Tom Zbikowski says he’ll box again when football is over

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Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski says he won’t box again this offseason. But he will box again.

Zbikowski told the Baltimore Sun he expects to return to boxing when he’s done playing football.

“I’d like to play football as long as I can,” Zbikowski said. “I still believe I can box after I’m done football. . . . It’s a sport where maybe you’re better as you get more mature, older, stronger and a lot more wise.”

Zbikowski said he doesn’t think the Ravens’ front office and coaching staff has any reason to be upset that he turned his attention to boxing during the lockout.

“I don’t think so. I think they understand we are all more than just football players,” Zbikowski said. “I did it competitively. I didn’t get injured. I wasn’t stupid with the opponents I was selecting. … As long as the lockout has been going, it’s going to be forgotten by the time the lockout is lifted.”

Even though Zbikowski isn’t ready to forget boxing altogether.

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  1. I applaud him for going out there and fulfilling his passion. He seems to be going about it in a smart way, and it’ll definitely keep him rock solid and in shape.

  2. He sure did pick his opponents wisely. I watched 2 of his matches and he picked opponents that my 70 year old mother would have a good chance of beating. Save your self some embarrassment Tom. Your a decent football player so stick to that. If he faced even a mildly decent boxer he would get slaughtered. At least training for those “fights” kept him in shape.

  3. “If he faced even a mildly decent boxer he would get slaughtered. ”

    Are you kidding me? I boxed for about 6 years and spent some time around Tom. He’s no joke in the ring. He is not the average football-player-turned-boxer (which is, indeed, a joke – Ray Edwards, for example). He had nearly 100 amateur fights before focusing on football in HS/college. The guy who coached the 2004 U.S. Olympic representative at 201 lbs says Tom would have “easily handled him” if he had been eligible to compete for the team, and hadn’t been playing football at Notre Dame.

    He fought guys bigger than him as a heavyweight until his last fight, when he was very impressive in taking apart Warner. Beating Warner in itself wasn’t impressive by any stretch, but how he did it was. Those aren’t combinations that some pug off the street can throw after 3 months of training. As a kid, he was sparring world class contenders (was a sparring partner for Angel Manfreddy leading up to his 1998 knockout of Arturo Gatti) Zbikowski was sparring with the likes of Chad Dawson this summer. That doesn’t happen if a guy can’t fight.

    He is a sensational offensive fighter. He needs to get better at relaxing in the ring and needs to sharpen his defense. But I think he’s a good bet to win a cruiserweight title within about 2-3 years of going back to boxing. He will be a big draw in both Eastern Europe and the U.S.

  4. Sensational? YOU’RE (happy tombradyswig? you need to learn to care about more important things) crazy. I’m a fan of the guy for trying to become a professional in 2 different sports and was rooting for him to do so but I saw nothing that impressed me, especially if he did train for as long as you said. Some amateur fighters you can see right away have “it” and just need some more training and polishing and he just doesn’t.

    He might win a cruiserweight title but it won’t be one that’s legit and one that anyone recognizes. He has a good shot to become the cruiserweight champion of a small town in Utah but probably not much more.

    A guy can spar with whoever he wants if he has the money to pay for it.

    And yes, the Edwards fight was far, far worse. I agree with you there. That fight was painful to watch.

    It sounds like you have a small man crush on Tom so you might be a little jaded, which I can understand. That’s what being a fan is all about. In a realistic world, he has a better chance of being able to draw the U.S. and Eastern Europe then he does at ever being a draw in either place.

  5. Fair enough. I’m definitely talking about potential, not the pro fights he’s had so far. I agree that they’ve been against nobodies and don’t give much of a gauge on anything.

    Sparring with Dawson, btw, is because he was training with Emanuel for awhile. He is definitely rusty, but his background is far more impressive than anyone gives credit to. He was sparring with Manfreddy as an early teen. Manfreddy knocked out Gatti for that fight. That’s a kid who would have been on the fast track as a pro fighter if not for football. At least, imho. Boxing is a sport that attracts tough guys, but not great athletes – especially not 200 pound good athletes (at least in this country).

    Anyway… as you aptly pointed out… who cares.

    More notably, the S&P has broken it’s 3 year support line. Make sure you have downside protection for equity exposure…

  6. While I applaud his efforts in boxing, I question his long term health awareness as he’s participating in the two sports that seem to cause the most brain damage. As a physical safety in the NFL and then as a boxer he’ll be taking more blows to the head than 99.9% of the athletes on the planet. 20 years from now I really hope we aren’t reading the same sad story for Zbikowski that we seem to see so often for retired NFL players and boxers.

  7. So is he going to get a 4 game suspension for testing positive while in the ring? Would be a joke if he doesn’t.

  8. The guy might have developed into a decent fighter. It was too soon to tell. Most guys at his stage fight on under cards that aren’t on TV and about 5 hours before the main event. To judge him now would be a bit harsh. Of course he was fighting tomato cans, if you expected anything else you don’t understand how boxers develop their skills. You don’t join the sport and start taking on top 10 guys, you could literally get killed in the ring.

    If he leaves the sport for any extended period of time he won’t be able to get it back. He isn’t that talented. Football would probably make him more money right now anyways.

  9. rgwhodey, it would be a joke if he had since the results upon retesting came back negative. There was something wrong with the original test since all the fighters on the card failed the first time.

    Also lets not forget that the NFL can’t impose rules on people they won’t let play. Might want to learn a thing or two before speaking up.

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