Plaxico Burress released from prison


Plaxico Burress is a free man.

Burress, the Giants receiver who pleaded guilty in August 2009 to attempted criminal possession of a weapon, was released from a New York prison today. He got about three months of his two-year sentence off for good behavior.

Mike Garafolo of the Star-Ledger reports that Burress walked out of prison, hugged agent Drew Rosenhaus and spoke briefly to the media, thanking fans and calling it a “beautiful day.”

Burress was wearing a Philadelphia Phillies hat, which may mean he sees playing in Philadelphia in his future, or may just mean he likes the hat.

After leaving prison, Burress headed to the nearby Turning Stone Resort & Casino for a reunion with his family.

UPDATE: Burress gave the following statement: “First of all, I want to thank God for bringing me through one of the most trying times of my life. It’s a beautiful day to be reunited with my family, go home and spend some quality time with them. I’d like to thank everybody for their prayers and words of encouragement. I’d like to thank all my fans around the world for the thousands of letters and unwavering support.

“As far as football is concerned, if and when everything gets settled and they get back on the field, I’ll be ready. Y’all be good and blessed.”

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  1. Hopefully it’s a life-altering experience for him and he makes better decisions in the future.

  2. Welcome back Plax! Speaking as a Giants fan, and a fan of yours I can tell you for sure the NYG fan base wants you back, and you will be welcome with open arms by the fans, players, and coaches!

    C’mon guys end this lockout, so we can get Plax back in NYG Blue!

  3. “After leaving prison, Burress headed to the nearby Turning Stone Resort & Casino for a reunion with his family.”

    As opposed to a home or something more private? Let the jokes begin!

  4. Hey Turning Stone….I’ve donated to those underprivileged Indians for 10 years now. Don’t play the slots there…they suck!

  5. The guy gets out of prison, and the person picking him up is his football agent? And then he heads straight to a casino??

    Yeah, prison certainly straightened this guy out…

  6. Welcome home Plax!

    Not try to behave yourself and follow all the norms and laws of society.

    Moderation, don’t splurge on food or spending since you been in the tank for two years.

    Your family has a certain way of operating since you’ve be in the big house, so you adjust to them.

    No welcome home parties, you weren’t in the military you were in the clink.

  7. He made a dumb mistake but I never like it when DAs or judges ignore circumstances in order to make an example of someone. I wish him the best.

  8. The guy did his time quietly with little fuss and I respect him for that but please lets not welcome him back as some kind of conquering hero. The guy is a felon who could have killed someone or himself. He was a diva in Pittsburgh and New York lets not make him out to be bigger that life.

  9. All signs (Jacobs’ comments, Philly writers downplaying the teams interest, and now the hat) point towards the Eagles

  10. Didn’t his wife refuse to write him a letter of recommendation at one point during an early release hearing?

  11. Yo Plax..Thanks for leaven Hobbs in the dust and getting wide open for the game winner against the 18-0 Pats in the SB. We wouldnt have even been there if it wasnt for your performance in artic Lambeau in the NFC Championship. Would hate seeing you go to an NFC East team other than the Giants but do what you have to do if the money/team feels right. GOOD LUCK PLAX!

  12. I don’t know what qualifies as more of a show of stupidity than carrying a loaded, concealed unregistered weapon in your sweatpants and shooting yourself, or doing nearly two years in prison when you were initally offered 3 months and community service, and turned it down…..

  13. I’m glad he finally got out. I did feel he deserved to be punished but thought his sentence was a bit lengthy, since he was being made an example of. But I guess that’s what happens when you play with guns in NYC.

  14. At Oneida Correctional Facility, he had some brushes with prison discipline, too.

    At various points, prison officers said he lied to get to use the phone at a time when calls weren’t usually allowed, gave another inmate a pair of sneakers (considered an “unauthorized exchange”) and had three dozen cassette tapes and an extra, state-issued pillow in a “filthy” cell strewn with bags of food, dirty clothes, books and mail, prison records obtained by the AP show. The infractions — considered minor — cost him recreation, phone and other privileges at times, and he was told to clean up his room.

  15. Plax was going to go home … see his family. But his agent persuaded him that if he wanted a contract with the Eagles then they expected a certain sort of behavior. Then they headed to the casino to gamble till the strip clubs open.

  16. Not a goddamn thing wrong with him going to a resort/casino. Its not like he’s jumping a jet to Vegas for a crazy weekend. He is going to meet his family. If I had his funds, I’d probably set up my whole family and get spoiled rotten by the crew at a weekend getaway too.

  17. What y’all problem?

    If you were locked away for 2 years, what would you do?

    First, I’d meet with my family (what Plax did), after I’d have some fun.

    Some serious badass fun.

    If Plax thinks casino is fun, let him have it.

  18. marvsleezy, way to copy and paste word for word from the Associated Press article. At least add/delete words to make it more your own.

  19. jw731 says: Jun 6, 2011 10:27 AM

    I don’t know what qualifies as more of a show of stupidity than carrying a loaded, concealed unregistered weapon in your sweatpants and shooting yourself, or doing nearly two years in prison when you were initally offered 3 months and community service, and turned it down…..

    I didn’t know about that. I thought his sentence was a little over-the-top but if he was offered something less and he threw it back in their faces, it makes more sense that they pursued the maximum jailtime for him.

    Why would he refuse 3 months and community service, but then plead guilty?

  20. It’s good to see NYC have their priorities in order. Put a high profiled rich athlete in jail for shooting himself in the leg to make an example of him of how “tough” NYC gun law is, and only because the media made a big brew-haha over it. Yet, all but ignore the senseless shootings and reckless mowing down of innocent people by NYC’s finest. It’s good to see Mayor Bloomberg puts things into perspective when our media pressures him.

