Bears potential suitors for Santana Moss


Whenever free agency begins, big-name receivers will be moving around all over the league: We’ve all heard a million pieces of speculation about where Terrell Owens and Plaxico Burress and Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards and Sidney Rice and Randy Moss might end up.

But here’s a piece of speculation about a veteran wide receiver we hadn’t yet heard: Santana Moss heading to Chicago and signing with the Bears.

The Bears are expected to try to add a veteran receiver in free agency, and Moss might be a better fit in the Mike Martz offense than any of the other receivers available, while also being less expensive than many of those other free agent receivers.

Writing on the Bears’ web site, Larry Mayer says Moss would be a natural fit in Chicago. Mayer notes that Moss could be “too similar in size, stature and style to receivers such as Johnny Knox and Devin Hester who are already on their roster,” but Moss’s size, stature and style is pretty much the size, stature and style that Martz looks for.

Of course, Moss has said his preference is to stay with the Redskins.

My first choice is to stay in Washington,” Moss told Mike Florio on a February installment of PFT Live. “My mind is nowhere outside of Washington. The fans are great. The organization has treated me well since day one. That’s where I want to be, when it’s all said and done.”

What’s not known, however, is whether Mike Shanahan likes Moss enough to keep treating him well, by which we mean paying him well. If not, the Bears might be the team to make a move for Moss.

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  1. Redskins would be idiots to not re-sign Santana Moss. They need a standout big WR (whether he was just drafted or getting a veteran FA) and put Moss in the slot where he belongs.

  2. Sadly, Ive seen every ‘Skins game of the last three years.

    Let me tell you this – Santana is a quality reciever. Still has the wheels, excellent hands, and make terrific adjustments. He makes bad QB’s look f’n pretty good. And he’s a team player who (mostly) keeps his yap shut.

    Any team will be lucky to get him, especially at the market rate he will command (not much)

  3. I think the Bears wind up with James Jones. They can use him as a possession guy to complement their speed guys on the outside.

  4. Santonio Holmes would really be a PERFECT fit in Martz’s offense.

    If he ever had a QB who could consistently get him the ball perfectly on time and in stride – Roethlisberger and Sanchez really couldn’t – Holmes is greased lightning in a bottle.

    Kurt Warner would have gone nuts with Holmes as a receiver. The verdict is still out on Cutler.

  5. They could sign Calvin and Andre Johnson and it wouldn’t matter. Signing any WR before addressing the offensive line sounds a lot like buying a spoiler for a car with no engine.

  6. Seeing as the Skin’s paid 100 mil to Fat Albert it wouldnt shock me in the least to see them let their best receiver who had 93 catches last year get away

  7. citizenstrange says:
    Jun 8, 2011 1:57 PM

    “…a QB who could consistently get him the ball perfectly on time and in stride…”


    The mark of a good reciever is one that can perform WITHOUT “consistently get(ting)…the ball perfectly on time and in stride”.

    Hell, half the recievers in the league would be Pro-Bowl canidates with that kind of platinum card service…

  8. Santana Moss is crazy if he wants to stay with the Redskins. He must love losing, not going to the playoffs and being on the worst team in the NFC East. The Skins are not going to get bettter any time soon.

  9. Considering how many completions Cutler throws to defensive backs, maybe Chicago should think outside the box and bring in a guy like Jonathan Joseph instead.

  10. Bears just love their sub 6 foot receivers a bunch of small quick guys aren’t a good receiving core you gotta mix it up

  11. tigerphins says:
    Jun 8, 2011 2:24 PM
    Considering how many completions Cutler throws to defensive backs, maybe Chicago should think outside the box and bring in a guy like Jonathan Joseph instead.


    Remember when they tried that with Hester?

  12. @eaglesfootballfan

    Santana Moss is crazy if he wants to stay with the Redskins. He must love losing, not going to the playoffs and being on the worst team in the NFC East. The Skins are not going to get bettter any time soon.


    Dont speak about losing and not going to the playoffs. All the winning you do in Philly and have no hardware. Win a Super Bowl please, then talk…

  13. Santana Moss is a BUM! He’s officially on the downward swing of a once GOOD career. not great, just good!

    He’s like Steve Smith, little burners that have about burned out!

