NFL plans for season as short as eight games


At a time when signs of real optimism finally are beginning to emerge regarding a labor deal that would allow the season to start on time, Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal reports that the NFL is planning for a season that would be as short as eight games.

An eight-game season would begin in late November, with a whopping five weeks allowed for free agency, training camps, and maybe a single preseason game.  This would require a deal to be reached in October.

In 1982, the NFL played only nine games due to a strike, and no one ever questions the legitimacy of the Redskins’ Super Bowl trophy.  That year, the NFL set up a 16-team tournament, with only 12 teams not making it to the postseason.  In each conference, one 4-5 team landed in the No. 8 spot, nudging out two other 4-5 franchises in each conference.  (The two 4-5 teams — Detroit and Cleveland — lost in the first round.)

Still, one less game feels less legitimate.  Several 4-4-or-worse teams undoubtedly would qualify for the playoffs.  And while in 1982 the 8-1 Redskins and 7-2 Dolphins advanced to the championship game after the strike wiped out seven games in the middle of the season, there’s a chance that a 3-5 team could get hot and win the whole thing, which would could move the asterisk from the NFLPA to Super Bowl XLVI.

With the league able to play the Indianapolis Super Bowl as late as February 12 and thus the conference title games on February 5, the regular season could end on January 15, which would allow an eight-game season to begin on Thanksgiving weekend, possibly with the Lions and Cowboys kicking off the season in their traditional fourth-Thursday-in-November spot and the first full Sunday landing on November 27.

Though Kaplan reports that the league is looking at five weeks of prep time, we’ve previously heard that the absolute minimum is three weeks, which would put the drop-dead date on which all of us would tell the league and the players to drop dead in early November.

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  1. I think if it is only going to be 8 games then it should be 0. Shut the season down and let the players and owners suffer, don’t make a joke of a season.

  2. I guess if it comes down to 8 games, I’m taking the season off in protest. No ticket purchases, no jerseys no NFL expenditures whatever.

  3. “In 1982, the NFL played only nine games due to a strike, and no one ever questions the legitimacy of the Redskins’ Super Bowl trophy. ”


    Really? Lots of folks view that (AND 1987) as tainted and asterisk quality football.

  4. The only way people would question a shortened season super bowl win in if Jay Cutler wins it.

  5. 8 games????!!!!!????

    this is BS, we want our full NFL season dude,

    ev1 involved is dumb – how could you kill the golden goose,

    you had a great product in the NFL for the consumer – why mess with it over GREED?

    is all the money ya’ll (BOTH SIDES) making not enough?


    not for football when you are getting paid SO MUCH already for what you love to do…

    if multi-millions isnt enough for you do something else

  6. @34sweetness

    Pretty sure they could play 20 games and still question the season if Cutler was the winning QB.

  7. clintonportishead,

    more so in 1987 when the stats/records from the replacement games were considered in the final records. The Redskins had an undefeated replacement team.

  8. If this is what they have in mind…”They can all….DROP DEAD…..cancel the season and be done with it and see how many fans are going to return…the golden goose has just been prepared for thanksgiving dinner.

  9. You can’t criticize the NFL for being prepared. They need to be ready for all contingencies. Like adding an asterisk to whomever wins the title from an eight game season.

  10. I may be an amazingly optimistic Vikings fan, but I wouldn’t want to win a SB in an 8 game season. And I don’t think any fan should want their team to win it that way and get made fun of. But shouldn’t the owners have the common sense that creating a joke of a season will lose more fans than losing a whole season. But these are rich owners flying by the seat of their pants looking to make a buck.

  11. I wonder if everyone said they’d never watch football again after those shortened seasons?

  12. 8 games? Why even bother. Last strike season had “SCABS” playing the game and football was still being played, maybe not on a high level, but we still had football. This year if there are only 8 games then what’s the point? Are the season ticket holders that have purchased tickets get a refund? How is that going to work? Also, is the league being a little hypocritical talking about safety? Are the players going to be football ready to take the hits? another question is; how good will the quality of the product? If I am paying a beau-coup amount of money for season tickets I am expecting a great product not something just put together ad-hoc just to have the season. Will I watch? About 100% I will. And most true fans will. What;s the other option? Cricket?!!

  13. I’ll be irate if fans actually pay for tickets to those 8 games… you’re a complete sucker if you do.

  14. You guys talking about not going to any of the games are complete liars.

    If you like football, youll go to the games like you always do and the shortened season will probably be pretty exciting.

  15. i would say 10 games or none. what is the point of a season with an aesterisk behind it? I am beginning to like the NFL more and more (actually less & less). They may be making my financial choices for me. If the NFL FORCES the fans to put up with a partial season for the sake of some $ revenue or the MN legislatue/Vikings cant get new stadium deal done, both of these issues will be fixed for me, I will strike on NFL and give up my season tix for future and/or Vikings can move. I do enjoy fishing with my sons in the fall and winter anyway & cheaper than NFL. IF games tix, player salaries, endorsements, licensing, & tv deals were all in check with economy and there was legitimate struggling going on, public & fans may be more understanding, but this is crap.

