NCAA joins NFL’s push for youth concussion legislation

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As the NFL continues to push for states to adopt legislation designed to protect young athletes who suffer concussions, the league announced today that the NCAA has joined it as a proponent of such laws.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and NCAA President Mark Emmert both issued statements saying state legislatures should follow the lead of Washington State and pass a law requiring education about concussions, the removal of youth athletes from practice or games when they suffer concussions, and a requirement that youth athletes be medically cleared before they can return after suffering concussions.

“We are pleased that President Emmert and the NCAA will support our campaign and add visibility to this issue not only with football but also with the other 22 NCAA sports for the benefit of young athletes and their families,” Goodell said. “We have learned that while concussions certainly are a challenge in football that it is equally important that young athletes in many other sports be educated on this subject as well.”

In the last two years 21 states have passed youth concussion legislation.

5 responses to “NCAA joins NFL’s push for youth concussion legislation

  1. the NFL who doesnt want the govt, courts involved in their $$$s willling to use the govt to screw with others. shame……

  2. These children don’t/can’t run at a speed dangerous enough to administer concussions.

    This is a waste of time and money. Like the war on drugs.

  3. Roger warned the kids that if they didn’t protect their brain, 40 years from now they might be standing on a corner in a goofy baseball cap holding a football and singing “Baby Beluga” for spare change.

  4. Beast you really do not know what you are talking about.
    What you need next is for Pop Warner,and other youth organizations to adopt rules to help prevent this. The biggest step would be to educate all coaches on recognizing the issue and taking steps to assure the children’s safety

  5. And in other news, thousands of Pop Warner leagues across the country have announced that they will be closing up shop, citing skyrocketing medical and insurance liability costs.

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