the big stage and according to TO McNabb puked up his chunky soup

  2. jerome brown, fog bowl, NE Loss, TB Loss, Car Loss, AZ Loss, Dal Dal Losses, Kotite, Watching all other NFCE teams win multiple SBs, McN TO bitchfest,

  3. Other than losing the Super Bowl, the most aggravating playoff loss was probably the one to Tampa Bay where McNabb threw a pick-6 to Ronde Barber. And they played Tampa again on opening day (a night game) to open up the new stadium, the Linc. And lost again.

    The “Fog Bowl” against the Bears is probably going to make the list. That was legendary.

    For a bad regular season loss, there was the game against the Cowboys on Monday Night Football where the Eagles were about to kick a chip shot field goal while time was expiring, only Tommy Hutton fumbled the snap and picked up the ball and tried to run it in, unsuccessfully. That was in 1997.

    Or maybe the game where Tampa’s kicker kicked a 62 yard field goal with time running out to put Tampa ahead 23-21.

  4. Gosh, there have been so many. Most of them involve the Cowboys, too.

    McNabb throws a 92 yard INT to Ronde Barber to seal the loss in the last game at the Vet.

    Losing 3 to the Cowboys in ’09.

    Criminal court at the Vet to expedite the prosecution of thousands of drunken retards.

    Cheering Michael Irvin’s career-ending injury.

    McNabb doing a pretty spry end zone moonwalk after scoring a TD at the Linc in ’05, then pretending that his vag hurt after giving up the game-winner to a lumbering Roy Williams (the crappy safety) with less than three minutes to play and half-heartedly giving chase.

    Andy Reid trying to outsmart Bill Parcells and giving up the quickest score in NFL history on the way to a loss in ’03.

    “For who? For what?”

    Signing Vick.

    Any time Andy Reid had to pay particular interest to clock or game management.

  5. I vote for when the new stadium was built, and they tried to get away with not allowing you to bring your own food in so you had to buy their concessions, and with a straight faced said it was because of terrorism.

  6. Hands down it was the Joe Jurevicius catch and run. I was at the game… opening kickoff with a beauty of a return by Brian Mitchell and heckuva run by Deuce- it seemed easy, too easy- I’ll never forget watching Blaine Bishop get burned and then stop as Joe rumbled down the sideline. Gut wrenching play and loss. I still haven’t gotten over it- that was our year! As Deuce said, we should’ve run the ball more, and people wonder why we don’t “appreciate” Andy Reid more- he blew it! Runner up moments are Mike Mamula over Warren Sapp, Fed Ex over Reggie Wayne, T.O. pushups in the drive way, the Arizona NFC Championship loss (the last hurrah for that Eagles Core- again that was our year… and a horrific non-call on Rod Hood sealed the Eagles as losers once again), the Patriots Super Bowl loss that we could’ve, should’ve, didn’t, Jerome Brown passing away (this was more of a sad moment filled with the “What if…”), letting Reggie White leave for Green Bay, Brian Dawkins not finishing his career in Midnight Green… god writing this is making me depressed- I’m gonna go rewatch the Phillies World Series vs. Tampa Bay.

  7. 5. Tie with Cincinnati Bengals…McNabb has no idea games can end in a tie.
    4. Tom Hutton fumbling away an extra point snap to tie the Cowgirls on MNF in 1997
    3. T.O. doing situps in the driveway.
    2. McNabb to Ronde Barber in the NFC Championship game to close “The Vet”
    1. R.I.P. Jerome Brown

  8. Oh, there’s so, so many. Where to begin?

    How about the 2002 NFCCG against the Bucs that we were supposed to win? Or maybe the next year against the Panthers?

    Don’t worry, PFT. It’ll be easy to find 5. There’s so many to choose from.

  9. Hands down, no-brainer worst moment-

    Making Bad Newz Ron Mexico our starting QB.

    2nd worst- Signing the no-character bum in the first place! 😡

    BOTH are worse than losing Super Bowls, losing Reggie White to FA, losing Brian Dawkins etc.

  10. Worst moment? NFC title game loss to Tampa in January ’03, no question. As an Eagle’s fan you get used to woefully underachieving losses but that one was the worst. The Raider’s rolling over and handing the Bucs an easy ring two weeks later added insult to injury.

  11. i know that booing mcnabb will be on there, so please keep in mind while you’re covering it that it was a small group organized by a radio station (610 WIP) and does not/never did represent eagles fans.

    i gotta think that losing to tampa in 04, losing the superbowl in 05, and the TO shibacle in 05 will all be on there as well.

