Report: Reggie Bush still hasn’t coughed up his Heisman


On Monday, the BCS stipped USC of its 2004 national title.  The move represents the school’s consequences for the money-and-or-things-of-value transactions that rendered former Trojans/current Saints tailbackReggie Bush ineligible.

Last year, Bush decided to give up his 2005 Heisman Trophy, under a fairly clear threat that it would have been taken from him involuntarily.  Although USC has packed up its version of the statue and sent it back to the Downtown Athletic Club in New York City, Bush apparently hasn’t.

Our good friend Paul Pabst of The Dan Patrick Show, setting aside his Executive Producer hat and donning the disguise of a reporter, writes that Bush’s version of the award has not yet made its way back to Manhattan.

Pabst explains that Bush’s trophy had been on display at the San Diego Hall of Champions.  After the decision was made that the trophy would be returned, “Reggie Bush’s dad came in right after and took it,” a member of management at the San Diego Hall of Champions told Pabst.  “That’s the last we saw of it.”

The folks at the Downtown Athletic Club apparently have made no effort to force the issue, and possibly never will.  And perhaps Bush never intended to give up the hardware itself.  Consider the exact words from his press release:

“One of the greatest honors of my life was winning the Heisman Trophy in 2005.  For me, it was a dream come true.  But I know that the Heisman is not mine alone.  Far from it.  I know that my victory was made possible by the discipline and hard work of my teammates, the steady guidance of my coaches, the inspiration of the fans, and the unconditional love of my family and friends.  And I know that any young man fortunate enough to win the Heisman enters into a family of sorts.  Each individual carries the legacy of the award and each one is entrusted with its good name.  It is for these reasons that I have made the difficult decision to forfeit my title as Heisman winner of 2005.”

Forfeit his title?  Yes.  Actually surrender a chunk of bronze that could eventually fetch a ton of money on eBay?  Maybe not.

The fact is that the trophy apparently never will be returned, if neither the Downtown Athletic Club nor anyone else places pressure on Bush to make it happen.

Reggie?  It’s time to make good on your word and give back the trophy.

54 responses to “Report: Reggie Bush still hasn’t coughed up his Heisman

  1. Hey, if he wrote that speach himself I have to say he’s smarter than I would have anticipated. Especially with the delicate way he danced around the issue and managed to appease everybody without agreeing to give up his statue.

    Something tells me it was prepared by somebody other than the ex-Heisman winner himself though.

  2. Bush shouldn’t return the trophy.
    The voters gave it to him, it’s his.

    If Cam keeps his, Reggie keeps his

  3. For his excellent reportage in this case, Paul Pabst has been awarded the Blue Ribbon!

  4. LOL, I never noticed the subtly in that statement before. If the DAC has yet to act to retrieve the trophy, it is unlikely they ever will. Furthermore, once they give the hardware to a recipient not sure they legally can take it back (without that individual’s consent) anyway – they can remove the player’s name from their records but I believe the hardware itself would be the property of the individual they gave it to. Its likely why the Bush family wanted to get the trophy back in their physical possession so fast, possession aftert all is 9/10ths of the law.

  5. He shouldn’t… has nothing to do with what he did off the field, he won the award because he was the best player, he didn’t break any rules by winning the award. USC broke rules by getting him to play for them

  6. eaglesfan290

    Dont even for one second try to make any kind of reference toward Reggies peoblems with the NCAA. “Now there’s a shock”…. u want shock? Look no further than QB1 of ur Eagles. So before you start…… dont!

  7. Bush knew the rules, he was educated by the USC Compliance office, he knew what he was doing was wrong but he accepted the award anyway.

    He needs to give it up and show some class for once

  8. Not only should Reggie keep the Heisman, he should make his twitter picture, as well as his facebook picture him holding the trophey. F-UM, until the NCAA wants to admit they are the bigger liars and cheats I have no problem with the “student-athletes” getting theirs while they can.

  9. I don’t see why he should give it back. In college football there are two kinds of cheating — not being an amateur athlete, and being on PEDs. Reggie didn’t gain the ability to run fast because his parents lived rent free.

  10. Next Mondays top headliner on PFT. “Report: Reggie Bush’s Heisman trophy was “stolen” this weekend.”

  11. If Reggie Bush returned the Heisman award it would seemingly be one of the very few times he would do the “right thing.”