  14. What the Bears really need to do is trade Hanie and Knox for tenders and sign Holmes and a Steve Smith (NYG) or Terrell Owens and let Hester play the slot

  15. He has been a very good player over the last few years, and could be very productive in the slot. However, he is getting old and doesn’t have the deep speed that he used to have, which was a major part of his game.

    I’d like the Redskins to resign him, but only on a contract that reflects his declining market value. Washington is at a rebuilding stage, if he doesn’t sign a reduced deal, we should move on and play 4-receivers we drafted in over the past two years alongside Armstrong and Banks (presuming we can shoe horn that many receivers into the regular season roster). We’re not in position to make a deep run into the play-offs this year. If we spend money on free agents it should be on young guys. Preferably young offensive linemen, who can learn the zone blocking system. Bruce Allen shouldn’t spend on the skill positions until a better foundation has been built.

  16. Has anyone considered the thought that Moss says he wants to remain in Washington simply to create more leverage if/when this lockout is lifted. By creating the perception that he wants to remain with the Redskins, he could force teams to increase offers in an attempt to lure him out of town. I cant imagine any receiver wanting to stay with the Skins considering their QB situation and the recent history of the organization. Yes he has been successful there but its time for him to move on and find a team that truly has a shot at a championship.

  17. Ive read rumors about the Pats being a potential landing spot for Santana Moss, but I dont see it…they need a tall WR and Moss is pretty average height.

  18. Santana Moss to the Bears…. What? He’s a decent receiver who’s very inconsistent…. He’s either on or off… The Bears need a Big WR with big play ability.. They have enough Receivers at sub 6feet… I’d like to see a T.O. or a Santonion Holmes… Not Santana Moss… Help!!!!

  19. Can we EVER sign a playmaker that isn’t past his prime?!?!

    But they need a tall WR to complement Knox and just get rid of Hester cuz that just ain’t working.

    I like what they did in the draft with the offensive line. They may need a guard for some depth and we have a solid base to start with on offense.

  20. All of this talk about Tall recievers is over rated! Moss put up good numbers last year with McNabb and Grossman!….Who says you have to be 6 ft 6 to be an effective reciever! Just because he is 32 does`nt mean he is over the hill,The guy can flat out play!….Remember the Smurfs from 1983? Those were the 1st trio of recievers to ever have over 1000 yards recieving at the same time!,So you sell that tall reciever sh*t to somebody else…..Stay with Washington Santana good things are about to come!!!!

  21. @Irishgary-

    If they did indeed “tag” him it’s stupid ass move. How does a well-run franchise like the Packers tag a 3rd/4th WR? Doesn’t sound like something they would consider. Regardless, the tag may not exist under the new CBA. Who’s the idiot now?

  22. @beefbus

    Yep another idiot Bears fan steps forward. You know nothing about Jones.

    Driver is in his last years, Jones will step in and take his place. See the reason the Pack are super bowl champs is Depth. No team had as many key injuries last year as the pack, yet super bowl champs.

    Do a little homework before posting, that way you would come off as less of an idiot, but not that much less.

  23. Santana Moss would be a great fit in Indianapolis. Right attitude with the right quarterback. He needs to get out of Washington if having a chance at a championship is important to him.

  24. I’m a huge skins fan and I watch every game. Santana Moss has provided for us every year. He has been consistent and has had multiple pro bowl seasons. I would love for us to resign him at the right price, but honestly where does he fit anymore. 3rd round pick Leonard Hankerson seems like a sure starter on one end, Moss would fit well in the slot but what would the purpose have been to draft Niles Paul from Nebraska and Aldrick Robinson from SMU who seem to be two talented slot recievers. Not to mention a solid year from Anthony Armstrong who I think for sure will be back, plus Brandon Banks as the return man. Also experts seem to think Bruce Allen is going to go after a true number 1 reciever (which we need) that could mean Sidney Rice or Santonio Holmes. I would love for Moss to be back and I hope he will be. I just don’t see how there is gonna be room for him because I don’t see Shanahan cutting a rookie reciever he used a draft pick on.

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