Michael Crabtree shows for 49ers “minicamp”


After quite a bit of chatter regarding Michael Crabtree’s absence from 49ers player-only workouts this offseason, it’s only fair that we alert you that Crabtree showed up on Monday.

Mindi Bach of the ComcastBayArea.com reports Crabtree was in the house for the first day of the first day of the Alex Smith organized “minicamp” on Monday.

Smith isn’t messing around.  He knows Jim Harbaugh’s offense better than the rest of the team at this point, so the first item on the agenda at the camp was a “classroom session” in which Smith was likely the professor.

The odds remain against Smith somehow turning his career around with his latest last chance in San Francisco, but it’s hard not to admire the effort.

“Nothing against decisions that other guys have made in the past, [but] I feel like [leaving is] such an easy way out,” Smith said last week via the San Jose Mercury News. “I don’t know of any other guy that has ever attempted to do what I’m doing. If there’s anything that I feel like I stand for as a person, not even a football player, it’s that.”

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  1. Maybe he got some advice from Freddie “Hands of Stone” Mitchell….. lol …. F.Y.I. Mo-Town Maulers is waaay better than silver crush sweded out

  2. Well I am sure the other players were honored that Crabtree would bless them with his presence. That was so nice for Crabtree to spend a lil bit of time with those inferior to him.

  3. Holdup was due to Crabtree was having trouble securing accomodation for his entourage in the area at this time of the year.

  4. Say what you will about Alex Smith’s career thus far but must say that I do admire how he is handling things at this very moment. Says a lot about a guys character for situations like this. Not many FA’s will go the extra mile to help a team that obviously won’t commit long-term on you. Granted he knows that the Niners (due to the lockout) give him the best chance to prove his not a total bust. Hopefully this season he’ll be able to remove that label. Not saying Probowls but we can stop the Ryan Leaf comparisons for sure.

  5. Am I wrong? Lol look at the pic he’s not coming down with the ball, its actually bouncing away with his hands up in the air like a bad sport, real diva like with all the under armour and tape on his wrists.

  6. Alex Smith does not know of anyone who has attempted to go from 1st pick in the draft BUST to a back up QB ??

  7. I hope Alex has a Jim Plunkett time of resurection of his career. This may be the staff where he finally puts it all together.

  8. I would say 90% of 49ers fans hate Alex and will never give him a chance. Personally I believe Alex has done well the last two seasons despite many issues all around him, including conservative play calling, weak offensive line play and inexperienced offensive coordinators.

    How Alex haters can watch him voluntarily organize team activities and find a way to see negativity in that is beyond me.

  9. I think you still have half the league to go with these “workout” stories. I would be interested in knowing how strenuous these workouts really are. Are they really benefit from a football sense? I guess time will tell on that.

  10. Apparently once you’ve been elected to the HoF you become irrelevant in conversations about turning your career around.

    i.e. Steve Young

    i.e. Terry Bradshaw

    The one comparison that can be made is Terry Bradshaw. Not saying Smith has 4 Super Bowls in him nor am I saying that he’s a future HoF’er. I am saying that his numbers and his career are eerily similar in a lot of respects. Since he’s not moved on to other teams(i.e. Plunkett and Young), Bradshaw is a legitimate comparison. Kid is still one of the youngest QBs’ in the league and has a lot of upside in the right environment. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect. Just has to be manageable. Receivers have to catch the ones that hit them in the hands(Arnaz Battle did caught EVERYTHING in one season) Linemen have to block. And Coaches have to have some idea of what the hell they’re doing. No QB could thrive in the environment 49er QBs’ have been in for the last 7 years.

  11. I’m one of the most passionate 49ers fan around, Let’s give Alex Smith another shot. Their not going to bring anyone else in. F@ck it, Lets GO Niners!

  12. “sweded775 says:
    Jun 6, 2011 2:30 PM
    Am I wrong? Lol look at the pic he’s not coming down with the ball, its actually bouncing away with his hands up in the air like a bad sport, real diva like with all the under armour and tape on his wrists.”

    Good catch, sweded775, unlike Mr Crabtree. He looks like a diva out there and probably has an Affliction/Ed Hardy shirt on underneath which makes him a D-bag.

  13. Hey look no Raider fans interjecting. Must suck for you guys, Crabtree is practicing, DHB is still dropping balls.

  14. You have to admire that Alex smith keeps getting knocked down and yet keeps getting up. I hope to god that this guy is the classic example of the little kid getting beat up all his life and then one day just turns into an animal and rips heads off at anyone trying to mess with him.

    Alright ALEX SMITH!!!! SHOW THESE MOFOS WHAT YOU GOT. Its all or none baby! Niners for life!

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