  12. I have moral fiber, if thats the yard stick. BUT, I see no reason for Bush to surrender his,,his trophy given to him in a big brew-ha-ha event on TV. So he received a place to rent for himself and his parents(I think thats the way it goes). So What? His grades were current. He played football,,,again so what. Most these kids (Bush excluded) come from very proverished homes and communities. Most have one pair of shoes and maybe a sport coat and not much else. Why cant these kids be given some money while in college? Theres not one reason not to. You folks who throw stones should walk a mile in these kids shoes.
    From: A white middle class retired/disabled polie officer.

  13. @touchownroddywhite, if he can spell “speech” correctly, he is smarter than you…

  14. Sell it on ebay and then donate the money to charity. That would satisfy most people while still allowing Reggie to act out some of his bitterness. It would be a nice compromise.

  15. Patriot42 says:
    Jun 7, 2011 4:56 PM
    A lot of those that are ready to allow him to keep his trophy have very little moral fiber.

    Kind of like people who excessively pass judgement.

    Bush agreed to vacate the award, but the trophy is his property and he’s under no moral or legal obligation to return it.

    The decision to strip Bush of the trophy was stupid to begin with. Offhand Andre Ware, Billy Sims, and Earl Campbell have admitted to receiving extra benefits while playing in college.

  16. A lot of those that are ready to allow him to keep his trophy have very little moral fiber.

    I hope you’re not a Patriots fan…because the irony of this post….

  17. “dryzzt23 says:
    Jun 7, 2011 4:51 PM
    Bush knew the rules, he was educated by the USC Compliance office, he knew what he was doing was wrong but he accepted the award anyway.

    He needs to give it up and show some class for once”

    Class? You’re talking about a U$C guy. There’s no class in U$C

  18. @rolltide510 …

    If he didn’t intend to return the trophy, he shouldn’t have forfeited the title. Now he’s just made a bad situation worse. And it’s a lot easier to work on your football skills when you don’t have any financial worries. Pay for play is a problem … or don’t you think so when the conversation is about Newton? The Heisman is given for the best athlete who performs “with integrity.” If they want to remove those two words from their mission statement, I’ll be fine with the Reggies keeping their trophies.

    @ball-boy …

    Got the goods on Cam? I, for one, would love to see them.

  19. The Heisman ballot stipulates that candidates be in compliance with NCAA bylaws, and candidates sign an affidavit to that effect before they are given the award. If you think that the trophy itself can’t be taken back, you should probably think again.

  20. I agree with the Cam Newton logic. As long as Auburn and Cam Newton get to keep their awards, why should USC and Reggie Bush lose theirs?

  21. Why cant these kids be given some money while in college? Theres not one reason not to.


    How about “because it’s against the rules”? Don’t like the rules that come with the free college education? Then go get some money at McDonalds.

  22. If was Reggie Bush, I would say, “You want your dumb trophy? Come to my house and get it.”

  23. @tommyf15 EXACTLY…I would have respected Ware more if he would have said, “Well, you know I got mine (benefits) when I was @ Houston, but the scrutiny wasn’t as bad back then” All Ware should have done was call in sick that day or say “No Comment” when asked about it.

  24. theytukrjobs says:
    Sell it on ebay and then donate the money to charity. That would satisfy most people while still allowing Reggie to act out some of his bitterness. It would be a nice compromise.

    Tell ya what- YOU buy the trophy from Bush, then sell it on Ebay and donate the money to charity.

    (Posted since sometimes I too enjoy telling people what to do with their money and property).

  25. Deb,

    Pay for play is a problem, but the topic at hand is “should reggie bush give back the Heisman trophy he already has on his mantle”, not what should be done about schools or athletes that are on the take.

    I’ve noticed every major award in college has some statement about integrity or something related, but in today’s game they’re just MVP awards, I doubt voters are looking past performance on the field at this point. After all, they did give it to Cam Newton, right?

  26. Do USC have to return the millions they made off of him during those 2 years?


    No, just like they don’t get the Heisman replica back, just like they don’t get eligibility for bowl games back, just like they don’t get the 30 scholarships they lost back, just like they don’t get the 14 wins they had to forfeit back, just like they don’t get the National Championship they had to forfeit back.

