Lions will refund employees if no games are lost

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The Lions are among the teams that have opted to hide behind a self-induced financial crisis to take salary away from employees who are caught in the middle of a labor dispute.

The good news, sort of, is that the Lions will refund any lost pay, if the full season is played.

Tom Kowalski of, citing an unnamed source close to the situation, reports that the money will be paid “if the entire football schedule is played this year.”  Presumably, that means regular season and preseason.

Though we’d prefer the Lions to make like the Ravens and pay back all money now, the possibility of refunds in the event the lockout gets resolved in time to play the full season is the next best thing, and yet another reason for the two sides to keep working toward getting a deal done.

14 responses to “Lions will refund employees if no games are lost

  1. I sure hope those employees are not homeless yet so the can receive their refunds!! The way the NFL is dragging their feet on the lockout situation the employees probably shouldn’t look for a refund.

  2. It is pretty disgusting that NFL teams are cutting employees pay 25 percent. It shows how greedy and selfish the owners and players are.

  3. Is it just me, or is it asinine to think these BILLIONAIRE owners cannot afford to pay the secretaries, ticket rep sales, cleaning crew, media crew, etc $40,000 salaries?

    Is this a dog and pony show to show the courts “It’s serious?” Cmon MAN, these workers should NOT have their pay cut, and only be repaid if the full season is played.

    Were not talking about a public company with 40,000 employees, were talking about Billionaires running a sports franchise and they need to be much more loyal to their own workers. Pay those people what they are worth. Maybe they will continue Cold Calling me asking me to buy more season tickets, or keep doing video iterviews to keep my interest during this lockout.

    Kind of reminds me of a guy who buys his own personal jet, but complains the gas prices are too high.

    Pay your workers full pay, and strike a deal by mid July so we can have football!

  4. I can’t believe the players or the NFLPA* hasn’t stepped up to the plate and covered these lost wages…… All these players have a bunch of money in the bank right? At least they have those free educations to fall back on right? At least they have other job skills right?

  5. Unlike the Ravens, the Lions have their own stadium to pay for. Unlike most of the NFL they subsidized nearly all of the stadium costs! Their ability to pay on their loans is GREATLY affected by this lockout and unlike other teams that is why they have to take this action. Does it suck, yes but so does the lockout for the owners. You think they want to be in this position where their income could be hurt? Yes, they’re loaded but any businessman losing money is hurt. Most rich people’s assets aren’t as liquid as yours and mine.

  6. uh-oh…I was wrong, they paid for 49% of the stadium the rest was through a VOTER APPROVED bond. So, while only 49%, it is still more than most teams pay on their own.

  7. The owners are acting like spoiled children and I’m really getting turned off to the league.
    If the Lions were owned by someone who didn’t take federal bailout $ for the auto industry, I would rant. However, I have a hard time calling THIS owner cheap. Yet.
    NFL= No Fans Left

  8. Doesn’t this create a dynamic in which the owners have LESS of an incentive to play a full slate of games?

    That is, if they play 16, then they have to pay their employees the off season wages. But if they only play 15…

    I mean, all else being equal, right?

  9. A lot of places eliminate jobs or cut pay when faced with a loss of income. Each owner is entitled to run his or her team as they see fit. The bottom line is making money and when major companies lay off workers to improve the bottom line it is not fun or fair but is life. The NFL as a whole is a very public company where the object is to make money.

  10. seriously? i mean i’d love to not see any salaries cut but have you been to detroit?? you’re referring to the worst economy in the entire nation with phrases like “hiding behind” and “self-induced financial crisis”.

    not to mention the lions are one of a very few teams in all of sports for which ownership pays for EVERYTHING out of pocket and doesn’t force it upon the tax payers.

    the fords may have had some issues with hiring qualified individuals to run their franchise (no names needed here) but more owners should follow their lead in how they address the business and do NOT “hide behind” tax hikes on their cities citizens to finance THEIR team

  11. spartyfi –

    yes, but that voter approved bond is NOT the same as the legislation approved tax increases on fans to finance a stadium.

  12. seahawkhuskyfan says:
    I can’t believe the players or the NFLPA* hasn’t stepped up to the plate and covered these lost wages.

    As soon as I clicked the thread I knew someone was SOMEHOW going to pretzel-logic this into being the fault of the players.

    This post exceeded my expectations.

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