  12. @johnnyoclock

    Cool story, except for the part where it’s not true. I don’t know what you’re trying to bring in, but as long as it’s in a clear plastic bag, you’re cool.

  13. Monday Night football.

    Opening of Lincoln Financial Field.

    Stallone running around to “Rocky.”

    Revenge for the NFC Championship Game.

    17-0 loss.

    Terrible. One of the worst non-playoff losses ever.

  14. There have been so many and they’ve all been so wonderful….

    Rich Kotite was great

    Pelting relentlessly a couple of 49ers fans with snow balls was awesome too

    beating up and booing Santa Claus

    Sit-ups in the driveway…

    my personal favorite was the 10 minute long 2 minute drill in Super Bowl XXXIX. McNabb pukes, Patriots win 3 Super Bowls in 4 years. Couldn’t be a more perfect day!!!

  15. Drew Rosenhaus talking to the media while T.O. does situps behind him in his driveway.

  16. The absolute worst moment for the Eagles had to be losing the NFC Championship game to Tampa Bay after the 2002 season. This was the game everyone expected the Eagles to win and advance to the Super Bowl. They had dominated Tampa Bay the past few years and had beaten them easily during the regular season. After Duce Staley scored a touchdown literally within seconds on the opening kickoff there was no doubt that the Eagles would soon be celebrating the victory. It went all downhill from there. Its certainly the most deflating loss that I’ve ever witnessed by the Eagles.

  17. My personal favorite:

    Losing to the Skins, 20-6, in the 1990 playoffs, at the Vet. Earnest Byner fumbled deep in Philly territory near the end of the first half, with the Eagles returning it for a touchdown, only to have it called back because Byner was down. Then, Buddy Ryan benched Randall Cunningham in favor of Jim McMahon. After a three-and-out, Cunningham was put back in, but he was furious about being benched. That win avenged that season’s Monday night “bodybag game.”

  18. Ooops! almost forgot – Todd Stinkston getting bitch slapped in the playoffs against the panthers.

  19. I have been to every eagles game in the last 10 years and lets be honest I am only 22 and boy have I seen some bad games. the AZ loss where they return the kick to the 3 after we kicked a game leading field goal with like 10 seconds left. we blew a 24 7 lead to the giants in the fourth qtr. the 3 picks to ricky manning jr, the superbowl disaster, the TO driveway act. Rush Limbaugh. How about the dallas loss where mcnabb threw a pick with 1 minute left and got knocked out for the rest of the year on the same play. We got fourth and 9 against the saints on divisional weekend only to have it called back on a false start and then punted and the saints ran out the clock. blown out back to back weekends to end the season against Dallas. the loss to open the linc wasn’t fun, nor was the night we retired reggie white’s #92 only to lose 42-0 to the worst NFC champion in the past 20 years the Seattle Seahawks. the hole sean mcdermott era when the guy couldn’t call a good game to save his life. we drafted mike mamula for god sakes, that might be the worst of them all.

  20. @derekjetersmansion that story is very true. they tried to keep fans from bringing their own food to the game. and they did blame it on terrorism. absolutely true. just scandalous.

  21. you should do a feature on the Eagles greatest moments………LOL other than some stuff in the 1950’s and a couple SB loses it will be a very short list

  22. 5) Jerome Brown dying before ’92
    4)Randall Cunningham blowing out his knee wk one of 1991 season
    3) losing Reggie White after ’92
    2) Worst 2-minute drive ever in S.B. / McNabb puking
    1) NFC Champ loss to TB – this one hurt more then the other four combined

    Honorable mention: NFC champ loss to Carolina, NFC champ loss to AZ, back to back losses to Cowboys at end of ’09, drafting freddie mitchell, the whole 2005 season (TO suspended, McNabb, Westbrook, Dawkins, Sheppard all injured). the Fog Bowl, 1995 divisional playoff game when Peete got injured and Cunningham came in and sucked because he hadn’t practiced all week b/c his kid was born etc.

  23. kevsright says:
    Jun 7, 2011 6:00 AM
    Hands down, no-brainer worst moment-

    Making Bad Newz Ron Mexico our starting QB.

    2nd worst- Signing the no-character bum in the first place!

    BOTH are worse than losing Super Bowls, losing Reggie White to FA, losing Brian Dawkins etc.


    Agree 100% Kev!! Nothing tops signing that sadistic, evil, no character POS.