  27. rolltide510 says:
    After all, they did give it to Cam Newton, right?

    They sure did- after the NCAA cleared Cam Newton of any wrongdoing.

  28. First of all, it wasn’t just free rent that Reggie’s mom and stepdad got that was the problem.. Reggie got a car. His family got clothes, trips, makeovers, and transportation. Everybody got thousands of dollars.

    Let’s stop with the “we should pay scholarship athletes” garbage. Free tuition, books, room and board is pretty good pay in case nobody has told you. My parents paid for my first two years of college. I got married at the end of my second year and while my parents offered to continue to pay for my school, I paid my way myself. Something to do with acting like an adult if your going to hold yourself up to be an adult.

    Yes, many universities make millions from sports programs. Those sports programs cost millions to run every year. I’d much rather see any money be used to help hold down costs for ALL students as opposed to benefitting a select few. BTW, I paid to put my son through college as well.

  29. of course he wont give it.. 15 yrs down the road if/when he is broke he can sell it .

  30. @tommyf15 …

    The NCAA did not clear Cam of any wrongdoing. As they’ve said many many times, the investigation is ongoing.

    On the other hand …

    @rolltide510 …

    They haven’t been able to prove anything against Cam that would have prevented him from accepting the Heisman. The federal corruption trial in Alabama began yesterday. It involves at least two major Auburn boosters and 2700 hours of audiotapes made during the time Cam’s purchase, um, “recruiting” occurred. We can only hope those tapes, which will soon enter the public record, contain the smoking gun. If not, that’s it. But they did have proof against Reggie, and that’s the difference.

  31. 1bigtex says:
    I’d much rather see any money be used to help hold down costs for ALL students as opposed to benefitting a select few.

    Your heart is in the right place, but it’s the football and basketball players that GENERATE the revenue, and that revenue is already spent on scholarships for athletes that play non-revenue generating sports.

    It’s comical that the schools can’t “afford” to give players money, but they can afford $5M a year for a coach.

  32. @tommyf15

    The biggest problem with paying student-athletes is who gets paid and who doesn’t. How fast would the lawyers line up to sue if Joe QB got thousands and Suzy Swimmer got squat? We’re not talking about opening a can of worms. We’re talking about an entire freight train full of worms. Think there would be a bunch of smiling lawyers?

  33. Rick Harrison would pay “100 bucks and even thats going a little much”


    “because the market for them is really down right now, but if you had come in a couple of years ago you’d be talking big bucks”

  34. I seriously doubt any one on this site, had they been in college, would turn down the things reggie was offered. I wouldn’t and i bet if 95% of you answered that same question honestly you wouldn’t either. Do you know how much money those atheletes generate for those schools? For the cities they play in? The LSU football team brings in SO much money for the city of Baton Rouge… i know bc i lived up there while going to college. Im not saying the players should or should not get paid but I dont see why it is so frowned upon when you have players getting into domestic disputes “with a girlfriend at a party” and other such offenses where the player gets a slap on the wrist and maybe misses a game or two (see Ryan Perrilloux). Perrilloux had about 3 to 4 chances before they actually cut him loose and he wasnt even disciplined by the NCAA he was kicked off by Les Miles, but OH NO a kid took some gifts, maybe some money that was happily offered to him, set his parents up in a house that was happily offered to him. The reason these kids are getting offered money like this is because the boosters have made so much of the football programs that they have the money to throw around. There needs to be some perks besides the scholarships for the players… not necessarily money but free meals, a certain amount of free clothing (not to be overdone but at least give these kids something to wear to class and maybe a suit to wear to charity functions/school events), some sort of form of transportation (not give them a car but maybe a service that brings them to and from class and practices ON TIME). Given the amount of money they generate i dont see that what i listed is much to ask.

  35. Ha. Integrity??? What world do you live in to where you think Reggie Bush is the only person in college football to accept money, cars, food, improper gifts, etc….? Integrity?? If integrity is what you are looking for then you need to switch sports because football is not the sport in which most of its players express personal integrity voluntarily on and off the field. Reggie, by your standards (as well as others) may not fall in to the Integrity room but let me just tell you, when it comes to the NFL and NCAA Reggie is not alone in the room he’s in… acutally its pretty crowded in that room. Integrity, smh!

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