  16. Who would have gone to playoffs if they only played 8 games last year? Or the year before? Just curious.

  17. Why does the season need to be shortened? What would stop them from running the season into April if need be? If that means a shorter “off-season” for both players and owners, who cares? Fitting punishment for delaying the season with their bickering to begin with.

  18. Last year I took the beginning of the season off. No watching football. My dad was sick, I was building a house, and I had a baby on the way. I was amazed at all the things I got accomplished without football taking up my Sundays. I would watch the highlights on the news late Sunday and didn’t feel like I was missing to much. It was rough at first but I became accustomed to not watching the game with my friends.
    If there is a shortened season many people might realize they like their Sundays better without football.
    Maybe the owners and player should start thinking about that.

  19. I’ll be irate if fans actually pay for tickets to those 8 games… you’re a complete sucker if you do.

    Sadly as a season tix holder i already have, teams start process for renewals 1 month after super bowl every year in March.

  20. @34sweetness

    Pretty sure they could play 20 games and still question the season if Cutler was the winning QB.


    Ha ha. True.

  21. There would go the Chargers chances since they always play better in the 2nd half of the season.. or would this count as the 2nd half of the season since it’d start in the 2nd half of the season? hmm

  22. berniemadoffsides says:
    Jun 6, 2011 10:23 AM

    I’ll be irate if fans actually pay for tickets to those 8 games… you’re a complete sucker if you do.
    I’ll be a complete sucker then. And I’m sure I’ll be sitting with tens of thousands of other complete suckers.

    Anyone who really thinks that a shortened season is going to cause fans to stay away in any kind of large numbers is a complete fool. There may be a few more non-sellouts than usual, but there will still be millions of dollars worth of tickets and merchandise sold this year.

    We’re not suckers, we’re addicts.

  23. If I have to pay full game price for my season tickets for a 4 game season, I will be pissed; especially if I have to pay for a preseason game.

  24. Dear NFL & Players,
    If you insist on posturing and dragging your heals from March to September, don’t bother with a 2011 season… playoffs and SB will be a tainted waste, just like this offseason has been.

  25. ClintonPortisheadd,

    Not sure how it would be tainted since they just didn’t randomly pick two teams to play in the Superbowl. They chose the teams with the best record at the end of the shortened season and put them in a playoff tournament. Yeah it sucks and we all want to see the entire season played out. But I for one don’t know of too many people view the Champions of those strike shortenes season as a tainted winner. They played the same number of games as everyone else.

  26. I guess the great dictator/censor does not approve of my language regarding imposters

  27. Yes, people did question the legitimacy of the Redskins Super Bowl win in 1983 both at the time and now 28 years later.

    People also question the legitimacy of the Redskins 1988 Super Bowl win after the season of replacement player games.

    Seems as if the only time the Redskins can actually win a championship is during a shortened, illegitimate season of football.

  28. If the season ended after only eight games last year the following teams would have made the playoffs.

    NFC Teams
    Atlanta 6-2
    NYG 6-2
    GB 5-3
    Seattle 4-4
    NO 5-3
    Chicago 5-3

    The only change to this by the end of the season was that Philly overtook the NYG’s for the East division. Otherwise the same teams basically made the playoffs.

    AFC Teams
    NE 6-2
    Pittsburgh 6-2
    Indy 5-3
    KC 5-3
    Baltimore 6-2
    NYJ 6-2

    These were the exact same six teams to make the playoffs at the end of the year.

    The end result would find zero teams under .500 last year at the halfway mark and the only team of all 12 teams that would be left out in the cold had the season ended after 8 games would have been the Eagles. (they were 5-3 and just missed the cut)

    Maybe this is what the Owners were thinking about when they came up with this idea.

    I would prefer an entire season also but it seems like an entire 16 game season last year gave a lot more profit to the owners, contributed to many more injuries, gave all of us more enjoyable Sunday afternoons but in the end didn’t change the playoff picture much at all.

  29. ALL OR NONE.

    I will no longer support this business if they do not play all 16 games. I will cancel my NFL Ticket service after 15 years and will NOT return. Being from Nebraska, I would also attend one away game per year to support my team. NO MORE.

    If the players and league can not come to an agreement soon (especially in this economy), then they have lost a fan of more than 35 years.


    (After all, I can now watch the Huskers dominate the Big Ten.)

  30. I’m no Redskins fan, but I have to laugh at all the comments questioning their championships in 82 and 87. Let’s be real. Fans of every other team would have been esctatic if their team had won those years. Are you going to tell me that you wouldn’t be yelling your head off if your team was 4-4 and was in OT of their first playoff game?

  31. Vince Lombardi, George Halas and company will be rolling over in their graves. This is football boys. You play for the love of the game, and remember if it wasn’t for the fans you would all have to find anotehr line of work.

    The fans fill the owner’s pockets. The owners fill the players pockets. Many fans are priced or iced out of ever attending a football game. It’s time for both groups to make concessions for the integrity of the game. It’s time for both groups to put aside self and think about the folks that really write all their paychecks – the fans. Benn an NFL fan for well over forty years. My first memnory is the Ice Bowl. With both sides of this issue acting like spoiled brats, there are many fans like msyelf that will walk away.

