Rex Ryan: Darrelle Revis will be the best Jet ever

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Joe Namath and Don Maynard are the only two Hall of Famers who played most of their careers with the New York Jets, but neither one will go down in history as the greatest Jet of them all.

At least, not according to Jets coach Rex Ryan, who says Darrelle Revis will be remembered as the best ever to put on a Jets uniform.

“One day we’re gonna say that this is the best Jet in the history of the New York Jet franchise, I believe that,” Ryan said as part of NFL Network’s look at Revis for its ongoing Top 100 players series. “And I think we’re gonna also see him in Canton one day.”

Ryan has previously called Revis the best player in the NFL, so high praise from coach to player is nothing new. But this takes it up another notch: Ryan is saying that Revis, who’s only 25 years old, is putting together a resume that will have him considered not only among the greats of his era, but among the greats of all time.

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  1. Uh, Oh. Here comes another Revis holdout. Maybe he’ll ask for less money since his play went down.

  2. Rex Ryan: Darrelle Revis will be the best Jet ever

    Yea, we know Mr. Blowhard, and you will win the Super Bowl this year right?

    I mean you predict it every year, maybe once in a hundred years it may come true.

    After all, didn’t the Jets win a Super Bowl just only about 40 years ago?

  3. If you want to crown him……..then crown his ass!!!

    I’d prefer to see if he plays well over a long period of time, or if he’s just another guy who puts together a couple of good seasons.

    As a non-Jets fan, who is a fan of another team in the same division…….I think that the best Jets player ever was probably either Joe Klecko or Curtis Martin.

    Somehow, that green uniform just doesn’t conjure up images of greatness.

  4. All he needs to do is win 1 Championship and he will go down as the greatest Jet ever, right? Considering they are 2 time defending Week 2 Super Bowl Champs, he is already in….

    Asked his opinion on what Coach Ryan had to say about Revis, Bart Scott looked at the camera, got overly intense, and with a facial expression similar to a constipated donkey, he muttered “cant wait!”

  5. IALTO Rex.

    Come on man, just stop talking. We get it, you are confident in your team, and every year you crown yourself the preseason champ. But until you prove it in the playoffs/superbowl, your act will start to wear thin. (It already has for me)

    Joe Namath will have that title until another great QB plays for them.

  6. Rex Ryan’s predictions have been as accurate as Harold Camping’s… 0-fer. Keep em coming Rex, I need some joy during these lockout shenanigans.

  7. You posters let me down. How can 20 comments go by without someone mentioning the great Browning Nagle? Mike Adamle (original host of American Gladiators)? Glenn Foley? Brooks Bollinger? Johnny Hector? Pat Leahy? Johnny “Lam” Jones? Wesley Walker? These. . . are the greatest Jets of all time. Revis? Feh!

    All seriousness….Chrebet is the face of that franchise.

  8. I don’t know about the best Jet of all time, but he’s gonna be remembered, Revis is one of the best players in the NFL, Ryan is right about that.

    Also, you obviously listen/care about what Rex Ryan has to say if you take the time to log in to leave a disparaging comment about him that he’ll never read. Just sayin’, tarts.

  9. No way, the great Ted Ginn JR exposed Revis on national TV…NFL coordinators have his #.

    Oh yeah, and Rex is a fat clown.

  10. Curtis Martin was the best football player to put on a Jets uniform. Matt Snell was not a bad one either.

  11. Hes right. Plain and simple. Barring injury or something unforseen, he will go down as the best CB of all time.

  12. correction – – Namath – face of franchise for those old enough to remember what life was like before Pong was invented. Should be Chrebet though.

  13. Calling someone the best Jet ever is like calling a car the best Oldsmobile ever.

    Next to the car lot of Mercedes, BMWr’s, Lexus etc.

    But then again after accomplishing nothing for the past 42 years, it’s good to celebrate the little things.

  14. Revis is arguably the best defensive player in the NFL and certainly could end up being the best Jet of all time. His year in 2009 was arguably the greatest season ever by a CB. Look at who he played agaisnt that eyar. It was a who’s who of the games best WR’s and he shut them all down without help. No one changes a game more on defense than Revis. Nor is there a more versatile CB in the game that can play all styles, physical press coverage, laying off, zone or just run with them.

    The problem is the list is quite short.

    Martin would be my number one. Then Namath but then where do you go? Klecko? Maynard, Walker, Mangold, Maewae, Toon, and the list is awful small. If week going it won’t take long to get to Testaverde on that list. Not to besmirch Vinnie as like Martin he was the ultimate team player but its a shame he is the 2nd best QB in the teams 51 years.

