Dolphins’ “worst moments” coming Wednesday


The PFT Live lockout feature aimed at generating content at a time when there isn’t much moves on Wednesday to South Florida, for a look at the Dolphins’ worst moments since the last work stoppage in 1987.

Fins fans, make your suggestions in the comments.

Jets, Pats, and Bills fans, get ready to join us on Wednesday at noon ET to revel in Miami’s misery.

35 responses to “Dolphins’ “worst moments” coming Wednesday

  1. What about the second round of every NFL draft?

    Daunte Culpepper
    A. J. Feeley
    John Beck
    Chad Henne
    Phillip Merling
    Pat White
    Brandon Marshall (was he really worth two twos?)

    It might simplifies things if Miami just forfeited their second round pick every year.

  2. Off the top of my head and in no particular order

    1. Jimmy Johnson and that leading to the hiring of Dave Wandstat

    2. 63-7 loss to the Jaguars

    4. Dan Marino being forced to retire without a ring

    5. Cam Cameron and 1-15

    6. Too many drafts to count in that time

    7. Daunte Culpepper over Drew Brees

    8. Trading Wes Welker to New England

    I’m sure there’s plenty more but I just got all depressed.

  3. In the post Marino Era, we passed on Drew Brees twice. Once in the draft in favor of keeping Fielder and drafting Jamar Fletcher when Miami already had Madison and Surtain. Then again in free agency when Miami chose to sign Culpepper instead of Brees.

  4. This one is easy.

    Having 1 QB since 1987.

    And having him retire halfway between then and now.

  5. Cam Cameron… Ross [ though his halftime shows & in stadium bimbo disco awesome]…Culpepper and his 5.5 seconds to try to read defenses…J Porter’ salary & performance…And Wes Welker theft by NE.

    Not as futile as jets, @ least they’ve won occassional divisions..but miserable since 1984. scary thought..last 25 years..Buffalo is better.

  6. It seems like every QB since Marino has been a sore spot

    I’ll be kind and refrain from piling on the Fins with the Patriots coming up – in spite of the 6 Super Bowl appearances and 3 wins (real wins – not the Rex Ryan type) the list of Patriots worst moments is a long and painful one

  7. OK I just thought of 3 more that need to be here

    1. NOT finding a decnt QB since Dan Marino (There was Pennington and Jay Fiedler who was really underrated and underappreciated by fans but that’s it)

    2. Ross publicly flirting with Harbaugh and then extending Sparano when he got caught

    3. “I will not be taking the Alabama job”

  8. Drafting Jason Allen in the first round

    Drafting the Ginn family in the first round

    Ricky Williams and his awol/pot smpking /retirement
    fiasco all for 2 first round picks

    Passing on Drew Brees …twice

    Dan Henning…twice

    A coach who fist pumps for field goals

    Treating both Don Shula and Zach Thomas
    like crap

    Drafting Eric Kumerow,Billy Milner,Yatil Green,John Avery,Jamar Fletcher, in the first round

    Not drafting A QB in the first round in 28 years

  9. Its a tough call between Wanndstadt forcing Marino out & forcing Shula out for JJ. JJ then did exactly the sam ein his 4 years as Shula had done his last 4. And then bailing leaving Wanny to inexplicably force Marino out despite them (still) not having a replacemnt.
    Fiedler was over-rated because the team won games around him. Never won a big game, won against all the weak & middle teams, never won a game himself, never made big plays. ever.

  10. ‘The Monday Night Miracle’.
    Kicker Garo Yepremian’s attempted pass putting the perfect season in jeopardy late in the 4th of Super Bowl VII.
    Marino’s last game.
    Ricky Williams Circus.
    Marino hired as VP, stepping down weeks later.

  11. I’ve been a dolphins fan since i was 8, in 1993. although i have seen a ton a bonehead moves (wannstedt, wannstedt, jamar fletcher, adbul-jabbar, 62-7, wannstedt, eddie moore, wannstedt, saban, cameron, ginn, and dave wannstedt.) the most glaring one to me is having not drafted a qb in the first round since marino in 1983. come on people, just look at the last 20 super bowls. i would say 15 of those have been won by QBs drafted in the first round of the playoffs. not every team can be like the 2000 ravens.

  12. 1. Forcing out Shula.
    2. Ross, worst NFL owner today…and the same goes for JLo, et al.
    3. 1-15
    4. 62-7
    5. Fins fans crapping all over Henne in his first true starting season and refusing to give the guy a chance…I love the Fins but can’t stand Fins fans!