  32. Note that the picture accompanying the post is NOT from the definitive play. On that one, it was Don McNeil #28, with one arm broken and in a cast, trying to drag down Riggins on a short yardage play that busted for a long touchdown run. An all time heartbreaking crusher of a lowlight for fin’s fans.

  33. 8 games? Everyone knows season ticket holders – indeed all real fans – demand 10 more regular season games.

  34. dontouchmyjunk says:
    Jun 6, 2011 11:02 AM
    Yes, people did question the legitimacy of the Redskins Super Bowl win in 1983 both at the time and now 28 years later.

    People also question the legitimacy of the Redskins 1988 Super Bowl win after the season of replacement player games.

    Seems as if the only time the Redskins can actually win a championship is during a shortened, illegitimate season of football.
    So explain the SB in 1992. And while they didn’t win in ’84 they ran through the competition that year only losing twice. Going to the SB back to back should spell the fluke thing you talk about. In ’88 going to Soldier Field and beating a very good Bears team showed how good the Skins were as well as coming out of a very stacked NFC East conference against excellent Giants and Eagles teams.

  35. there’s a chance that a 3-5 team could get hot and win the whole thing, which would could move the asterisk from the NFLPA to Super Bowl XLVI.

    What’s the problem? Last year, a mediocre team snuck into the playoffs because of two bad officiating calls, got hot, and won the Super Bowl and nobody complains that it isn’t legitimate.

  36. There’s no reason we can’t have the full slate of games. It’s June. You’ve been told to work it out. So WORK IT OUT!

    This is ridiculous. Twits.

  37. What’s the problem? Last year, a mediocre team snuck into the playoffs because of two bad officiating calls, got hot, and won the Super Bowl and nobody complains that it isn’t legitimate
    someone speaking bad about the packers? i must be hallucinating!!

  38. “Though Kaplan reports that the league is looking at five weeks of prep time, we’ve previously heard that the absolute minimum is three weeks, which would put the drop-dead date on which all of us would tell the league and the players to drop dead in early November.”


    Oh, I’ll be telling the NFL to drop dead well before that.

  39. Yawn. This is just more NFL posturing, more attempts at leverage, just like the “lockout fund” (illegal!) with the networks, more propaganda trying to get the players to revolt.

    The truth is that this won’t go anywhere near this long. The NFLPA decertification will be valid by mid-September at the latest, and possibly mid-July if the NLRB sides with the players, as is expected. When that happens, the owners will be forced to put in work rules that will A) require them to pay the players’ their full salaries no matter how many games get played, or even if no games get played at all, and B) that will allow the players to get paid while the anti-trust lawsuits proceed, because there will be no NFLPA and no CBA in place to stop the basis for those lawsuits.

    The players don’t want the NFL to lose their anti-trust exemption and with it the salary cap floor and the draft, but prefer that to being rolled by the NFL. So, after the NLRB and/or the courts allow them to decertify and the work rules are put in place, the players will come back to the table. Except that when that happens, the players will have 100% of the leverage. It would have been a total, complete, humiliating loss for the owners, and one that will result in several franchises being sold and several others being moved. The folks who are backing Mike Brown to the hilt right now, for instance, will see Brown either sell the team or move it to Los Angeles (or sell the team to someone who will move it to Los Angeles).

    My guess: the owners will fold as soon as either the NLRB or the federal courts inform the NFLPA of a date that they can legally decertify. The owners know it. The players know it. The lawyers know it. Everyone knows it but the pro-owner fans.

  40. Get real, people.

    If you care enough about football to post on this site, there’s no way you are going to walk away if they shorten the season.


    No worries, though. This will absolutely be settled before any games are lost. Assuming the 8th Circuit rules within the next two weeks, this will all be over by the middle of July.

  41. Court should rule that both the players and owners—and I mean them, not their flunkies—should have to re-paint all the stadiums where taxpayer money was a part of the deal. And make them eat hot dogs and drink beer from the unemployed vendors all damn day, until their arses are the size of their egos.

  42. Reality Police – there are many of us that love the game that are tired of whiny athletes and owner’s willing to try to buy championships. Ask MLB how many fans walked away after their last strike. Many of us have not returned.

    It’s Joe and Jane Public that purchase tickets, enrich their sponsors, and line their pockets. There is something wrong here. As salaries have continued to esacalte out of control, it is the $ sign that has become important to both management and player. If we the fans send a message with our feet, perhaps the next generation of fans will reap the reward of our determination to put love of the game back into the mix.

  43. wanna bet? the ONLY way i would stay is if my boys talked me into it if they like it that much, childish bickering over 9 bil in a crap economy and make fans put up with possible aesterisk season with very short free agency, draft picks need to be signed, training camp time missed, its all a joke. & if NFL wants to have any success with training camps, there better be a whole lot of free autograph sessions and giveaways. I may sound childish but am a kid at heart when it comes to football and believe NFL & co. should completely bend over backwards to make good to fans. I know it will never happen but believe fans deserve it.

  44. I just don’t get it. I mean everyone including the courts is telling them to mediate but yet no one is really is taking the initiative to step forward and hold daily meetings. I mean they held the “secret” meetings in Chicago which was good but do it on a daily basis don’t wait for a court decision which would give leverage to one side that such an unfair cba will be worked out and then 2-3 years down the road were in the same position.