  24. really though, you could also list the 1. Eagles refusing to pay 8 million dollars they owe the city of Philly (which is broke as it is), 2. firing a mentally handicapped stadium worker for complaining on facebook about Brian Dawkins getting released, 3 Joe Banner telling a 40+ year fan on the radio to find another team if he didn’t like what the Eagles were doing, and Jeff Lurie calling the Eagles the gold standard of the NFL….you know, without winning 1 SB……………….class organization

  25. Not re-signing Reggie White was a huge disappointment….

    How the eagles just let him walk away is beyond me

  26. I’d second McNabb puking on the field during the Super Bowl

    …but I’ll try to be kind as despite their 6 Super Bowl appearances and 3 Championships, the Patriots have as long a list of worst moments as any team out there

  27. They Hoagie ban was a joke, but forgotten in the uproar of the Hoagie ban, was the fact they built a stadium worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and forgot, (except for the VIP section of course) to put in water fountains,or as they called it an “oversight”. What Design firm builds a public building and forgets water fountains? But they did have water for 5 bucks a bottle…

    Other worst moments….
    The 14-3 Loss to Carolina in the NFC Champ Game…
    The fact Bob Kraft bought the Pats, as that was team Jeffy wanted to buy with borrowed money from Mommy…
    Signing Jevon Kearse, a huge waste of money…
    Braman making the players buy their own socks and jocks during training camp…
    Bobby Hoying….
    Kevin Allen testing positive for coke after arriving at training camp, and then spending 3 years in prison for sexual assault. Banned from the league…9th pick in the draft
    Freddie Mitchell…..
    Joe Banner trying to convice himself and Eagles fans that the Eagles are on par with the Steelers…
    The Flare fired from the Flare gun at the Vet…
    My Uncle missing Jimmy Johnson with a snowball at the Vet from the 700 level, inches away…..
    I could go on All day….

  28. losing to tampa and carolina in the 2002 and 2003 was tough to deal with. along with the 1998 season before mcnabb was drafted when we went 2-14 or whatever it was.

    but not resigning reggie white was the biggest disappointment, hands down. not resigning dawkins is close but most fans were resigned to that fact he would be moving on since he was on a lame duck contract.

  29. The Ray Rhodes “don’t let em rape” your family inspirational speech, while talkin about a game..

    Rick Kotite beginning the season 7-2,talking contract,…and ending up 7-9

    The guy who got a free standing room only ticket to the NFC Champ. Game versus Atlanta, for helping shovel 20 some odd inches of snow in the seats, and lost a hand to frostbite cause the team didn’t provide them with gloves….And the team blaming him.

    Randall Cunningham’s gold tipped shoelaces…

    The fact they let someone wear Reggie White’s # 92 the training camp following his departure…

    15 years of….”Having to do a better job there”

    The 14-3 loss to Carolina, yes again….Damn that was the most pathetic showing by a group of men ever…..

    The Kelly Green Jersey’s departure…

    And Finally, Letting Dawk walk, And then telling everyone he will always be an Eagle……Then why isn’t he still?

  30. easy choice, 2010 season, January 2011 when Reid, Vick and the Eagles were getting to ride their awesome talents to their 1st SB win ever….. they run into and lose on their home field 16-21 to the GB Packers in the wild-card game and crush the hopes and dreams of their devoted fans ONE MORE TIME!!!

  31. Hey Jeffro…..

    Listen sport, you might want to get your facts straight before commenting…..It was Mcnabb’s dad who accused TO of black on black crime..Not TO…..TO was right about McNabb all along……
    Ugly is stupid with 2 less letters………

  32. what coulda been the worst is when we were in High school,, puffin an L in the upclass area and ran into 30 cops and media in front of TO’s house..

    if he wasnt doin sit ups,, we were toast.

  33. Never winning a Super Bowl
    Reggie White going to GB
    The loss of Jerome Brown
    Vick gets the Ed Block courage award.
    Dawkins walks and that was just wrong.

  34. Dawkins is better off on a team with championship lineage anyway. Besides he’s going to retire as a Bronco so it’s a moot point. I can’t really imagine what Philly has ever done right. They’ve been a beacon of futility in the sports world. The Dallas Mavericks of the NFL. Your team has problems so deep they’ll never be resolved. It doesn’t matter how much talent you have on this team because they always find new and interesting ways to fall on their faces.

  35. I gotta go with the Bucs closing down the old Vet with an unexpected beatdown of the Eagles followed up by opening of the new stadium with a shutout.

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