  21. @marvsleezy …

    Oh. My. Gosh.

    He tricked his way into extra phone privileges. He gave away a pair of sneakers. He had an extra pillow and cassette tapes. And his room was dirty!

    Well, my goodness, he should have gotten the electric chair!

    Sounds like a misbehaving teenager, not a hardened criminal. I don’t care how it came about in terms of pleas not taken and so forth, his sentence was a ridiculous miscarriage of justice at a time when overcrowding is forcing the release of violent criminals around the country. Now he deserves a chance to put his life back together and shouldn’t be judged unless he breaks the law.

    Obviously his family wouldn’t meet him at the prison for a reunion in front of the cameras. So they met at a nearby resort that happened to include a casino. Whoop-de-doo.

  22. As a Giants fan and season ticket holder, I’ll always remember Plaxico’s game winning catch in the Super Bowl victory over the Pats and his unbelievable individual battle v. Al Harris and the Packers in the NFC Championship game.

    As a Giants fan and season ticket holder, I’ll never forive Plaxico for single-handedly destroying the Giants 2008 season due to his foolish, selfish behavior.

  23. How do you rehab from shooting yourself in the leg?…….if you don’t learn from that then there is NO hope for ya. Plax has been throwin dice for 2 yrs!……Now he GOTS to get paid for his newly aquired skills….let the man roll the dice and pack his heat!….you can’t fix stupid! (maybe he learned)

  24. > killxswitch says: Jun 6, 2011 9:43 AM

    >He made a dumb mistake but I never like it when
    >DAs or judges ignore circumstances in order to
    >make an example of someone. I wish him the best.

    Hmmmm, carrying an unregistered, loaded weapon into a club where alcohol is being served. That is not a simple “dumb mistake”. That is a mistake where someone is going to get shot. This time it was himself, next time it might be you.

    I do not know about you, but I like the DRUNK patrons around me to be free of weapons.

  25. My man……definitely not a republican:)

    And who the hell thanks god first thing after being released from prison. Hate to break it to you smart guy, but your prison stay woulda been the same with or without your invisible friend.

  26. Don’t ever let the man catch you again, Cheddar Plax! Get your stank on, then go get yo check!

  27. I was one of the handful of Giants’ fans that braved Ice Bowl II. The show he put on was epic. Packer fans around me were screaming to double him. That was the high of my life as a Giants’ fan. Inexplicably, the following Thanksgiving was the low. 11-1 and primed for a repeat down the toilet. I’m mixed on where I’d like him to end up.

    Philly fans: Be careful what you wish for. You have a young, dynamic, track meet of a team but, to Giants’ fans, appear to be one sulking player away from being the T.O. Cowboys. If Plax doesn’t reconnect with Eli, I hope he goes to Phi.

  28. where are all you people gettin this Plax to the eagles talk??

    not that i would have a problem with it, but seriously. I stay up on any birds news and i have seen no interest officially coming outta philly. Yeah they have the con-vick conection with the dog slayer, but it seems to me everything is just hearsay..

    does anyone really think that philly would want to carry that sort of national baggage 3 years in a row?

    Again, i’d gladly suit him up in midnight green,, but from what i can tell this is just a bunch of no name reporters tryin to keep their jobs in a lockout.

    does anyone have facts to support this??
    besides, “PHILLIES HAT MAN!!”

  29. so is he going to pay the dealer for the car he “BORROWED” and left on the NYC streets without doing the APPEARANCE for its use?

    where did he get the money for the family party when he had to scam people before the jail stunt?

  30. myeaglescantwin –

    New York Post and New York Daily News both reported that Plax was asked about whether we should be looking into the Phillies cap and Plax, with a smile said, “That’s for y’all to talk about”.

    Brandon Jacobs, who is probably Plax’ best friend on the Giants and spoke with him once a week for the entire time he was in prison said “There’s no chance he’s coming back to NY” and something along the lines of him wanting to play in Philly with Vick since they are both Virginia guys.

    Finally, take this with a grain of salt, the Daily News posted odds where he’d end up and Philly was 3-1 easily outdistancing the next likely spots Rams (Spagnuolo) and Jets. Giants were 50-1.

    So there you have it.

  31. myeaglescantwin –


    The only thing that made me skeptical about Plax wanting to go to Phi was that he has made it known that he wants to go somewhere that gives him a good chance to win a SB.

  32. You will have a hard time finding someone who is more strongly pro-gun laws than me, and even I think the jail sentence for plex was ridiculous.

    Murderers kill innocent people every day while driving drunk, and most see little if any jail time, and surely no where near as much as plex got for shooting HIMSELF in the leg.

    Horrendous law that should only impose jail time, if, you know, you actually shoot someone ELSE.

  33. dspyank2k11 says:

    the words of the day are: “Safety Button”

    That’s what I think is hilarious about this incident.

    The Glock 17, and all Glock pistols for that matter, are termed “safe-action” pistols, meaning that the 2 stage safety is always automatically engaged.

    Engaged, that is until the trigger is pulled, when each safety disengages and allows you to fire.

    Either Plax had his finger on the trigger (stupid) OR something else in his sweatpants got into the trigger guard and had enough leverage to pull back the trigger.

    My guess: carrying in the waistband of his sweats, the gun starts to slide down his leg, he reaches down and grabs it (by the trigger…)


  34. Where was the NRA in all this?

    Why didn’t the NRA step up to the plate and defend this guy? All he wanted to do was protect himself.

    Second Amendment!

  35. > audient says:
    > Jun 6, 2011 4:43 PM
    > Where was the NRA in all this?

    > Why didn’t the NRA step up to the plate and
    > defend this guy? All he wanted to do was
    > protect himself.

    > Second Amendment!

    Even the NRA can not support drunk people bringing weapons into a nightclub. 🙂

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