  45. Nfl is killing itself .Half theses guys will be out of shape and will not be worth watching . Who cares anymore the NFL has become a punchline to a bad joke.

  46. If the season is shortened then I’ll be watching a lot more college ball. Not that I need an excuse to follow my Alma Mater (SDSU, win or lose we still booze!) but I know college teams will show up week in and week out and play their hearts out.

    The fact that NFL looked at the last season with the revenues going through the roof, viewership higher than ever and the nation hooked on the product and they can’t figure out a better way to split the pie shows how short sighted the whole league is. So shorten this to 8 games. Destroy all of the progress you made. Lose market share to other people who will be ready to go in the fall. Just don’t come back like some crackhead saying “Let’s forget the last half a year wasted because we’re back, did you miss us?” SMDH

  47. If the NFL missed even one game look for it to take at least 10 years to recover it’s good name and regain it’s fan base. I haven’t watched baseball or been into it whatsoever since the strike in the early 90’s when we were droppin mad bombs over Baghdad son! Bring on the Fresno State Bulldogs, which make no money playing their sport…

  48. An 8 game season would suck, but would it may serve as a nice distraction following the end of deer season and the Grey Cup.

    On another note, at least we still have the CFL north of the border. Go Argos!

  49. macgee:

    There can’t be any mediation because if the NFLPA* does anything beyond token attempts to comply with court-ordered mediation so as not to be marched off to jail for contempt of court, then the NFL owners will claim that the NFLPA* has forfeited their claim on decertification by negotiating. It’s a bad claim, as a CBA was negotiated while the NFLPA was decertified in the past, but the NFLPA* can’t afford the risk of some pro-business judge in the pocket of the owners’ accepting it.

    The owners for their part have to pull out all the stops to delay decertification for as long as possible, because if decertification goes through, the owners will wind up having to sign a deal that is even worse than the last one just to get the players to drop their anti-trust suits and recertify.

    The time for daily meetings to get a deal done was back in 2009, when the owners chose to opt out of the CBA (as was their right) in the first place. Instead, the owners chose a war to get a more favorable negotiating climate for themselves, and a war is what they got.

  50. I am glad people are screaming that 8 games would be meaningless and unjust……..I just hope people continue that line of thinking when the Redskins trot out their rings……2 of which are during strike years!!!!

  51. thephantomstranger says:
    What’s the problem? Last year, a mediocre team snuck into the playoffs because of two bad officiating calls, got hot, and won the Super Bowl and nobody complains that it isn’t legitimate.

    So saith the Vikings fan. You guys sure know all about mediocre teams, don’t you?

    Green Bay Packers – 13 Times World Champions
    Minnesota Vikings – A Trophy Case Full of Dust Bunnies and Broken Dreams

  52. @just4given:

    Can you honestly say you loved baseball as much as you love football? Few can.

    And the “many people walked away from baseball and didn’t go back” is kind of an urban myth. Baseball has recovered virtually all of it’s audience, and did it in a relatively short amount of time.

    Sure baseball isn’t what it was 30 years ago, but that’s because of football, not their own labor troubles.

    Not only has hockey recovered all of it’s audience, attendance wise, but many fans THANKED hockey for the salary cap and rule changes that came out of a lost season.

    Their TV problems are of their own making- choosing to take more money from Versus and alienating ESPN- and not a result of their labor issues.

    Look- I’m not accusing anyone of lying. I am sure you honestly believe you could walk away if the football season was lost or shortened.

    I just think your making an emotional statement, not a rational one.

    Besides, what’s the point? The only person losing anything would be you. Why do to yourself what you are angry at the league and/or the players for threatening to do to you, deprive you of football?

    Everyone in the world supplying you with a product or a service that you pay for is doing it for the money.

    If you’re just realizing now that the league and it’s players care more about money than they do about making fans happy, I don’t know what to tell you.

  53. Season shortened by chaos and confusion?

    Sounds like the perfect setting for the Clowns to finally have a chance at winning a Super Bowl, since those are the same founding principles of their organization since they came back into the league.

    The logo-less helmet issue will finally be resolved when a brown asterisk takes up residence on the helmets the following season. (Sadly, they will probably copy the Steelers by placing it on only one side of the helmet, since they have no identity of their own…yet.)


    Noticed you figured out the smiley face secret that you have been hounding my girl Deb for! Stalking has finally paid off for you, eh? Keep the smiley faces coming. I like the feminine essence they add to your posts!

  54. doob:

    The owners don’t care. For them, it is principle. They aren’t losing money. If they were, they would either A) open their books and prove it or B) they would have tried to maximize revenue in TV network negotiations instead of taking less money in return for a lockout fund. That the owners are willing to take less money in order to put the players in their place is proof that they aren’t hurting for money. So, if 20% of the fans leave, the owners will be happy with taking whatever they can get with the remaining 80% to the bank. For them, it is a small price to pay for the rewards of being able to deal with a cowed, demoralized, splintered labor force.