    Honorable mention…

    6. Saban
    7. all other owners after Joe Robbie, (but especially Ross)
    8. all Fins fans calling for Sparano’s scalp just because he “fist pumps”…heck if Rex Ryan was coach you’d love it…admit it!

  13. they would’ve ruined aaron rodgers. the dolphins are the bears of the afc- they have no idea how to develop talent. they lost all their mojo when shula left. but on a positive note: the packers take nobodies and make a championship team out of them! notice the subtle difference?

  14. 1. 1-15 season
    2. hiring of Wannsted
    3. Wasting five years with Fielder at QB.
    4. All of the drafts between 1999-2007.
    5. 62-7.
    6. passing on Drew Brees twice.
    7. Signing/trading 2nd rd picks for useless QBs.
    8. JT to the jets.
    9. Monday night meltdown.
    10. Hiring of Saban.

  15. Greg Camarillo turns a short slant into a 64-yard TD reception in overtime, giving the Dolphins their lone victory of the season and denying his teammates the opportunity to quaff champagne should their perfect year go unchallenged.

  16. leaving the ORANGE BOWL.

    Joe Robbie’s passing and the sons selling to HWH.

    It has been all down hill since.

  17. I’ve been a fan since Joe Auer scored a TD on the kickoff return and it still hurts that the Chargers won in overtime.

  18. All of the above are terrible moments but the one that stands out to me the most took place in January of 1995 in the divisional round of the playoffs. Miami led San Diego 21-6 at halftime and then went into conservative mode and, along with a couple of questionable calls by the officials, ended up losing to the Chargers 22-21. To top it off, Pete Stoyonavich missed a makeable field goal at end the game that would have won it and sent the Fins to Pittsburgh for the AFC title game. Still tough to think about that one!

  19. Failing to draft a legit QB since Marino (jury is still out on Henne)

    Nick Satan’s bailing to Alabama

    Cam Cameron era (1-15)

    Marino’s last game (ugly end to an era)

    Ricky Williams’ pot induced hiatus


    Losing Joe Robbie

    Monday night meltdown

    Settling for Culpepper rather than enticing Brees

    Ross’ Harbaugh fiasco

    There are several more but …

  20. 1) not grooming a qb behind marino
    2) yatil green
    3) john avery
    4) lawrence phillips
    5) cecil collins
    6) passing on randy moss
    7) rick speilman & wanstashe
    8) aj feeley & lamar gordon trades
    9) randy mueller hire instead if ted thompson
    10) cam camoron
    11) passing on aaron rodgers
    12) not hiring rex ryan
    13) passing on matt ryan

  21. All you need to do is post that picture of Marino sitting on the field looking totally forlorn just before being pulled in the 62-7 playoff loss to Jacksonville. That was how he left this game. That is still one of the most miserable days I have ever experienced. It was the last time I would see my boyhood hero on the football field, and he as well as everyone else knew it. It still makes my gut hurt to think about it….

  22. It has to be Cam’s 1-15 season … got a victory by luck … Billicheck gave us 2nd life by going for it instead of icing the game … then Welker did his magic. To be fair, Cam had plenty of help form Mueller, Hire-zingers, Nick Satan, Ginn, & previous regimes.

    Biggest Reason its #1: The Dolphins CANCELLED their Awards Banquet … now that paints a Big “L” on your forehead!! Boo-yah!!

  23. Dolfandan – I was going to add that one, since no one had mentioned it, but you took care of it. The play I remember most is the Charger fumble that hit the pylon and thus should have been a touchback for Miami, instead, refs gave Miami the ball at their own 1-inch line. The run up the middle didn’t make it out of the endzone (although if I remember, that might not have even been the right call), safety and two points for SD, MIA loses by 1.

  24. 11. The fact that our best QB since Marino was Jay Fiedler.

    10. Passing on Drew Brees twice (the first time being much worse than the second).

    9. Wanny.

    8. Never giving Marino a running game.

    7. The Ricky Williams fiasco.

    6. Drafting the Ginn family.

    5. Cam Cameron.

    4. Trading Welker to New England and using the second round pick we got in return on John Beck.

    3. 1-15.

    2. Hanging Sparano out to dry.

    1. Marino’s final game.

  25. Oh yea, the Monday Night Miracle. How the hell could I forget about that? I was at that game!

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