Giants won’t talk to media after lockout workout


Last week, Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports made waves by complaining about the Panthers’ refusal to allow the media into their player-organized lockout workouts.  This week, Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger is taking the Giants to task for a session that included an across-the-board refusal to talk to the press while the players left the location of the practice.

Garafolo reports that 39 Giants showed up for workouts at Bergen Catholic School on Tuesday, and not a single player would answer a question on the record.  One player said that they had been told not to talk, and Garafolo suspects that center Shaun O’Hara, the team’s NFLPA* rep, gave the order.

“[A]t a time like this, where fans across the league feel as alienated as ever, each rejected interview request only serves to drive the divide even further,” Garafolo writes.

Though we disagreed with Silver’s position that media should be given access to practice by players who have more things to worry about than keeping an eye on what the media is doing and whether their radar lock on Cam Newton would amount to a distraction, we can understand Garafolo’s frustration over the refusal of the Giants players to say anything.  If, as Garafolo surmises, the players fear saying something that could undermine their collective position in the lockout, the players could say they’ll only talk about things that happened during the practice, from which the media wasn’t excluded.

In the end, if the players don’t want to talk, they don’t have to talk.  But they continue to work in an industry that relies on fans paying attention to what the players do, and one way to get the fans to pay attention is to give the media something to which attention can be paid.

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  1. I agree with Garafolo. You would think with all of the time spent trying to sway public opinion between the owners and players, that the players would open up their practices to the media/public.

    As much as I hate to say that I agree with Cortland Finnigan, I thought it was a smart idea to invite fans to the organized practice. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. But if teams start doing that I think they will be getting a lot more support from fans because it will show they care about them.

  2. I am just happy they are working out.
    I don’t care about what they did to catch pass or who burnt who, because it doesn’t matter during the season. They don’t play themselves.

  3. Hey, they’re practicing together. As a Giants fan, that’s all I care about…

  4. Dang even some of the Patriots talked a little bit.
    Never thought I’d see the day another team was more tight lipped than they are.

  5. They know , as do the fans, that it is only important for the owners and the player’s assoc. reps to talk.

  6. The media is under the impression they are owed the right to speak with the players whenever they want. I’m an Eagles fan and I’m glad to hear the Giants box the media out.

    This has nothing to do with the players and gathering sympathy. The real reason is the media thinks when they say jump, everyone is supposed to ask how high. How dare those players not take the time to acknowledge them.

    They just hope you say something stupid so they can report on it, or some hack needs his sports column in by 4:00pm.

  7. They are obligated to talk to the press under the terms of their employment and as a condition to receive their pay. Since they are NOT receiving their pay, they have NO obligation to talk. Given that the average rat has an IQ fifty points higher than the sports media in NYC and that the rat smells better, looks better, is more trustworthy, and knows more about sports, I would say NOT talking to the assclown NY/NJ sportswriters might very well be the greatest lockout perk for the Giants. I hope they continue to enjoy blowing you guys off because as soon as a new CBA is signed you guys will be playing proctologist again and the Giants will have to look back on these days as nothing more than a fond memory.

  8. The players don’t care about the fans!
    The owners don’t care about the fans !
    And the media certinitly doesn’t care about the fans!

    They ALL care about the fans money!

    And the most nervous of the entire group is the media, they have nothing to offer the fans.

  9. 2 things:
    1. It’s Bergen Catholic HIGH School. Get it right, don’t be disrespecting my alma mater.
    2. as for Langan supposedly breaking the story, all the B.C. guys knew about this on Monday. A bunch of my friends and I showed up and watched. Amukamara looks good.

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