    For the record: I live in a right-to-work state and do so by choice. I just have the position that the owners should not be able to crush the NFLPA while retaining their anti-trust exemption. They have their choice: a strong NFLPA or a true free market. They need to pick, and soon, because at some point over the next few months, the NFLPA will be allowed to decertify, and they will have to go back to paying the players WHILE the anti-trust lawsuit continues to proceed. If they think that they are going to crush the union – or negotiate a CBA that allows them a shot to go after the union in the future like the last one foolishly did – while maintaining their anti-trust exemption, then their chances of prevailing are small.

  55. 8 games or 18 games. Doesn’t matter. I’m a Giants’ fan and will bet a big chunk on the Pack to repeat. The wussified, modern, flag football rules set up by that doosh Goodell reward teams with a QB that can throw 60 times per game at a decent %. This is the league all you twits are hoping restarts on time?

  56. @ Realitypolice

    It took MLB a decade to bounce back from their short sighted behavior – and that was during a mostly blissful economy. With Joe and Jane fan struggling to make ends meet – do you really think most of us care whether whiny Tom Brady makes $20 or $22 million a season? Do any of us believe that any human being is worth that? If anybody does, stand on your head, hold a picket sing with your feet and march with the players.

    At the end of the day, do you really think it matters to Joe and Jane lunchbox whether the owners or players come out winners? Not really, because either way, the fan comes out the loser. Many of us fans have already given consent to taxpayer funds for stadiums or renovation projects – often times with no opportunity to attend a game because there is a waiting list two miles long for season tickets. If we can get tickets, we pay the legal scalpers $300 a pop for nosebleed seats.

    Both sides are pricing themselves out of the market for what little discretionary income is left for the multitudes that write their paychecks.

  57. While I expect the Court of Appeals to punt this case back to Judge Nelson with instructions to conduct a full-blown evidentiary hearing, if the do render a decision that includes a finding that the antitrust exemption expires 6 months from the expiration of the CBA, the owners will be be in the worst possible position. On September 11, the 10th anniversary of the attacks on the WTC and Pentagon, no football will be played. On top of that, the owners will have to choose whether to continue the lockout and face an antitrust claim amounting to 10 billion in damages or lift the lockout and play the season under an uncertain set of rules, any of which can be challenged on antitrust grounds. There will even be a question as to whether the recent draft will be upheld. My guess is that more than one rookie who prefers to play for a different team than the one that drafted will sue to become a free agent. All franchise tags will have to be dropped and players like Manning will become free agents immediately. Based on my belief that the owners need the union more than the players do, I also think that these dire prospects will fracture the owners’ solidarity and there will be huge internal battles between the Haves and Have Nots regarding revenue sharing, advertising and licensing. Chaos is likely to ensue.

    I hope the Court of Appeals adopts the 6 month time period because, while it will appear as a victory for the owners, it will be their worst nightmare and thus, will improve the chances for an agreement between players and owners. I simply hope that there is no agreement until the preseason is lost so I can get a refund for those worthless games.

  58. Once again the media has created a stir. Their is no way the Players will miss paychecks nor the NFL will want to reimburse all the season ticket money already collected. Football will start by August.

  59. I still say season begin Oct 23 or 30. The season can not start any later PERIOD! It will be a joke season, because somethign like a team will go undefeated with 10 wins, a 4 win regular season team wins the Super Bowl, or even worse the Packers win #5 , Cowboys or the 9 ers win #6!!!

  60. jakek2 says: Jun 6, 2011 12:55 PM

    “8 games or 18 games. Doesn’t matter. I’m a Giants’ fan and will bet a big chunk on the Pack to repeat. The wussified, modern, flag football rules set up by that “doosh” Goodell reward teams with a QB that can throw 60 times per game at a decent %. This is the league all you twits are hoping restarts on time?”

    Typical Giants fan- Can’t spell – yo cuz – it’s douche not doosh — plus you forgot the “bag” for emphasis. LOL!! Go Eagles!!

  61. I have no sympathy for the owners or the players who make millions. I do have sympathy for the office staff, the trainers, the second and third string players, the vendors and the rest in the cities that depend on the game for their living. Given that I guess any season is something but the whole situation is none the less distasteful.

  62. The NFL wants an 18 game schedule. The NFL would be crazy to allow an 8 game season. The Super Bowl would be in the 12th week and would feature a quality of play (because of few to no injuries on either roster) far better than we have become accustomed to. We fans then would not accept the mediocre rostes remaining after 18 games with a Super Bowl as the 21st game.

  63. I’m a HUGE football fan & my world revolves around the Patriots, however, if even 1 game is missed due to this battle for money & I, as a ,am not thought of 1st & formost then I won’t watch a game….I will NOT support a institution that could care less about the very foundation that allowed it to become so successful…..I can only HOPE that there are others out there that feel the same way & will do the same thing….WE AS FANS DESERVE BETTER & SHOULD MAKE OUR DEMANDS LOUD & CLEAR…FIND A RESOLUTION FAST OR LOSE OUR SUPPORT!!!!
    We as fans do hold all the power….lets make sure the powers at be remember that!!!!!

  64. @just4given:

    10 years, and I don’t concede that number to you- I remember some very highly rated world series in the late 90’s, is not very long when you consider what they did. They cancelled a friggin world series.

    Most of the rest of your post basically makes my point for me. You acknowledge that the fan is already the loser, you admit that fans know this, yet the league has not a single ounce of fear that you won’t be back, Goodell’s insincere comments aside.

