CFL team squats on Terrelle Pryor

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Amid talk (as explained earlier today by our friends at CFT while I was taking my birthday catnap . . . not to be confused with the catnap I take the other 364 days per year) that former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor could head to the UFL or the CFL before trying his hand at the NFL, a team in the CFL has acquired Pryor’s rights.

Per, the Saskatchewan Roughriders hold the negotiating rights to Pryor.

The UFL could make much more sense for Pryor, since the season starts in August and ends in October, allowing Pryor to possibly get extensive live reps (if he can win a starting job) and showcase himself for the NFL.

It also remains to be seen whether he applies for — and whether he’s selected in — the NFL’s supplemental draft.  Though the league believes a 2011 supplemental draft is authorized by the expired Collective Bargaining Agreement, the language of the CBA suggests otherwise.  It won’t matter if current talks between the NFL and the NFLPA* result in a new agreement.

Even if he’s available for the supplemental draft, some team would have to be willing to give up a 2012 draft pick.  If he isn’t picked, he’d become a free agent.

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  1. Pryor had virtually the same passing numbers as Newton last year. He is the same size, and faster afoot. He has three years D1 starting experience to Newton’s one. He had a 3.4 GPA to Newton’s 2.8. He doesn’t show signs of depending on performance enhancing drugs, and has no criminal record. Why is he a lesser quarterback prospect?

  2. His massive ego won’t allow him to switch to another position. Even if it did, I wouldn’t be surprised if he flamed out a la Xavier Lee, Isaiah Stanback, and Reggie McNeal

  3. I don’t know if he would come to Regina. While it has the most rabid fans in the league, he would only be making $80,000 a year as a backup QB. NFL rejects don’t do well in the CFL with Akili Smith, Andre Ware, Tony Rice, Major Harris, Todd Marinovich all flaming out after high expectations.

    He would be better off playing in the UFL. Plus, he probably made more money at That School in Ohio.

  4. Valid question above, however to me Pryor just looks awkward throwing the ball and has very strange mechanics…

    Driving a Nissan 350Z to the meeting where Tressel announced his resignation, amidst the media attention, also shows me that he just isn’t adept in the decision making category either….

  5. The answer to your question lies in another question, “Have you seen them play”? One plays like a winning QB one plays like a borderline blind, noodle-armed, choke artist. Numbers may not lie, but they can certainly mislead.

    BTW as a native Saskatchewanian and avid Rider ticket holder, Pryor will not play if he comes here. The depth chart is set and he’d be a backup at best so I see no circumstances under which he’d want to come here in the frozen tundra for $40,000 to hold a clipboard.

  6. Knowing the details with Pryor: Selling apparel, equipment, getting cars, money, etc; I believe his 3.4 GPA is not at all accurate of his actual academic standing. I would go so far as to theorize he may have gotten an “A” or two based on the fact he was the quarterback. Could be me and I could be wrong.

    On another note, how dumb must Cam Newton be if he can only “pull” a 2.8?

  7. I can’t seem to find this anywhere, but how did Saskatchewan acquire the rights for Pryor? I mean, did all of the CFL teams draw straws? Or did they have to bid a certain amount to the league? Anybody know?

  8. Pryor had a 65% completion rate last year, and is over 60% for three years in D1. Similar to Gabbert and Ponder, better than Mallett or Locker. He is younger than all of the QBs taken in April except for Gabbert as well.

  9. I hope the only offer he gets is the last spot on some team’s practice squad. At $25K, he’d have to take a pay cut!

  10. Responding to hobartbaker:

    I don’t really understand the reference to performance enhancing drugs. Although Pryor may not have a criminal record he still has as many character concerns as does Newton. I’m a Buckeye fan but have never really cared for Pyor, or Newton for that matter. Personally I don’t really think either one of them will be much of a quaterback at the NFL level. They do quite a bit in common. Newton showed last year an uncanny ability to handle pressure by performing week after week despite all the negative attention he was receiving through the media regaurding the pay for play allegations.

  11. I can’t stand Newton because he seems like such a phony *****, but I don’t see why he can’t become a good NFL QB. Same with Pryor. Or Tim Tebow. If they get it done over a period of time and are consistent, does style really matter? Tebow for sure, and Pryor to a lesser extent have were consistently successful in college.

