Mike McCarthy sees value in player-organized workouts


The Green Bay Packers haven’t been gathering for the kinds of major player-run minicamps that some teams have had, and at least one Packer, A.J. Hawk, has publicly disparaged such workouts.

But Packers coach Mike McCarthy thinks those workouts are worthwhile.

“I think there’s value any time a group of players get together,” McCarthy told the Green Bay Press Gazette. “The ability to work out, the group dynamics involved in these types of sessions are healthy. That’s more about team building and helping the younger guys and developing as a group. How much of it and which positions and so forth, it really varies from team to team, but I think there’s definitely value when people do get together.”

McCarthy didn’t come out and say he wants his players doing that — and he’d be breaking the rules of the lockout if he encouraged his players to conduct their own workouts — but he did say he expects his players to stay in shape.

“I’m not aware of [any player-run workouts] because I can’t communicate with our guys, but I’m sure they’re working out hard,” McCarthy said. “I trust and believe that they will be prepared when they do come back, but as far as I know, they’ll do what they need to do.”

McCarthy was speaking at his charity golf tournament, which no active players attended. But he will get to see his players in 10 days, when the Packers get their Super Bowl rings.

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  1. MM’s run in GB will rival that of the late, great Vincent ….. GB owns the NFL at the moment …. Expect that moment to last a few years ….. How sweet it will be ……

  2. If they feel there is little or nothing to gain from these workouts you will never hear a coach say it they will not discourage players from trying to improve especially through the media. The biggest gain from player run workouts is team building and chemistry along with the belief that they are working to get better.

  3. Pretty sure when I decide my 53 man roster and it comes down to 2 guys, I’m gonna take the guy that went to the player workout.

  4. “I’m not aware of [any player-run workouts] because I can’t communicate with our guys, but I’m sure they’re working out hard,” McCarthy said.


    If anyone out there believes that then I have a bridge in Brooklyn I am willing to sell you. Cheap.

  5. With no trainers or medical staff on-hand, I believe player-organized workouts carry a greater than usual risk of injuries.

  6. I don’t like the fact these guys could get injured either. Just because we won a title with 15 guys on IR doesn’t mean we should try to repeat that same feat.

    As far as guys staying in shape, I’d believe the vast majority are staying in shape. This Packer team is highly motivated. I actually think this lockout helps out the Pack a bit. The Pack played into Feb, are return almost all the guys.

    The other thing is, after Holmgren won his title one of the player complaints were he pushed too hard and caused burn out.

  7. packerbacker12 says:
    Jun 7, 2011 3:58 PM

    Are you seriously making a ‘fat’ joke? How old are you? 10?


    Them’s the ropes around here pal. Even the editors do it.

    PFT in “Vikings’ deal with Ramsey County could be abandoned after July 1”:

    “But with the Minnesota Legislature moving more slowly than Pat Williams through a buffet line,”

    I suggest to learn to take things with a grain of salt and go with life’s flow.

  8. @cusoman,

    I know that but that fat joke on McCarthy was pretty worthless considering he lost quite a bit of weight before last season, at least from what I saw.

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