    If a person’s worth is whatever the market says it is. Tom Brady makes 20 million because Robert Kraft knows he will get astronomical ROI from that money. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t pay it.

    Being a football fan costs what it costs because you pay it. If you disagree with that, you don’t understand simple economics. If enough fans voted with their wallets, prices would come down.

    At least football players have to actually be good at something. Keanu Reeves makes as much money for a single movie as Tom Brady does in a year, and Brady’s probably a better actor.

    Brady’s wife makes 3 times more than he does for being pretty.

    Where’s all the outrage about overpaid actors and models?

  65. An 8 game season, yeah sure I’d watch. I love football. I would however not go to any games and not spend any money on any NFL products. I have no other voice in this insanity but my cash. I hope enough other people would do the same.

  66. So if there’s only 8 games and it would begin in late November how would the schedule work? Would they go by the opponents in that time frame?(Late NOV)?

    And those who say theyre not going to watch if theres only 8 games.. Dont lie.. To me 8 games is better than nothing!


  67. If the NFL has an 8 game season this year it will not only be a joke on them but also on their fans.If I have this straight the NFL is seeking an 18 game regular season. By wiping out 8 regular season games in order to gain an additional 2 games per season the NFL will need 4 years with an 18 regular game season just to make up for the possibility of 8 lost games this year. And by then who know’s it could be contract time again.I don’t get it.


  68. @Realitypolice – that is exactly my point. Fans need to take a stand and vote with their wallets – and their feet. I’m not speaking as one who came along late to the dance. I’ve been an NFL fan since the late sixties. The medicore product that they put on the field today is not worth the price of admission. We can thank hyper expansion for the lack of talent – and worst to first being the new normal. None of these modern day teams could hold a candle to the the shadow of pre-expansion football. Could Big Ben’s Steelers compete with Bradshaw’s Steel Curtain?

    As far as actors making more than Brady – I wouldn’t pay more than $10 a ticket to see a movie. Better still, I would wait for it to come out on dvd. I wouldn’t fling a dime across the street to see a model, adn not one celebrity endorsement has ever tempted to buy a lousy or overpriced product. I think it’s a dirty shame, but these cats aren’t lining their pockets off of me…so I’ll let movie lovers worry about boycotting them.

  69. gdpont – insightful post. Too bad the illiterate pro-owner lovers only made it to “owners will be in the worst possible situation” and thumbs downed it.

    apopnj – I know how to spell that thing sold in Summers’ Eve boxes. However, whenever I spell it correctly, the screeners censor me. By the way, as an Eagles’ fan, how do you afford a computer? (kidding – sort of!) 🙂

  70. @amandaloves – I’ll watch anything on free tv with lukewarn interest. But, I will end my subscritption to NFL Sunday ticket. If I was payi9ng separately for the NFL Network, I would discard that also.

  71. @just4given …

    If you’re paying $10 for that ticket or renting a film on DVD, you are contributing to the market that pays the actor’s salary. If you’re buying products, regardless of whether the celebrity endorsement persuaded you to buy it, you’re contributing to the market that pays the celebrity’s fee.

  72. you can bet a lot of the owners that don’t have a chance in hell of winning a super bowl in a full season are gonna push like hell to have an 8 game season.
    i’d hate to see an 8 game season,but money talks and there are a lot of people who make their living working at the stadiums on game day!

  73. @ Deb – sorry, but it costs more to park at an NFL game than to purchase a dvd. I can take a family of four to a movie and buy popcorn and sodas for less than the cost of a single ticket to an NFL game.

    Here’s a hint – when an athlete or celebrity endorses a product – I am less likley to buy that product. When Taco Bell came out with those ridicuolous Charles Barkley commericals – I made a mental note that I would NEVER think about stopping at Taco Bell. To date, I haven’t. Ten years from now, I will be saying the same thing.

  74. 8 games…hell my body can hold up for 8 games. Honey, get me Bus Cook’s phone number – Brett Favre

    Lions Tied For First Heading Into Important Thanksgiving Day Game – Every Newspaper In Detroit

  75. As a Jaguars Fan, is there anyway for the NFL to wipe out just the Dec games instead…Let’s start the season on time, lockout the players in Dec and finish in Jan. Jaguars might have a chance then…For some reason, JVille can not win in Dec..

  76. @just4given …

    Not the point. You were ridiculing movie lovers and how they pay the big salaries of those actors. If you buy a ticket for pennies, pay for cable or a DVD rental, or watch a movie on network TV, you are just as responsible for feeding the system that pays those big salaries as someone who goes to the movies three times a week wearing a Twilight t-shirt.

    If you watch the NFL on television, the advertisers are beaming into your house. They pay the networks, the networks pay the teams, the teams pay the players. You are just as responsible for feeding the system that pays those big salaries as someone who buys a ticket and sits in the stands.

    The point is that you can get off your moral high horse about how you only watch television with lukewarm interest so you’re not responsible for the actor’s salary … because that simply is not true. If you’re watching the advertising, you’re contributing to the salary.

    The only way you would not contribute to the salaries of NFL players is if you never watched another game on TV, listened on radio, or bought another piece of licensed merchandise. Even buying and wearing unlicensed merchandise is providing the league with free advertising.