  12. Is the UFL on TV? If the lockout continues, I’ll need something to watch on Sundays after Creflo Dollar.

  13. If i am a team like the Raiders why wouldnt i take him in the supplemental draft around round 4 or 5 and let him sit for 2 or 3 years and see what he’s got. The only reason it wouldnt work is that Pryors ego might not allow him to sit a learn for a couple of years but for a 4th or 5th rounder it’s worth a chance.

  14. The title of article almost says it all, minor editing -“Cfl team squats and out comes Terrelle Pryor ” He is a bit of a Turd, but he iis a very talented football player. Would be a great widout when he get’s in open field he looks like a man amongst boys with his long stride. Too bad off the field he acts like a boy, not a man.

  15. Pryor cannot make the vast amount of throws you need to make to be at least an average NFL quarterback.

    I keep going back to Vince Young. He was far superior to Pryor in college. I would think the majority of people that watched them both would have to agree.

    And we all know what happend to Young on a decent NFL team.

    Like I said on another post. I don’t see Pryor even being in the Pat White category.

  16. Pryor has no where near the athletic talent Newton has except maybe straight line speed.

    He’s a horrible passer. If you know what you are talking about have watched actual games of both Newton and Pryor, they aren’t even close. Newton may not have made many throws, but all of his throws were higher quality than hardly anything Pryor ever threw.

    The UFL could help him showcase WR skills and increase his draft value in 2012.

  17. drunkmonkey918: The CFL is weird, teams can add American players to their negotiating lists at any time, this gives them the exclusive rights to negotiate and acquire this player. I’m not sure how many players a team is allowed to have on their lists, because the lists are kept almost completely confidential.

    It’s not easy to adjust to the CFL game for QB’s, the field is 65 yards wide which makes a quick out a much tougher throw, and it gives the DB’s a very good chance to pick it off. A lot of American QB’s also have trouble accounting for the 12th guy, reading defenses is just different up here.

    The only way he comes to Canada is if he’s willing to put in 2 or 3 years of time, and hold a clip board for most if not all of the first year. He’s better off going to the UFL.

    Oh yeah, one last thing….Riders suck!!!

  18. Cfl teams have a 35 player negotiation list, I think the put fringe nflers, and college kids that might not make it in the NFL. I remember a report that pat white was once on one before he turned into a 2nd rounder, and when farve signed with the Vikings, tavaris jackson was reported to be on one. I’m not sure how they pick players, they’re “confidential” so you don’t really think about them.

  19. Pryor’s got SERIOUS character and maturity issues. There’s no way he’s NFL caliber material at this point in time. He’d do well to try and follow in the steps of Joe Theisman and do an apprenticeship in the CFL to re-establish his value.

  20. Look at Young’s passing numbers over three years at Texas. Identical to Pryor’s three years at OSU. Terrelle was a year and a bit younger when he did it as well.

    Also TP had a better career winning %. How exactly was Young so much better? I bet the house that Pryor at least triples Vince’s Wonderlic score, and he doesn’t have the emo issues to sabotage his career.

  21. There’s no way I would have used the first overall pick for Cam Newton. He should have slide at least to the 2nd or 3rd, where 2-3 year developmental QBs SHOULD be taken.

    That said…Pryor can’t hold a candle to Newton. Sure, they’re both self-centered scumbags, and Pryor at least doesn’t have that sh*t-eating, and utterly phony, smile…but from a pure football standpoint it’s not even close.

    While Newton has the arm and instinct to develop into a good NFL passer…if he has the character, and that is yet to be seen…Pryor is a bigger version of Pat White. Any team would be foolish to waste even a 5th-7th on him if he insists on wasting what talent he has pretending to be a quarterback.

  22. Speaking of QB’s squatting, the headline to this blog reminds me of Pittsburgh’s Big Ben squatting on a helpless drunk co-ed as she was, well… squatting too!!!

  23. Bottom line is that all in all, Pryor was throwing against mediocre teams Stats don’t lie When he played against Miami he stunk, Arkansas he stunk, and those are probably the only two schools He did well against MAC schools though

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