  15. @ampats

    Namath, Snell, Walker, Toon, Chrebet, O’Brien, Salaam, Maynard, Leahy, C. Martin, Riggins (he did earn his fame as a Skin, though), Klecko, Hill, Lyons, Shuler, Gastineau, Mawae, I could go on. Consider the homegrown talent we have now too, that I’m not bringing up because they’re not even halfway through their careers like Mangold, Ferguson, Revis, ect.

    It’s not like the Jets went 0-16 every year since SB3. We’ve had some fine players wear green.

  16. I don’t know, the Jets did whomp the Patsies in Foxboro last January. That didn’t suck. Not such a little thing.

    What did suck was losing to the friggin Steelers.

    I am fine with Rex making predictions since it just means he is confident nothing more, nothing less. But it would be KEY if the Jets can win their division or hey how about “leading the league in wins” so we can host an AFC championship game this year.

  17. Rex is too much like his father and twin brother in that he espouses greatness and throws platitudes around like candy and trinkets at a Mardi Gras parade. After a while, it gets old and his words lose any value because you realize there is no sincerity. How many times can you cry wolf and have the people believe you??

  18. That isn’t saying much. The jets have a pretty poor history of producing HoF caliber talent in house.

  19. Rexy talks about the jets franchise like it’s one of the NFL’s alltime juggernauts…but in last 42 years…2 division titles.

    Revis a good player…but has ANYONE ever seen him make a run tackle???..Or shed a block without resembling a matador? Serious Deion disease & at least Sanders returned kicks, received etc..

    His 2010, was slightly above average…effing jets

  20. Saying Revis is the best Jet is like saying Smurfette is the best looking smurf.

    I see even Jets fans are having a tough time coming up with a top ten of all time that doesn’t sound foolish.

  21. @mistrezzrachael

    YOU talk about the Patriots like it’s one of the NFL’s alltime juggernauts. You strike me as someone who would need google to find out the names of pre-Bledsoe QB’s. And yes, Revis is great in run support/tackling after the catch. It’s Cromartie who is questionable at best in that area.

    I will agree his 2010 was nothing special. Don’t forget he was playing hurt, however.

  22. That’s high praise coming from the guy who promised a Super Bowl victory in 2010.

    I’ll bet Obama’s really hoping Rex doesn’t predict he’ll be re-elected.

  23. RexCanCoach says: I don’t know, the Jets did whomp the Patsies in Foxboro last January.

    Yes – playing the Patriots IS Rex Ryan’s Super Bowl.

    That’s why he’ll never win the real thing.

  24. mistrezzrachael says: Jun 7, 2011 5:44 PM

    Revis a good player…but has ANYONE ever seen him make a run tackle???..Or shed a block without resembling a matador? Serious Deion disease & at least Sanders returned kicks, received etc..


    No offense but you are completely wrong.

    Revis is one of the best tackling and most physical CBs in football. What separates Revis from other top CB’s is his physicality and strength. He redirects and disrupts WR’s so well. While he can play as a cover WR like Asomugha what makes him unique is he is the full packagae. Asomugha for example is a strictly a cover CB. While Rvis can play press, redirect and disuprt WR’s.

  25. Revis is amazing! He managed 32 tackles last year while pulling down zero interceptions! If Gholston made 20 more tackles last year he would be a franchise player just like Revis!

  26. Revis, best jet ever? Are you kidding me? He’s not even the best all-around player at his position. Nnamdi Asomugha doesn’t need a loudmouth coach or a prolonged holdout to garner attention. His play speaks for itself.

  27. Umm… Joe Namath? Ever hear of him Rex? He actually helped to bring a championship to NY…

    Why doesn’t this guy shut up? Revis isn’t even the best at his position right now.

    I haven’t seen such a sell job since Bosworth with regard to Coach Ryan. The dude hasn’t done squat, but wrote a book? This guy thinks he’s Vince Lombardi?!?! It’s put up or shut up already Ryan…

  28. “Revis a good player…but has ANYONE ever seen him make a run tackle???..Or shed a block without resembling a matador? ”

    Either you don’t watch the Jets play or you watch them next to your seeing eye dog. Revis is a great tackler.

  29. mistrezzrachael :
    To Say Revis’s last season was slighly above average is preposterous. He played last year after the bye week like he did in 2009, the year where he had arguably the greatest season in NFL history for a CB. Reggie Wayne, Calvin Johnson, and Andre Johnson, arguably the best 3 wideouts in the league were essentially just removed the games against the Jets last year. No other CB does that kind of damage to those types of players without help most of the time.

    Asomugha, who I am sure you will bring up, couldnt even hold Revis’s jockstrap. That is unless, he is covering the other team’s 2nd string wide receivers b/c they are lined up on the only side of the field he can defend.

    If you have time, you can look at Football Outsiders breakdown of the performance of CB’s last year. Guess who was rated #1 in the NFL again? Not that this is the telling stat, but removing the best wideouts in the game like they werent even playing is.

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