  77. I have been an avid NFL football fan for at least 43 of my 50 years…all of them a Vikings fan!! I know about dissappointment, frustration and perseverance…and, yes…I know about hope.

    I keep coming to this site, and other sites as well, for some reason to hope that there will acutally be a season in 2011. I have seen very little that makes me hopeful for 2011…and an abbreviated season feels a lot like eating bologna when I was hoping for Prime Rib! Not very satisfying. I remember ’82 and ’87 very well. They weren’t satisfying in any way, shape or form. They included some of the worst football I have ever seen.

    Like others, I used to be a BIG baseball fan…but between labor issues and the sterioids scandal, I just lost interest. I will look at box scores and standings every once in awhile…but, I really don’t care. I hate to say it, but I’m over being angry with the NFL and players…I am leaning towards…just not caring anymore. I’ve got better things to do with my time then being obsessed with football.

  78. @ Deb –

    First off, I was not ridiculing movie lovers. That was in response to the assertion that actors and models made more than Tom Brady. As I said, I will let movie fans worry about that. I’m not a large movie fan – and could care less about models. Who are any of them that I should be concerned about? I’m a football fan that is coming unglued by watered down quality and whiny pro athletes – and the cost of attendance is staggering with today’s economic climate.

    We both know that none of them are feeding their families off of the pennies a week that get divided up among the 200 stations that I have access to. It’s foolish to even suggest that I make a contribution.

    There are dozens of channels that I never tune in to, yet they receive a few pennies a month to. We are not talking about a few pennies of indirect support. We are talking about the $400 or $500 a week of direct contribution to attend a game – or the – what $200 or so that I lay out for Sunday ticket.

    And no – I will not be standing in line to purchase any NFL gear either.

  79. @ vadog – I remember those sour seasons very well myself. As a Packer fan, I can honestly say that some of your 70’s Vikings teams would walk through today’s watered down NFL competition.
    That was an era where receivers could actually catch a football in traffic, running backs like Chuck Foreman, John Brockington, Franco Harris and Larry Csonka carried piles of defenders for that extra yard rather than lay down to avoid an injury – and rarely fumbled in the process. Defensive backs could actually cover and players knew how to tackle.

    Why shouldn’t we walk away from the sport we love? The sport we love is barely recognizable.

  80. thephantomstranger says:
    What’s the problem? Last year, a MEDIOCRE team snuck into the playoffs because of two bad officiating calls, got hot, and won the Super Bowl and nobody complains that it isn’t legitimate.

    ^ Or that 1 team that was overhyped before the season began, only to choke and quit, then went on to get blown out 31-3 in it’s own house, then 21-3 by an awful Giant’s team, and then blown out 40-14 by Cutler’s Bears on MNF.
    You know …That “MEDIOCRE” team that only gets to brag about that time they beat the beyond awful Cardinals & Cowboys.

  81. Will I watch an 8 game season? Probably I love the NFL. Will I like it? NO

    Work it out a holes split the difference

  82. fivetwos says: Jun 6, 2011 10:02 AM

    I seriously not coming back if that or anything remotely close to it happens.


    Sure you will.

  83. just4given …

    I’m still not making the point. No individual’s pennies make these systems function, but they function as a result of our combined interest. So whether we’re major consumers who spend thousands of dollars or minor consumers who spend only pennies, as long as we consume, we help turn the wheel. The only way we absolve ourselves of any complicity is to stop consuming the product … in this case, to stop taking any interest in the game.

    The NFL knows nearly all of us will return when the lockout ends–especially those of us who care enough to post on a site like this. Thus far, they’re not even suffering a drop in ticket sales. So no matter how much people post they’re not coming back, it doesn’t matter. The owners know they have us.

  84. Eight game season will fit perfect with the conclusion of MLS.

    Perhaps they should reduce the amount of games played to 8 every season. Think how much money the owners can save! They owners could then sue the ticket holders for the other 8 games cash.

    Why not. The fans are the village bicycle. Everyone’s had a ride.

  85. An 8 season game? Really!!! WTF??? Might as well just give me a gun and shoot me down!! If I can’t have my football, then I dont want nothing!!! I want it ALL!!! Not just a measly 8 games! That’s just a tease in my book!! Get it together and if you can’t figure out what to do with the money, hand it over here. I will know what to do with it; along with about 50 million other people!!!!

  86. There is one simple way to fend off any 4-4 or 3-5 team winning the Super Bowl – and that is to contract the playoff field to the top four teams in each conference, disregarding divisions as in 1982. This also shortens the postseason by one week (actually two if there is no week off between the conference title games and the Super Bowl), and pushes the drop-dead date back one more week.

    Personally I’d hate to see this, but I suppose it is a viable option; and wouldn’t it be an exquisite irony if the road to the 18-game season begins with an 8-game season? Sort of like Columbus reaching the Far East by sailing west.

  87. I’m definitely not following the NFL through a half-season sprint next year. If they don’t play at least 14 games I’m going to find something else to do on Sundays in the fall and I’ll just keep doing that when they finally decide to grace us with their product.

    1994 taught me that no sport is worth supporting when they’ve decided to turn the competition into a travesty or outright walkout on the fans. I gave up my Mets season tickets after that season and I have never purchased another ticket from them.

