Dolphins “absolutely not” interested in Plaxico


The next destination for receiver Plaxico Burress will depend in large part upon his objectives.  Does he want to win a Super Bowl?  Does he want to be a No. 1 wideout?  Does he want to generate maximum income?  Does he want to play in his current home in Miami?

He can scratch that last one off the list.

Per Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, the Dolphins are “absolutely not” interested in Burress.

Though some had pegged the Dolphins as a potential destination, they were regarded as a serious contender.  They definitely shouldn’t be now.

21 responses to “Dolphins “absolutely not” interested in Plaxico

  1. Who would be unless it’s on a deal low on guaranteed money and/or the option to cut him before the regular season with minimal financial hit?

    He will be 34 before the season starts and was on the downside of his career before spending two years in the can. It has been nothing but loudmouth players and talking [or writing] heads drumming up this non-story that any team would covet him. Just because Vick returned to the NFL in his prime and performed at a high level does not mean there is some magic prison dust that will rub off on Plax.

    If Dante Stallworth didn’t come back at a younger age with a higher ceiling from a shorter prison sentence and play at a high level, why the hell would Plax?

  2. Impossible.

    One of the conditions of his probation is he must stay away from felons.

    Brandon Marshall has the same stipulation in his probation condition.

    See how it wouldn’t work?

  3. Why would they ? Whomever assumed Miami would be a likely destination isnt very familiar with their roster. They don’t really need a WR. There are teams out there that are actually desperate for a big target, and should seriously consider paying Burress.

  4. Plaxico has probably lost a step or two during his incarceration for an accident that wouldn’t be criminal in 99.9% of the country.

  5. I’m sorry but I find all this talk about where Plaxico wants to go to be funny. Plaxico is open to this, Plaxico wants to go there and so on.

    Guy will be 34 and has been out football for two years. He should be open to anyone willing to make an offer.

  6. bishopslappytruelove,
    Where in the country would it not be a crime to fire an unlicensed (or licensed) concealed firearm in a crowded public area.

  7. well that will “absolutely” bite them in the a$$… the man just spent almost 2 years in prison, he wont be going back any time soon i bet and if you think he wont be as dominant, just look at vick.

  8. Hasn’t played since 2008 season…even then – had lost a step and had only 35 Rec and 4 TD’s….add in this is a guy who got in trouble 3x while in jail….sorry – unless its a minimum deal w/ incentives…i wouldn’t touch this guy.

    He’s an aging rcvr who isn’t going to understand…he’s now an old rcvr and not near a #1 or #2….

  9. Plaxico has probably lost a step or two during his incarceration for an accident that wouldn’t be criminal in 99.9% of the country.

    I’ve said this before… Try taking an unregistered handgun across state lines, no holster, loaded, safety off, discharge it into your leg while standing in the middle of a crowd. It’s not an accident when it’s described that way and Plax deserved the jail-time.

    Everyone does deserve a 2nd chance, and if he’s too slow for WR, then play him as a pass-catching TE.

  10. @Tumsman2 Vick did his crime & did his time now he has the haters everywhere u not doing something right if losers like u aren’t hating.. I never hear about Big Ben or how Alex Smith is a complete bust or Brady Quinn

  11. Funny thing is if Plax would have taken the plea bargain early on he would have been sentenced to a max of 90 days in jail. Instead he decided to buy his way out and look what happened. I still think the whole thing is nuts for a man to spend two years in prison for shooting himself in the leg. I’m not saying it was a smart thing to do but isn’t the humility and hole in the leg enough of a punishment?

  12. People will think I’m joking, for obvious reasons, but…the best destination for PB is Oakland. They need a possession guy that has go-to potential on 3rd down; they HAVE tons of speed. He would fit their team perfectly…IF he can still play anywhere near his already declining level…

  13. What a shame. Plax was really looking forward to getting coked up with his old pal Shockey … and partying out on your dime.

  14. Still not entirely sure why some of you morons think he was unjustly punished. Why the f is it any different for an athlete to break the law than the average Joe? There are laws for a reason. Seriously, do you think because he only shot himself that somehow that’s ok? You morons are part of the reason these guys (and most pro athlete’s for that matter) think they can damn well do what they please without repercussions.

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