Ireland fears “watered down” start to season

Many fans and media assume that a new labor deal reached in mid-to-late August, allowing the season to start on time, will be perfectly acceptable.

Tell that to the teams with new coaches, quarterbacks, and/or coordinators.

Slapping together preparations for a season will hurt franchises like the Panthers, 49ers, Vikings, Titans, and Browns.  On the other hand, established teams with continuity in their coaching staffs and veteran leadership will be just fine.  Or, more accurately, better off than the teams trying to process change.

On the spectrum of teams that need a fair opportunity to get ready for the season, the Dolphins fall close to the front of the pack.  And their General Manager, Jeff Ireland, recently expressed general concerns regarding the quality of play in 2011, if the lockout lingers.

“I think it could be a little watered down at some point early on, but I think it could get going early fast,” Ireland told WINZ’s The Finsiders, via Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “Football is football.  We’re going to attack it the way we’ve always attacked it.  We’ll get back to full-blown gameplans probably by game one.  We need a little bit of the preseason [to get up to speed], and we need a little bit of the getting going process.”

It’ll get going a lot faster if a new labor deal is reached in time to provide all teams a chance to have a full training camp and preseason.

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  1. Get a deal done in June and the problem is mostly solved. I know there’s still “a lot of work to do” but there is still 2/3 of a month left. Just put your heads together and finish the deal. You have a CBA and several offers to work from, it isn’t from scratch. Just get the deal done and let’s have some free agency/training camps.

  2. Your team would be less watered down if you and the Big Puffer Fish (aka Bill Parcells) didn’t pick Pat White or care about a talented wide receiver’s mom being a former prostitute instead of his … ummm … talent!!!

  3. At first I thought they meant Ireland the country, and I was like “wtf? why would they care?”

  4. With all due respect, Jeff Ireland should be more concerned with Dolphins management completely botching the offseason coaching issues, the leadership vacuum, a lackluster offensive performance and a shameful record at home.

  5. As a long suffering Dolphins fan, I simply ask how the hell is this different than the performance of this team for the past decade? Now they simply have a better excuse…

  6. I would think he would be more concerned with the watered down team the Dolphins will have in 2011.

  7. No worries…Vince Young will get signed and grasp the playbook real quick. “QB scramble…throw pick” ….just like Tenn.

  8. Lebron James threw an outlet pass in last nights game which led Jeff Van Gundy to say that Miami is in need of a QB. Even other sports take shots at the Dolphins. A once proud franchise has become a punch line in the sports industry.

  9. He’s hoping his job would have been saved by a good season. Him and Sparano are gone next year they only resigned because it would have made no sense to sign Cowher this year with the lockout looming. Yes, they looked stupid, but in the end they knew or Cowher told them wait till next year. The Dolphins are not that far off and this is the first smart draft they have done in a LONG time. We didn’t over reach for a QB, we didn’t take the questionable guy who is going to show us how to ride the bench in New England and we didn’t panic and give away future picks. As long as we do not screw that up when the season eventually starts things will be better. Ross may have been bumbling around, but the guy will pay whatever to make this team better and wants it to be better. I have to have faith that we will return to the competitive team we used to always be. Ireland is just grasping at straws cause he knows as soon as the lockout is over and the season he is gone.

  10. MCxShow says:

    At first I thought they meant Ireland the country, and I was like “wtf? why would they care?”

    My first thought was of that game they were supposed to play in Ireland, and I pretty much asked the same question.

  11. I know I’ll be labeled as a homer for this comment but it deserves thought, how is Denver not “near the top” of this list let alone even on it?

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