Brunell emerging from bankruptcy


Mark Brunell is hopeful to play another season in the NFL and emerge from Chapter 11 bankruptcy before that season starts.

Continuing a process that started almost a year ago, bankruptcy Judge Jerry Funk gave “conditional approval” on Tuesday to the disclosure statement that details Brunell’s plans to pay his debts, according to Mark Basch of the Florida Times-Union.

There are a few more steps for Brunell to get approved out of bankruptcy, but they are expected to conclude in the next few months.  Brunell wants to play another season with New York.

“If there is an opportunity to play, I expect he will,” Brunell’s attorney said. “We’re hopeful though.”

Brunell is under contract with the Jets and figures to be back.

12 responses to “Brunell emerging from bankruptcy

  1. The sad thing is he didn’t have to go bankrupt. Contrary to popular belief, few of the players in the NFL are actually millionaires. But even the ones who are insist on dumping money into get rich quick schemes and fly by night investments. When you are already set for life, why do you need to risk it all trying to make more?

  2. haha white guy blows his NFL millions and it’s “poor guy”. Black guy blows his NFL millions and it’s “dumb ass” gotta love it!

  3. I feel for Brunell. I work in banks daily and I see at least one new person every day in similar situations. And they aren’t greedy people. They are mostly small-business owners who invested in a commercial real estate property 5-6 years ago, the economy then fell off a cliff, and the property that they bought for $1 million 5 years ago is now worth $500,000, for example. And they can’t just walk away from the failing business because they have personal guarantees tied to the loan. So they need to repay the massive loan out of their own pocket… leading to bankruptcy. These types of business investments worked wonders before the recession. So it’s not like you can say they should have seen it coming or anything. History probably indicated the investment was going to be a huge success. If not, I’m sure the financing for the project wouldn’t have been approved in the first place.

    Obviously Brunell’s situation is on a much larger scale, but the same principals apply. Just because he is in this predicament, it doesn’t make him a bonehead or anything. Wrong place, wrong time.

  4. how do you earn millions of dollars CASH and go bankrupt at all? where does that money go? i will never understand that.

  5. I have no sympathy for someone who made millions of dollars and is now “emerging from bankruptcy”. really, REALLY?

    This isn’t a feel good story. It just shows how pathetic Mark Brunell is.

  6. If the Jets are not an option he can go to Minnesota and reunite with a coach that was with him in Jacksonville and Washington, Bill Musgrave.

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