    The Jets are really likely to wind up on that same ash heap if they cut the season short. They’re guaranteed to if the season is cancelled.

  88. @ Deb –

    Perhaps you are not making your point because your point is lacking??? Not one player will be feeding tehir bloated wallet at my expense. Not one owner will be able to overspend on the next Albert Haynesworth on my dime.

    Despite all your concern over my pennies – I do not purchase product based on any fantasy filled commerical aired by any sponsor. If anything, the sponsors drive me complete away from their with their brainless jingles and otherwise annoying commericials. I dvr the games so I can fast forard through the mindless waste that they pitch. If I need sometething – I’ll go shopping.

    You want to hook me – provide a quality product and stop patronizing me with hype you can’t live up to. Todays players are overpriced and overhyped….just like the peddlers that purchase commercials on any given Sunday.

    That incidental penny is going to end up in their pocket regardless of what program is on my set, thanks to the satellite package – and not my viewoing habits. That contract amnount is predetermined.

  89. Are you Kidding Me ?? Change the Rookie Salary and Get on with the SEASON….!! Owners have a GREAT PRODUCT,,, Don’t Screw-it-up !! FANs with Ticket money can certainly find other things to spend the money on,,, ie. BASEBALL, NASCAR, NHRA, Trips to the BEACH on SUNDAYS ;]…

  90. thephantomstranger says:
    What’s the problem? Last year, a MEDIOCRE team snuck into the playoffs because of two bad officiating calls, got hot, and won the Super Bowl and nobody complains that it isn’t legitimate.

    Im not even a Packers fan but cmon man!!!!! As a matter of fact, GB opened up an industrial size can of whoop a*S on my team. But thankfully that loss lead to our coach being fired.

  91. Ive heard a few ppl say they will not watch if it’s only 8 games. Like I mentioned before, Im sure you will. Even if some fans do indeed boycott the NFL there’s still gonna be those fans who take what they can get. Hey football is like crack to some ppl(me for example) lol. After the season my Boys had.. I need a fresh start, even if its only 8 games. If a team with very few wins gets to the playoffs or SB well now we know how it feels like for the NFC WEST teams haha

  92. @just4given …

    I was being polite. I’m not making my point because you can’t grasp the concept of consumerism. If you watch games, you are a consumer and help create the large market for the NFL that drives ticket and merchandise prices and player salaries. But you don’t get that and will continue to claim a moral superiority you don’t merit. Carry on.

  93. @ Deb –

    Come talk to me when my nickel a week (if I so choose to watch a grabage product) is buying Tony Romo a condo in Maui. It’s not moral superiority – but a statement of fact. The electric company makes more money off me on any given Sunday than the NFL. Get real. When the fans start walking away from the games – that’s when the television will make its way down. When people stop purchasing from NFL Properties, another big revenue hit is in store. When these businesses fail to consider the consumer – it’s time for the consumer to walk away – not defend them. I support neither side. I’m on my side – the fan.

  94. @just4given …

    Yes, that makes perfect sense. When people start walking away from stadiums, television ratings will drop. No, television ratings will drop when people stop watching games on television.

    Consumers are people who consume the product, regardless of what they spend or the medium they use. I’m sorry you don’t understand that. It’s really fundamental economics. The market value of the product will decrease when overall demand for the product decreases–when people stop buying tickets and stop watching on television. When they stop watching on television, ratings decrease, advertisers pull their money, and television networks no longer pay billions in revenues to the owners which are then divided with the players.

    When the market demand for the product decreases, the market value of the product will decrease and prices will drop for consumers. Not only will ticket prices drop, but so will costs of DirecTV packages. These are basic economic principles. Again, it is not your pennies, but your pennies in combination with all the other pennies that make these wheels turn.

    If you want consumers to walk away, then you have to walk away from your television set … and get a whole lot of other people to walk away from theirs. That is not going to happen and that is why the NFL is not concerned about our threat. I am not defending the system but merely pointing out an economic reality. Despite all the ballyhoo on PFT about people walking away from the NFL, they aren’t even behind in ticket sales.

    Personally, I have no problem with the market realities of football and have no intention of abandoning the NFL. I simply hope the players get a favorable contract without having to pursue the antitrust case to its conclusion. And I’d like this to end before it cuts into the season.

  95. @ Deb



    Well thought out and argued…check.

    Big words?…okay. But I have seen you “flummox” people better!

    Understanding of Adam Smith?…Big check!

    Smiley faces?…Sadly, no points, My Dear!

    Overall essence and argumentation?…Off the chart!

    Where were you when I was arguing with my ex?

    (Would insert smiley face here but my manhood would be questioned more than as a Browns fan!)

  96. @brownsfrown ….

    Ooooh … you just made my day. And I needed the lift. Maybe I will cook you dinner 🙂

    If another woman had been around when you were arguing with your ex, that would not have helped your argument 😉

  97. @Deb

    Good thing you really didn’t mean that; about cooking me dinner! You would have had to suffer through a bottle of wine and candlelight, and I would have done the dishes!

    I love the way you write and think. Which probably means dinner would be a bad idea! LOL!

    Glad I could lift you from your bad day! You earned it!

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