Latest not-so-secret talks wrap up


After two days of renewed not-so-secret labor talks on Long Island, representatives from the NFL and NFLPA* have started to return home.

Albert Breer not Brooks of NFL Network reports that talks have wrapped up for now, but they are expected to resume soon.

There is so much optimism suddenly concerning the labor situation that Florio broke out whip cream and hot-fudge sundae metaphors in his post on the situation Wednesday afternoon.

Florio and Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports were also optimistic when they dove into the topic Wednesday on PFT Live.  Silver says the best move for both sides would be to settle soon, but he doesn’t think mid-July will necessarily be a time where the players feel pressured to make a deal.

For the entire interview, head to the PFT Live homepage or download the show  at iTunes.

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23 responses to “Latest not-so-secret talks wrap up

  1. I believe the 8th circuit will wait to issue a ruling until they see how the mediation is going. I suspect the magistate will report to Judge Judy on what each side is doing, negotiating or being intransigent. I suspect the judge will report such to the 8th and their ruling will reflect that information in putting additional pressure on whichever side is just “marking time” in these conversations.

  2. philwauke says:Jun 8, 2011 7:14 PM

    the picture on your video tells me these talks failed.

    no swollen eyes nor a bruised face so, they’re not “barroom” negotiating yet…lol…

  3. A short break with a planned quick resumption may mean that they have agreed on a new CBA and want to run it by the team reps and the other owners. I hope.

  4. We have all heard of the “bridge to nowhere”. Well, these are the talks to nowhere.

    Until we hear that D. Smith has made a counter offer or some concessions, there is nothing serious about these talks and certainly nothing to get optimistic about.

  5. This whole thing is a joke I am sure glad I told the wife no NFL stuff for father’s day .These guys arent serious or they would lock themselves in instead they are in a rush to get home to their mansions. F*** the NFL.

  6. which side brought the melon balls and deviled eggs? those things are delicious.

  7. If actual progress was made, DeBROAT (Best Rep of All Time) must have gotten those wormy owners to show the books!

  8. ‘Until we hear that D. Smith has made a counter offer or some concessions, there is nothing serious about these talks and certainly nothing to get optimistic about.’

    No.. if anything they are actually doing it the right way now. Meet without lawyers and keep your mouth shut to the media.

  9. It must really annoy the Judges that the Players make 8000% more money than them. Considering how much time they’ve spent on eduction, and realizing that most of the Players are really only qualified to work at a fast food restaurant….. eww, it must anger them.

  10. Something seems fishy to me. The two sides didn’t meet until late in the day yesterday and only met for a few hours today.

    Now they are leaving?

    My gut says there are 2 options here. 1. There was a huge breakthrough and they need to go back to their respective parties or 2. The talks broke down.

    With everything that is happened, #2 is the more likely scenario.

  11. How many times have they been at the bargaining table before? The NFL keeps making offers and the players keep ignoring them because they want to sue to get the result they want.

    Getting some of the lawyers out of the room (De Smith is still there) is positive but it means nothing if the players are still locked into the sue, sue, sue mentality. They have had several chances to negotiate before and only went through the motions and never made any counteroffers. I’m not optimistic at this point.

  12. I bet it’s killing D. Smith that he’s not able to stand in front of the camera every day to spew his usual bullcrap and lines from movies.

  13. Hope Springs Eternal…..but not common sense !
    Nothing has happened here to indicate that the troubles are all OVER and its back to the pre and regular season we go !Until there is an annoucement of a new deal[CBA],signed sealed and delivered….there is no point in getting your hopes up.. because, all it will do… is disappoint you!!

  14. This is getting annoying now. Finish a deal already, the more time for a real offseason, the better for all.

  15. to De Smith,

    The horse that is your litigation stall tactic has been beaten to death. The ship has sailed. Now as much as i’m sure it inconveniences you it’s time to do your job and negotiate a deal.

    I understand your first chance to act as NFLPA head is to represent the players in a negotiation in which you must give ground and thats a difficult place to be. But the fact is this is the job you signed up for, face it like a man.

    Yes, I know you don’t come from football so you think you have go above and beyond to prove you are tough. But there are mass millions of people who truly love and care about NFL Football and your players are included in that mass.

    So man up, do your job and NEGOTIATE. I know it’s scary, I know.

    You go get ’em Slugger,


  16. Yep, it’s over. Hope you like baseball and college football, which unfortunately ends in November. The Packers will be Super Bowl Champions for a long time I’m afraid.

  17. Everyone keeps stating something like “negotiating and meetings with no lawyers in the room”.

    I hate to break it to you.

    The biggest lawyer and the one who held “negotiations” in March with no intention of negotiating IS in the room.

    Get De Smith OUT of the room, and something might happen.

  18. “Albert Breer not Brooks of NFL Network reports that talks have wrapped up for now, but they are expected to resume soon.” – Greg Rosenthal

    I see what you did there. You got chops Greg. Don’t let them tell you any different.

    Not everybody sees “Albert Breer” and thinks “Hey, I’ll do a little play on words here because Breer after ‘Albert’ reminds me of ‘Brooks’ and wouldn’t it be hilarious if Albert Brooks worked for the NFL network? Oh me.”

    That’s the Rosenthal difference.

    Keep up the fantastic work. You’re a super winner.

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